Seidio Innocase II Holster

If you're looking for a case for your Evo 4G that fits well, and a secure and convenient way to carry it, look no further than the Seidio Innocase II surface case, and the Seidio Innocase Holster.  Follow the break and check out some more about the Seidio case and holster.

The Innocase is thin and light, yet still keeps the camera lens off the table or your desk if you place your Evo face up, but the kickstand and all the ports and controls are easily accessible so you really never have to. Its two-piece locking design will stay put until you decide to remove it, and the way it wraps around the edges will provide maximum protection to the screen edge without obstructing that 4.3 inch view.  The interior is lined with a soft flocking, so your Evo will stay looking as good as it did the day you bought it, and the case itself give the Evo a sleek, professional look that's easily recognizable as Seidio.

Seidio Innocase II  Seidio Innocase II assembly

Seidio Innocase II power button  Seidio Innocase II ports

Seidio Innocase II kickstand  Seidio Innocase II on display

The Innocase Holster is a perfect fit for an Evo sporting the Innocase and offers a precise and secure fit, which is exactly what you'll need if you want to carry your Evo on your belt or clipped to your jeans pocket.  The spring clip design holds fast, yet is easy to open for quick access to your Evo, and the face in design gives complete protection when paired with the Seidio Innocase II.  The belt clip swivels to adjust to seven different angles, and will give the perfect fit in most situations.  Another plus to the face in design -- Seidio Innocases for extended batteries will fit just fine.

Seidio Innocase Holster  Seisio Innocase Holster 2

Seidio Innocase holster 3  Seidio Innocase Holster 4

Seidio Innocase Holster 5  Seidio Innocase holster 6

Seidio Innocase Holster 7

Quite frankly, if you need to provide the maximum protection for your Evo 4G during work or play, you won't find a better way to do it than with the Seidio Innocase combo.  You can get the Innocase II Surface in nine colors at the Android Central Store for $24.95, and the Seidio Innocase Holster (in black) at the Android Central Store for $24.95, or save 17 percent and get both for $41.42, look for the special offer in the sidebar of either page. 


Reader comments

Evo 4G accessory review: Seidio Innocase II Surface case and Holster


I had this brand of case for my Blackberry Storm and like it so much I waited until they was making them for my Droid X to buy a case. Looking at their extended battery now also.

They do a decent job of protecting the item from a drop. However, a word of caution. Dirt can get in between the case and the phone and the case does flex; therefore, some scratching on the phone can happen.

It happened to both my personal and issued BB Tour. Mostly, just above the screen area.

Now, I do work in a desert environment and the personal BB is on my belt in the leather case supplied with the BB (yes, the phone with the innocase will fit into the leather case). The issued phone is in a pocket of a vest. The personal BB has more scratches than the issued BB.

In December, when I jump to Android, I would consider another one of these cases. In my opinion, scratches are minor compared to other damage the case can protect against.

I hope it is better than the platinum case I got from BB. It has scratched my phone all up. It has never been without a case, so has to be a case that caused it. I wish I could sue them for ruining my phone.

I got a case just like this from best buy 3 months ago when I got my Evo. A word of caution: if you drop the phone (accidentally, of course) the case may come apart, possibly causing damage. That aside, I like the case a lot as it has protected my phone pretty well and isn't too bulky. Which is nice because the Evo is big to begin with.

Agreed, I bought this case (or the "Pb" best buy equivalent) when I got my EVO. It's really nice for carrying my phone on my hip. It's not perfect, but I haven't found a phone case that is. Is there any difference between this and what best buy sells besides brand name? They have to me manufactured by the same people. Everything's identical, down to the red sticker on the felt for the belt clip...

I have one an its the same one that I got on launch day from best buy and I have the same phone from launch day too….no issues whatsoever

My wife and I both have this case for our EVO's and they are great. Had mine since they came out and have had no issues with it thus far. I went a step above and got the rugged version. Anyone who works in a tough environment might want to look at it. AC has it on sale right now for $39.95 that's a good deal for this case. I use the rugged case during the week and the slimmer inside case on the weekends. The only drawback I have found is not having access to the kickstand with the rugged case on.

Have the holster and the extended battery and they both work great for me. In fact was withoutmy charger for 3 days with use of phone and internet and still had a little more than half charge remaining. With stock battery had to charge throughout the day.

Big and goofy looking but, hey, the phone is enormous compared to my Pre. That said it's also about 1000% more usable than a Pre. I have this case and can tell you that my 6 (count 'em) replacement cases for my Pre ALL sucked....this one doesn't. I've dropped it once, and had someone, uh, drop it for me once. The corners are a little chewed by no screen or case damage to the phone. Impressive thus far.