Sprint Epic Touch 4G

Late last month we caught word of an upcoming OTA update for the Sprint Epic Touch 4G, and reports are now that it is rolling out. The update fixes the radio signal loss and the 4G hotspot disconnect during phone calls, which is a huge relief to many of you. If you haven't received a notification for the update yet be sure to hop into your system settings and manually check for an update.

Source: Sprint; via: Android Central Forums

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Asbjörn says:

Wow... Its really happening!

stormsinger says:

Nothing on mine as yet. :( Looking forward to the update though!

schnoid says:

didn't get it here yet either. Definitely glad they responded pretty quickly to this issue. What would be even cooler would be to get ICS on this beast in the next month or two. I know i know... wishful thinking, but I really don't see a reason they can't since the Galaxy Nexus was developed by Samsung.

tronthedon says:

Pretty slow if you ask me...

Mr.Froyo says:

Oy people like you... It takes a good amount of time for even the best phones to get updated. Remember the Evo took 3 months to get froyo, US Galaxy S phones(by Samsung I remind you) took 3 times as much. COnsidering how many phones are on the market now, I would guess you'll be waititng three months atleast

tronthedon says:

I'm perfectly aware of what it takes to do updates (especially after reading the articles from Motorola and LG). This, however, is more of a bug fix. These should be fixed ASAP, not 3 months later. In fact, this was such a serious issue that it should have been fixed within the return window. And to add insult to injury, they didn't even fix all the bugs.

I refuse to accept any excuse from any multi-billion dollar company. It would be a drop in the bucket for them to hire a few more coders to fix these issues in an acceptable amount of time.

Wicell says:

Well, it's already been 1 month... 2 left.

bobvanjr says:

Great news!!! I just was sitting here at work and had my first LOS issue since purchasing the phone. Powering it off and a battery pull did nothing to solve it. I've sat in this same spot at work for 10 years (I went home occasionally)and never once had a LOS issue with any phone from Sprint.

JayWill says:

This update seems to have done the trick with LOS. I've been running the new modem and kernel for a couple weeks now, and haven't had a single LOS, even driving through many dead zones in central California while headed north for the Thanksgiving holiday. I haven't seen any reports (well one now, but that may have been an anomaly) of others running the updated kernel/modem either.

Good news! Hopefully it starts hitting phones soon.

sledgie#AC says:

I have the update as well and I can tell you that while I haven't technically seen an LOS, the modem (3G/wimax) hangs and there has not been a way to bring it back. also, there seems to be another issue but it sounds software related. Just a few moments ago I was checking the market for the 10cent apps while downloading in the dolphin web browser. Market wouldn't connect no matter how many times I retried. I might be the only one experiencing this. But I know for a fact that the modem still hangs...now maybe Samsung did something like apple Nd "hid" the LOS (similar to the iPhone never crashing) but its still not fixed. And I have excellent signal here.

deafinoneear says:

I'm still on *.4 and I was having problems with the Market all day. I think they're just getting slammed because of the sale. Probably no need to worry on your end about this being the update.

fdisnyc says:

Don't see the update yet on mine.

mike1515 says:

I have not got the update on mine yet. Will it help the battery life to? How is all of you guys battery life? And how are you guys making the phone last a lot longer?

g_schrage52 says:

Not available on my unit yet.

@mike1024 ...battery life is around 13-15 hours for me with fairly heavy usage throughout the day.

My wife can get 2 days with her limited usage.

mike1515 says:

how? i have to charge it alot. what apps do you have on there? i text alot. and i text more than talk on the phone.

dmireles03 says:

Not available yet in Houston TX yet..........

tronthedon says:

I hope it fixed alot more than just the LoS and hotspot issue. Can someone confirm if the constant scanning of wifi networks is fixed? That really seems to drain my battery.

wsd1212 says:

So is this the 2.3.6? Sorry for nub question, I just called their customer support and they said just to "update profile"

Havent yet got a notification.

edit: Oregon here, nothing.

JayWill says:

Yes this update will also update Gingerbread to 2.3.6, which includes some minor cosmetic changes to Touchwiz ...

The lockscreen now has little arrows on each edge so show you can drag the image in any direction. I guess they thought people were too stupid to figure that one out.

A blue overscroll glow was added

The homescreen dots no longer show a number, only a white dot

Gator352 says:

Nothing in central florida yet.

greekgoon says:

I live in the Chicagoland area and no OTA yet.

greekgoon says:

Just got the update. Only time will tell that I works.

Xanadu73 says:

Nothing here west of Philly.


Nomad_#AC says:

Chicago has the update. I had to do a battery pull for it to show up

no update in niagara falls ny hope they hurry up with it

fdisnyc says:

I'm in NYC. No update yet.

wctieman#AC says:

No Update in Florida, Tampa Area yet

mflava#AC says:

Updated last night after I turned the phone off/on. Funny thing is that when I did the same thing to my girlfriends there was none avaialble. Strange.

mike1515 says:

Here in Tampa. Haven't got the update.

prinaldi says:

they must be rolling it out one phone at a time

Anyway we can manually download this update? I am tired of waiting!

fdisnyc says:

I still don't have it. In NYC.

lancehart says:

Downloading now in Charlotte, NC area... I powered down, pulled the battery, and restarted, checked for an update and it showed up right away.

mike1515 says:

did you hit check for android update or firmware update?

fdisnyc says:

Yes I hit both but no firmware update is available.

dct1954 says:

My Galaxy S II got the update this morning with EK02/Android 2.3.6. I'm in Henrico (Richmond suburbs), Virginia.

dtfamily says:

Just got the update and installed today (in Minneapolis). Not sure what's going on.

I bought a Samsung S2 when it came out, and it had the typical LOS, etc. problems with overheating and battery drain. I returned it and several weeks later picked up another one. The second one had NO issues, and worked fine!

As of the update this morning, my battery was going fine until about an hour ago. I was at 99%, and when I picked up the phone now (an hour later), it was hot, and the battery had drained to 15%. Not good news...

I'm not sure if it's the update or not. The only thing I noticed when looking at the battery history is that the "Lookout" security app was taking 88% on the battery history page. I've force closed the app, and am recharging the phone to see what happens next. The battery has cooled off.

I hope this update didn't screw up my phone... Grrrr...

tjtweeker says:

Nothing here yet in Hawaii. And I've done it all...manual firmware update, restart, pull battery, and rub my belly while patting my head.