Sprint Epic 4G Promo video

Maybe an actual Sprint Epic 4G hands-on isn't your thing. (What's wrong with you?) Maybe you're the type who prefers to see the phone in all its computer-generated glory. Fine. We've got you covered there, too. After the break, check out Sprint's promo video for the upcoming Epic 4G with its 4-inch Super AMOLED display and 1GHz Hummingbird processor. Thanks, Keith!

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Sprint Epic 4G promo video

Whatdaya think you guys are? :p And if anyone wants to bring me my coffee before I start writing, that might help clean things up a little this early in the morning.

That's ok, so do I. Phil does a dang good job with this site. Tons of content. Definitely best android site out there. No particular reason for me saying this.

...Oh, and Phil I just remembered I sent you a email suggesting you do a Galaxy S comparison of the specs on all the phones. Is that gonna happen? Will flattery get me anywhere?

Hard to keep up with all these phones hitting the market. It used to be like a year before anew phone trumped and old-ish one. Now it is literally days!!!!

Phil is not used to being a road warrior, 1 day trips with a connection can be tough if you are not used to them.

Now, if Samsung sold an unlocked unbranded Galaxy S, I would be far more excited for the launch.


They do sell the international version of the Galaxy S online unlocked and unbranded. You can search for it using google.

Yeah, I want this phone! But I'm looking forward to the disappointment that will come with it.

I got the Nexus One when it was the sh*t-hot phone on the market - and its flaws (flakey touch screen, pink dot in the camera, and oversaturation of reds in the display) made it an overall disappointing phone.

Now I've got the EVO 4G, the latest king of the pile (unless you're an iPhone junkie) and its flaws (horribly slow 3G speeds, slow WiFi speeds, PINKISH cast to the screen, screen separation and light leakage, awkward button placement (top button hard to press, home button on far left) are bad enough I'll be returning it at the end of my 30 days. I love the huge screen, but that's about it on that phone.

I've never had a Samsung phone, so I'm hoping the build quality and screen colors on this one will satisfy. The tough choice will be which of the crappy networks to go with. Sprint 3G speeds suck in LA, TMobile has the fastest 3G as far as I can tell, when you can get a signal, but way too many dead spots. Verizon & Sprint have that whole no-data-while-talking thing. AT&T's actually got very fast 3G speeds (at least on my iPhone 4) and pretty good coverage.

Looks like that's probably the choice for me: Galaxy S on AT&T. ;-)

It seems like your a perfectionist. I'm sorry to say this but if you keep living like that, you are in for a rude awakening and will be depressed for a Longggg time.

Nothing in life is perfect (unless you claim to be yourself, of which I highly doubt).

Products are made by people, so there are bound to be errors, mistakes and problems. Its just human nature.


Thanks for the psychoanalysis, but I'm okay, really. I'm 50 years old and have managed my expectations in life pretty well. I'm not a perfectionist, and I don't claim to be perfect, but I do expect that when I purchase a product for $500+ that it be well crafted and work as advertised. If you don't, then you're perfect corporate fodder - you accept defective products and put up with them.

The Sprint EVO has numerous defect for me. After two weeks the screen is separating. The 3G speeds are downright pathetic and not much faster than EDGE (in my area). The whites on web pages and photos are very pink. The phone is advertised as a speed demon, and in side-by-side comparisons with two different phones on two different networks it is consistently the slowest, by orders of magnitude, of the three. If that's acceptable for you, great, but don't expect me to accept your lowered expectations.

The Nexus One *was* the best phone I'd had to-date, but it is flawed as well, with pink dot problems in photographs, too red a display and a flakey touchscreen. I am not unique in these experiences, they are well documented gripes with the product across the web since its release. My particular phone is also saddled with T-Mobile, which is both the best and worst network I've seen. When I am in a strong service signal area, the N1 pulls faster 3G data than I've seen on any device to date. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the area of Los Angeles that I live and work in is EDGE only on the data, and the calls drop or no service frequently. I had to buy a $300 microcell type device just to get the phone to work in my home.

As far as the one feeling sorry for me for going to AT&T - nice snark, but not very helpful. I've been carrying a Sprint EVO, an AT&T iPhone and a T-Mobile Nexus One with me for the past two weeks. The Sprint phone has the best sounding call quality of the three, but won't get data while in a voice call, and as mentioned above the 3G speeds are atrocious. The T-Mobile gets the fastest 3G data, by 20% over the AT&T and by 500% over the Sprint, but it frequently has no service or EDGE only. It can have as much as 10% of the day in a no service state. The AT&T iPhone consistently gets very fast 3G speeds, and is never in a no-service state. At least here in my part of Los Angeles, it's clearly the best of these three particular networks if voice AND data are of equal importance to you.

I am not an iPhone kind of guy, I much prefer Android. Given that and my experience with the three different networks I am currently testing, an Android phone AT&T seems the least of all evils. Your mileage may vary depending on location, so I won't make a snide comment about your network choice should you every happen to post one. Fair enough? ;-)

Phil does a great job regardless of his travel schedule or coffee intake. Remember he can be in NYC one day (two weeks in a row) covering a new phone event and a day later be giving his kids a bath while doing a live podcast! I fly for a living (on my airline-bags fly free!) and the time on the road wears ya down. So when is Verizon going to release their version? My Incredible is bad enough that I went back to my Moto Droid.


That's interesting that based on my post and yours, that the new HTC built super-phones (Nexus One, EVO, Incredible) are all bad enough to send us back to older phones. Maybe HTC products aren't all that hot after all...? That's a real shame, since on paper they seem fantastic, but in the real world, the disappoint.

Disclaimer: I'm sure there are millions of happy N1, EVO, and Incredible users, no need to replay back to that fact. There are also hundreds of millions of satisfied iPhone users around the world, but I don't think many here in an Android phone would use that fact to argue that iPhones are the best phones out there. ;-)

My wife is on her second Incredible. The phone (as in telephone) quality was so bad that it was hard to get through a call without straining to decipher what was being said. The second phone has better call quality but it would still qualify as poor. I had the same poor phone quality with mine so back to the Motorola I went. Just my 2 cents.

So I have 2 days left to take my EVO back if i want. This phone does look pretty nice with the better looking screen and i hear the battery life is suppose to be better. But Im not a fan of slide out keyboards anymore. The choices the choices.....
I'm extremely satisfied with my evo, but i would just hate for someone to have the samsung phone and it make my phone look like a piece of $hi*. And i do have a 55 inch Samsung LED television. Didn't i hear someone say it will be able to control my television?
We need a whose going to take their EVO back to the Samsung pole.

Since you have a 55 in Sammy TV (and most likely have DLNA built in), yes the phone will support controlling your TV.

The incredible is the single best phone that i have owned on the best network. And the call quality is fantastic. I also service them in store and they are by FAR better than the motorola droid as far as problems go. I cant comment on the evo 4g or the iphone 4 tho.

Sprint - if you're FINALLY going to have an ad campaign that appeals to the 20-something disposable income market, be sure to have about a freekin million Epics on hand.