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The Sprint Epic 4G Touch has been plagued by a known issue for quite a while now.  Not everyone experiences it, but enough do to make it a serious concern for many people, including the folks at Samsung.  We're talking about the "LoS" (Loss of Signal) bug -- it mostly happens in areas with spotty coverage and affects both 3G and 4G networks.  It's fairly simple to recover, just reboot your phone, but that's clearly not the correct way to go about resolving it.  Thankfully, it looks like Samsung and Sprint have a fix in testing to address this, as well as some other minor annoyances that come with every new smartphone.

Epic 4G Touch user kingsway8605 says he currently has the testing patch from Samsung, and he received it after a conversation with a developer who responded to his cries for support.  Supposedly the explanation for the bug itself is as follows:

It is isolated to areas with spotty coverage, which is why some don't experience it at all. If you are in 4G and leave 4G coverage, or in 3G coverage and leave 3G coverage, and in the process of sending packets, there is apparently a bug where the phone does not detect this and would just give up after it could no longer talk to the old tower.

This makes sense from an engineering perspective, and if the fellows at Samsung are right this patch should address it.  The new OTA is Android 2.3.6, with a baseband of SPD710.10.S.EK02, and a build number of GINGERBREAD.EK02.  According to kingsway8605, if this passes initial testing we should see it in December.  Developers are already exploring ways to help retrieve the OTA files from the cache partition, so maybe we won't have to wait.

Source: XDA-Developers; via Android Central forumsThanks, Anthony!


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The Sprint Epic 4G Touch possibly has a fix on the way soon for loss of signal and other bugs


It's funny how first Sprint says there are no known issues with the LOS problem customers were complaining about and then they act like they are heroes for announcing a fix. Why don't they just stop denying known issues and at least say they are aware of it and looking into fixing the problems. They'll gain a lot more respect from the customers, something they sorely need. Although I don't have the Touch I do have the Epic 4G which had tons of problems on Froyo which were mostly fixed with GB. The point is they kept trying to make me feel like my phone issues were an isolated case. GB isn't perfect and still needs some fixes but at least I now have a phone that I can use until a patch is sent out.

You know, they don't say they are aware of anything just incase it doesn't happen. Kinda like Promising 4G in my area...then BAM...it doesn't happen, but that's another story. Honestly though, It's a canned response they give to not get peoples hopes up for lawsuit reasons or among other things.

Umm, how is this any different from when the antenna design flaw in the iPhone 4 was revealed? Apple and AT&T's official solution for the first few weeks was "So don't hold the phone like that". Then they released a patch that simply made the phone report higher signal.

It's a brand new phone. There will be some issues that have to be ironed out. At least these are just software bugs and can really be fixed.

They are idiots, this is the reason I left sprint. It didn't matter about how much signal you have. I was connected to my airrave and had it happen, full bars at work and got it. It took them this long, ridiculous! Just think how long they'll take for ics. They haven't changed.

Just about every smartphone on every carrier needs to be updated after release. The ones that don't get updated, are the cheap wanna be smartphones that the carriers spewed out to make more of choice.

Please tell me they are going to fix the freezing email and messaging apps!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I have never had the LOS problem but I am really happy they are going to fix it even though it only effects certain people!

My messaging app hasn't froze at all. Are you sure your deleting OLD conversations freeing up memory space? I'm sure you have, but I thought I'd ask.

Does this update come with a real 3G network? Being with sprint for the last year and a half, I can honestly say that the problem is simply an example of sprints shitty network. This wouldn't happen on AT&T or Verizon.

I experienced this problem on a business trip to Atlanta. I could not get a phone or data signal. The signal bars would cycle up and down. It was the most frustrating thing given that I didn't have the phone for more than 30 days. I was ready to immediately return the phone and drop Sprint. I knew that if I called Sprint I would have just been stuck on hold and then told nothing helpful. I hope they push this update out soon. It's useful to know the problem can be fixed temporarily by rebooting.

I hope this will be a true fix..This LOS problem I think is related to poor antennas and not software but hopefully I am wrong. I mean my phone only gets 200kbs on average and it makes what should be the worlds faster phone seem like its running a 800mhz processor. I also hope that they are not only fixing the LOS bug but the ANDROID OS battery drain bug as well which makes the phone stay awake when it is supposed to be in a deep sleep. But really it shouldn't have taken this long for a fix though..Shameful on Samsungs part!

Sprint and Samsung make really crappy partners. Two of the worst phones I have had have been the Samsung Moment and the Nexus S 4g. Neither company ever wants to admit to any kind of problem and on the slight chance they do you are directed to the "other" one to find the fix. No surprise yet another p.o.s. made by Samsung on the Sprint network takes forever to get an update to make it properly work as a phone. I guess it is just me but when you can't even make a phone that works as a phone there is a problem. Samsung should not get away with making such sub quality devices. I mean who is checking to make sure these devices work? Two different companies with their own quality control and these devices still make it through to market. What is going on?

I had the Epic Touch and I had problem with it, but I return it back,I have the Motorola Photon, it`s working better than the Epic Touch for me.

What about the GPS issue?? My phones turn by turn directions don't work because the phone is always searching for a GPS signal. We got lost in ORLANDO for pete's sake. ORLANDO! Places like Universal Studies, and Seaworld had very little signal.. This is a beautiful phone, but is unusable when you really, really, really need it to work.

How about wifi? You can be standing next to your router and only get 2 or 3 bars. It's ridiculous.

Going back to my Photon..

So glad there is a fix on the way. I have many dropped calls and I will not have a signal yep had to turn it off and take out the battery for it to work. Sucks!!! I also keep losing my wifi connection. Hope Sprint gets it together soon.

Im going to have to agree with this one.. People don't realize that Samsung is not in the business of providing a stellar product with proper quality controls. HTC, MOTO and LG seem to understand that workable and quality products will eventually succeed in this race to the top of the cell phone market. It seems as if almost EVER Samsung product has major flaws that takes them months to fix. I mean look at their horrid reputation of promised updates example the Epic 4g got GB update an entire YEAR after the Evo which is pathetic. Their only upside is the SAMOLED screen which is slowly becoming old technology and their camera's are a little better than the competitors but not by much this year. I mean geez they used the same CDMA radio as the Nexus S when there was factualy evidence that the radio was and is faulty and cheap. Can't wait until the learn the lesson of quality 1st!!

I would agree, but I just can't. The Evo had problems when it first came out. The Evo 3D has (had?) major radio problems - dropped calls, always going into roaming when it shoudn't, tilted screens, and software bugs. Yeah, some got fixed with updates but it still had problems. The Photon, is a great phone but at first, it had a silent call bug, bluetooth connection problems, sluggish behavior, rebooting problems. Most got fixed with updates.

Point is they ALL have (had) problems and Samsung is no different. I agree Samsung is sloowwwww with updates but at least they are adressing the problem at hand. But before you say all the other manufacturers have better quality, do your homework and read other forums, tech sites, reviews, etc. It will do you good.

I'll let all you guys piss and moan while I enjoy my phone. My E4GT has been nothing short of amazing. All the talk about Samsung's crappy radios and antennas, but the bottom line is my E4GT gets completely usable signal in places my EVO was NOT usable at all, and I have NEVER had the LOS bug.

My Epic Touch has been just about flawless and turns heads when ever I pull it out! Just wish they could fix the overload on audio when you video at live events etc. And Im not talking deafening rock concerts either.I filmed to guys playing folk guitars on a small pa amp and that was horrible audio. Looks like the same issue on a lot of phones though.

Well I'm for one am glad they acknowledge this because I experience the same thing with my ET4G. I was in downtown Miami in a certain pary and it started roaming. Plus no 4g at all. I love Sprint and my phone but guys the network gots to get better and stronger.Look at VZW they aggressively invest $$$$$$$$$ and time to better their network and Dan Hesse and the boys need to take on that same mentality.Signing a extension with Clearwire(although you own 51% of the company),is a waste of time.You just signed a deal with Lightsqaure for LTE,which is way better ask BIG RED,and it don't make sense. Improve the network and SAMSUNG needs to hook up with MOTOROLA when it comes to radio reception.

Other than that,great phone best plan..

I have had the LOS issues quite a few times here in Virginia. It is frustrating having to reboot your phone then explaining to you call what happened. I love this phone too but it does have many issues including the forever searching gps issue someone mentioned earlier. That is a big hassle too. Also i cant get the stock voicemail app to work and for some reason im missing calls after a reboot. I call my phone and it doesnt ring. 2 or 3 attempts then it finally rings and when it does everytime the call rings four or five times before the phone actually starts ringing. Someone at a local sprint repair shop said its cause im using GO launcher..i dont know. Anyone else have any of these issues?

Fixes I'm Hoping For:

1. Fix the "Android OS bug" in which the phone wakes up with nothing running, guzzling battery like a wino.

B. Fix GPS taking a dump after a random period of time. It locks on within a few seconds, but occasionally loses it's fix unless I reboot the phone or clear status with GPS Status. Really annoying when using My Tracks.

3. I don't know if this is the LoS bug, but every once in a while (every 5-7 days perhaps), web speeds drop to 300 baud (it feels like) until I reboot or switch in and out of Airplane Mode.

4. Laser death ray and/or x-ray camera.

It is shameful that this phone experiences soooo many issues. Why is it so hard to get it right the first time??

How many phones do you know of out there that actually get it right the first time? That's what maintenance releases and bug fixes are for. I agree that the problem might be Samsung and their less than adequate radios, or it could be Sprint and Samsung's relationship for issuing updates. But that doesn't make this the single solitary phone out there that has day 1 release issues. More often than not, if you are an early adopter, you will have some bugs that need to be worked out...

The E4GT has LESS problems than some other phones on Sprint...and on other carriers. I really wish that you had bought the first gen iphone 4 with it's antennea problem. I would have loved to hear what you had to say about that. Also, The new iphone 4S has battery issues. Again, would love to hear you about that. What about the Evo 3D's radio reception? What about the Photon's and Atrix's silent call and rebooting issues.....so I'm sorry to say, you have no credibilty here.

Guys please go and sign this petition on Sprint!!!!!

Petition: Sprint Cellular Provider: Suspend premium data fees until data rates matches advertised speeds | Change.org

I think this has been a problem to some Samsung Phone. I own one and it suddenly losses its signal which only can be solved when you reboot your phone. I also heard bugs on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Every phone will have bugs no matter what brand or company remember folks its a machine it is not perfect I've had a plethora of phones including iPhone, pre, evo, evo 3D, and by far the epic 4g touch has been the best in all aspects camera, speed, hardware and software and sleekness, the only thing that upsets me about any of the companies is the time it takes for them to release a fix and that is with every company

Droid Charge has this same problem. Also the GPS problems. I hope this new update they have scheduled for today fixes the problems. It's so embarrassing to have froyo on such an expensive highly touted phone when my husbands commando has been updated to GB as well as my daughter's Dinc2

I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket from AT&T. I moved away from my iphone 4. There appears to be a major problem with the Skyrocket with respect to Bluetooth sustaining connection with my cars. Initially, I thought it was my car then I tried with 2 other cars and the behavior is still the same. This is what happens:

1) With my bluetooth enabled, it nicely connects to my car
2) I play my music via bluetooth in my car and then I receive a phone call
3) During my call, all of a sudden the call is no longer coming via bluetooth but it still active on my phone. Then after a minute it reconnects and I can hear the call via my car.

Another problem:

1) Once in a while, my phone's bluetooth won't connect with my car. THis is very annoying and the only resolution is to reboot the phone and then it works fine.

I have the latest Android 2.3.6.

Last problem:

1) I use doubletwist for my music player but then the built in music player will begin to play at the same time. I wish that google would fix this problem. This is very annoying.

I have googled for these problems and there appears to be many folks having the same issue. I contacted Samsung and they tried to minimize this as operator issue. I am very disappointed with Samsung customer service and I hope that most of us here can chime in and perhaps Samsung will listen.

Thank you!

So I have an Epic 4G Touch and I can't send long Text messages while connected to an Airave. Does anyone know it this resolves this issue as well.