OK, we'll be the first to admit that our own hands-on video of the Sprint Evo 4G is less sexy than this one from HTC's YouTube page. And we'll be the second to admit that we've been watching this one over and over now for the last 15 minutes and ended up with a small puddle of drool at our feet. Do want. Soon. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Sprint Evo 4G gets video promo love


The EVO is so awesome!! This video is pretty cool but it wouldn't be a good advertisement on TV. I like the name of the device as they can make that a clincher at the end of a commercial as in "EVO"lution. Man this phone is going to be awesome. I can't wait for it and I hope that it's not more than $250 on a two year contract. Also I hope they don't change the monthly charge for the data plan. I'm sre Sprint will announce prices soon. Probably in about two weeks or so.

C'mon Sprint! - I'm not even a current Sprint customer (At&t), but I can't wait to make the jump for this phone. The area I'm in is already well covered by their 4G network, just waiting IMpatiently for them to release this thing. I'd practically sell a body part in order to have one now to play with, even if it was to beta test.

Dan Hesse(Sprint) has a supersonic device with the Evo 4g. The problem is Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile etc all know about it and are working hard right now to beat it. Iphone 4g anybody? Sprint needs to release the Evo before Summer otherwise they may lose the thunder. They need to keep everything unlimited e.g. data otherwise they could lose customers. If they get this right they could pull some customers from the other carriers as well as new customers. They need to really push 4g and Evo.

I agree with moe-gunz that timing of the release is crucial. Last year a lot of buzz was generated for the Palm Pre in February, but by June things had died down for Palm and the IPhone 3GS was the only thing that the press could focus on.

Apple & co aren't going to be sitting on their heels.

Another comment, as sexy as this vid is (and I will be getting an Evo this summer) the CG in the video (especially the extension of the kickstand) is a little cheesy.

I must admit this phone got me hook, line and sinker. I had to show the AT&T folks at my job the blessing Sprint is about to lay on us, mainly the iPhone crew. If you could just see their eyes open wide and the mouths drop...a kodak moment! ENVY Everywhere. I just can't wait to put the real thing in their face. I'm so bad... :)

I will keep my BB for speed, data sync, and consistency but this is a hell of a replacement for my Hero. Sand and greasy finger foods are a real problem for a BB but EVO covers that along with a nice landscape view. My Sprint 3g data card is many times as fast or faster than WiFi Hotspots so 4g is primo. I like the idea that At&t, iPhone, and Verizon now have the task of focusing mainstream America on the value of LTE where Sprint has only to confirm 4 is better than 3.

Badass phone! The only question I have, is it just me, or does HTC Sense seem like a copy of Palm's WebOS operating system? That and the Mobile Hotspot application make me curious to see what Palm is gonna bring to the table to compete with this phone this year.

I currently have the Hero, but came from the Pre. I don't see any similarities between the two to be honest. WebOS had potential if it wasn't Palm's. Palm just can't compete and its said because WebOS could have been a player. Not looking back though as I love Android and doubt anything will change that in the near future.

well all im sayin is that palm better come out with something a-freakin-mazing to stop this consumer from leaving palm to die.

I can't wait for this phone! The mifi feature will be cool too. No more MyTether like on the Palm Pre. Bub-bye Palm Pre.

this phone is effen sick better then any phone on any carrier hands down when it comes out unless they come out with a phone with the same specs or better plus its 4G!!!! 10x faster people lol i cant wait to get it :)

I would love to have one of these. Might even make me move from Verizon but I gotta wonder about the battery life with a 4.3 screen and 1ghz processor. Right now my omnia is barely making it through one hard day of email, web, and phone calls.

Sorry the crappiest network would be AT&T and T-Mobile. I would beg to differ that the majority of us get great coverage with Sprint, unless you live on a farm...are you?

Coolest smart phone on the planet now on the nations crappiest network. Only on Sprint.

HTC To Apple.. I got your Iphone right here (pointing to the EVO).

Hardly the crappiest. We sprint users don't have the company complaining that the reason why the network is slow (and Sprint isn't, its quite speedy compared to ATT, i get 2.5Mb/s download) is because of all them iPhones on the network. Sprint can handle the phones they release. And they aren't dumb enough to pick up the iPad for service. Talk about more complaining ATT will have.

Best plans (finally a company who realizes the importance of data over voice), great customer service, non crippled devices, and a great lineup of phones.

I couldn't wait to sell my Iphone 3g and switch. AT&T is shit.