Sprint Evo 4G with Android 2.1 and Sense

The Sprint Evo 4G isn't all that new to us, having been at its announcement at CTIA in March and its coming-out party in New York City just a few short weeks ago. But it's finally time to properly put the 4.3-inch WiMax monster through its paces. And we're going to start with the hardware. Join us after the break as we unbox the black slab.


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Sprint Evo 4G hardware hands-on


Yeah memo to the editors here. Could you please post the actual YouTube link as well, and not just imbed the video? It's also blocked for me but I like to copy the link and e-mail it to myself and view it over lunch on the YouTube app on my phone.

512mg RAM, 1gb storage built in, and an 8gb SD card included. With Android 2.2 coming in July, you can run apps from the SD card, or move them back and forth.

Yes, it is a TFT LCD screen. But if I handed you one and you did not know it was a TFT screen and I told you it was a AMOLED, you would not catch on. I got to see one in action. It was beautiful. Plus, yeh, AMOLED is very expensive to make, and the larger you make them, the more costly they get. If HTC/Sprint went with a AMOLED at 4.3", you would have to add at least $100 to the price. Then people would complain it was not a SUPER AMOLED screen that you can actually see in direct sunlight. Not realizing that another $100 or $200 would be added to the cost over the $100 already added for it being a AMOLED screen at that size. I do think however, in the next few years, the Super AMOLED screens will get cheap enough to take over all cell phones, unless a new tech comes along that is even better.

What about battery life? Charge that sucker up and let us know how it compares to the Nexus and Droid. I know it isn't going to last as long as my Berry, but will it make through a day?

Dude, go to http://www.engadget.com/2010/05/19/htc-evo-4g-review/ <- it's a fair review. I looked at the cnet one and Bonnie Cha is a moron and not to mention I think they're like partnered with apple because they say the battery life drains quickly(with 4G and continous use) but if you read the article they give it an X amount of hours like 5 or something like that. Which is relatively more than anyone else can expect.

I have to agree with you. From my understanding (working for a company that owns part of Clearwire (Sprints 4G parter for WiMax)), 4G is supposed to take less power then 3g. I may have missunderstood it and they meant the towers and not the device. But from what I read, it was both.
The comment of it working better outdoors may be true, but at the same time, if they were far from the nearest 4g tower, ofcourse it would work better outside.

This is awesome. Hopefully the light leakage is the worst of any issues. I don't want to make the same mistake as my Tour, getting it first to discover the trackball issue. I'm hopeing all the info and vids this and next week smooth that out and present possible problems. I really want to get this day one, but Blackberry gave me a bad taste.

Also, the whole thing happening with the Droid Incredible and the grounding issue is making me nervous, too.

Bring on the software and how this phone handles all that. Any heating issues? The Tour warm hot with heavy use. Does the Evo?


i want june 4th to come on and get here, i so lust for this phone. but you really want to know what grinds my gears-- why is 2.2 already out and this phone isnt. bull-SugarHoneyIceTea. have a nice day.

I never preorder. I pre-purchase. I have found that if you pay the full price upfront you get the device. For example, and to keep the numbers simple. If they got 18 preorders and 2 prepurchases, but only got 10 phones (or game, or game system, etc) the 2 people who paid full price upfront, get the device. The other 18 have to fight over the remaining 8 phones. Which is kind of fun to see. And I like the evil looks I get when I walk up and show the receipt that I pre-paid and they hand me the item. Then security has to help me get out of the store because of all the upset people yelling "Why did he get one? He must be related to the manager, KILL HIM!"

Lol I like how phil accidentally pointed at the headphone jack and said power button and vice versa.

Either way, SICK.

Phil (or anyone else who's had chance to handle this monster),
How does music sound through headphones from the evo? I'm kinda p(r)icky when it comes to sound quality (I love my cowon s9...) and was just wondering if the sound might possibly be good enough that I wouldn't have to lug my s9 around with me on top of this massive phone.

Best buy has an evo on display where I live . And it was a working display . Phone is real nice and fast just like my incredible . I was impressed with its screen clarity like my incredible . My only beef with that phone is it is just to big ( for my taste anyway ) I prefer the feel of a 3.7 screen on both my Incredible and my wife's Moto Droid . Interested to see and Hold the next droid . Did someone say that was a 4 inch screen ? That would be perfection to me !!!!

man i love the evo best phone i ever had, i really cant wait for android 2.3 comes to it or maybe android 3.0, i really been enjoying playing pokemon silver on my evo. htc member for life

Hi guys, I am trying to figure out which android phone to buy, Sprint is my carrier, can somebody recommend me one of their phone or I should wait, because something better is coming soon.... I a bb now...
Thanks for your help