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Sprint Epic 4G developer Dameon87 has built a working alpha of CyanogenMod 7 for the popular Samsung slider, and it's off to a good start.  The bug list is surprisingly short:

  • Sensors may be slow, but can be fixed via a shell command
  • GPS is not working
  • Cameras are not working
  • Hardware acceleration is not working
  • Bluetooth only works for music

Other things like network data, WiFi, calling, and the Market seem to be working fine.  This looks to be a great way to get Gingerbread on your Epic 4G, and long before any hope of an official release.  If you're feeling adventurous, hit the source links and give it a try. [XDA-Developers via Android Central forums] Thanks everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Sprint Epic 4G sees Gingerbread -- CyanogenMod style


I went 5 months without GPS because I was waiting on a good official release before I flashed back to stock (my gps got borked by an early froyo modem). I'll hold off on installing this since I kind of like my GPS working but good on this guy. I hope the community accepts this rom as gospel and starts hacking the rest together with him.

As soon as the short list of bugs is fixed I will try this out. 2.2 is terrible on here. I'd rather have a buggy 2.3 then 2.2 (when 2.2 should be near perfect with the amount of time it took).

I wouldn't add the sensor being slow to the bug list, lol. It's like that on 2.2. (And for some reason even when I flash back to 2.1 after the 2.2 install.)

Well while you are all waiting I'm enjoying! I've had enough of Froyo since DK28 was leaked out in beginning of December. This Alpha build is stable if not more stable in many ways than Froyo... I'm shocked. Besides the small list of things to get running this is my new daily driver, and some of you claim to be adventurous... :)

Adventurous? Wow, I thought that meant going rock climbing and skydiving. Oh... sorry, I forgot I was talking to a nerd!

I really need a bugless phone but that simple will never happen. My phone is my daily driver that I use for business and personal. So I really need a ROM that is near fully functional. This ROM right now simply is not functional enough for me. I am sure that thousands of people will love this even with the bugs. Unfortunately I can be one of those people this time. Even DK28 was stable enough to be a daily driver. I do like the idea of CyanogenMod 7 on my Epic.

The CyanogenMod team is great!! Once I bring my Epic back to stock then re-root, I'm gonna try this out. I hope by then to see a version where at least the camera is working :)

Yeah, I'm gonna do the same thing. Plus something screwy happened when I installed Syndicate ROM 1.0.1 which makes my phone seem a bit slower than it should be

Dude I had the same problem. I installed Syndicate 1.0 and 1.0.1 and my phone was messed up. I Odined back to stock 2.2 then installed Bonsai 3.0.1, i absolutely love how stable and fast it is. I tested out this Alpha build today, can't believe they would even call it Alpha lol

So far they claim you won't see 4g. There is some issue with the modem I think that is stopping them from achieving 4g. So unless Sammy comes up with an official Gingerbread I don't believe we will see 4g.

Nope, accelerometer works, I tested the ROM this morning. And Hardware acceleration is one of the big features in Gingerbread

'Way too soon for me. The "only" things not working are just about everything that makes it a smartphone.

HOWEVER...I'll never underestimate the Cyanogen gang. With the last two nightly releases for the Nook, they actually got the dormant Bluetooth chip activated and working. I'm confident Dameon87 will plow through these obstacles much sooner than later.

Yeah CM is awesome, but just to clarify, Dameon has yet to get official support from the OFFICIAL CM group. He and his small team of devs are trying to achieve that. I follow their progress on XDA as well as in their IRC channels. I tested this ROM, and while it works awesome, I'll wait for it to hit the beta state of development before I try it again, and possible keep it on my phone longer. People have reported that the calling bugs are still there intermittently. Once that's solved and other small things are added/resolved I'll make this ROM my daily companion/driver.


Yeah the rotary lock screen is pretty neat. I miss that already, but somehow it seems slow when you swipe across it.... Oh well...

Nice, glad to here the news I want cm7 on mine but will wait for all but the camera to be working. I don't use camera much so I can deal with not having it and update later.

I actually have it installed on my phone again (CM7) and the only major thing is that on outgoing calls I have to toggle speakerphone for the person on the other end to hear me. All else for basic usage works great. Streaming audio works great as well. That's what I use on a daily basis on my walks to work.