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Sprint this morning trumpeted the Epic 4G, saying "it became one of Sprint's best-selling devices for first-day sales." Redundancy notwithstanding, no numbers were given, and that's sort of the same vague cheerleading we saw after the launch of the Evo 4G (even with revised remarks). But there's no denying the Epic 4G is a major player -- we thought as much in our complete review -- and we expect to see this one around for a while. [Sprint]


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Sprint: Epic 4G one of its best first-day sellers


Kinda shocked by this statement, not knocking the phone or anything, but I didn't preorder and was able to walk into my local sprint store and buy 2 of them on launch day for the kids.

And I went through hell and back to get my wifes EVO.

I am going to have to agree with you about that. There are about 8 people including myself that have the Evo in my office now and I was the only one that pre-ordered and most of them are just now receiving theirs after not being able to find them anywhere. I have to say that I'm just glad to see Sprint finally getting on the map with some really great phones.

Is it not possible that they simply produced more Epics as opposed to the initial production of Evos?

Actually my friend just switched to Sprint this week and wanted an EVO, and still couldn't find one anywhere, and we contacted at least 10 area stores. I LOVE mine, and got extremely lucky when I walked into best buy and they had just got a shipment and only had 2 extra. They said they are sold out usually within an hour or two of getting them.

They say this to boost sales. If people think this is a hot seller, then more people are going to buy more. Simple sheisty business, that's all it is. Corporate America at its finest.

I played with my friends Epic yesterday (I own an Evo)..and the screen -gorgeous, kb-great! But I have to withhold judgement. I wont go back to Android 2.1, wasn't a fan of touchwiz, he's one of a # (not everyone) ppl with gps issues, I personally use my hdmi out on my Evo, etc..Might I consider it after Froyo? Possible..its tempting. But after purchasing Smart Keyboard on my Evo (identical to Iphones) the screen on the Epic for me personally would be sole reason to switch. Just the fact Im remotely considering it tells u how impressed with screen I am. But to switch with only reason being going from a very attractive Evo screen to amazing Epic screen? Dunno if I can. Again, im not a touchwiz fan. And Htc has really impressed me. If they make a tablet and quite possibly an Evo 2 with a similar Super Amoled Display, great KB. And Sense UI..my world would be complete. I will wait a few weeks for many Epic responses first..

As a long time Palm user, I used to be one of those who demanded a physical keyboard. Once I upgraded from the Pre to the Evo, I've gotten so used to virtual keyboards that the physical ones slow me down. I took a look at the Epic and it is a great phone. However I was surprised that I no longer want a physical keyboard. Anyway, it was for the wife and she decided she wanted an Evo instead. I must say...the screen on the Epic...wow!

When I called around yesterday a couple places had Epic's but only found one place with an EVO. Without numbers these statements mean nothing. Samsung might just have a larger supply. Both great phones, I prefer no hardware keyboard.

I figure that Samsung has better supply channels than HTC. Let's not forget that HTC is/was using Samsung-supplied screens for the EVO and ran into a shortage of screens. That made it hard for them to keep up with demand. But Samsung is supplying their own screens for the Galaxy S series of devices, so they don't face any supply issues.

It's no surprise that Sprint has plenty in stock. They probably had better anticipation and planning for this launch.

Same here got my evo from the goggle convention. The evo is sold out all the time. Epic are available. I do have both phones. Sold the epic. Not because I don't like it. because that isn't the case just got more money for it. and besides the screen and lighter weight and the better feel in your hand of the epic it is running 2.1 weaker cameras no kickstand lol. Serious both are the top of cellphones right now.

We just got a few Evo's in today for the first time in a couple of weeks..

We've also had four extra Epic's sitting in the back for a few days now..

Simple marketing 101. Supply and demand..the less supply, the more demand!

Not shocked at all. Remember HTC had a hard time manufacturing the Evo to keep up with demand due to not having all the materials I.e. the screen. Samsung has already had two other galaxy phones out and they would have a bigger supply in anticipation for the epic.

Haha just noticed after posting that somebody already brought it up. Gotta love AC!!!!!!!!

Posted from my EPIC, I love this phone.

The evo is sold out all the time becusae htc in my opinion has too many other phones that they produce and its affecting the manufacturing of the evo.it can't just be the screen that's keeping it out of stock.that being said I think the epic is a awesome phone.the screen blows the evo away.the games runs WAY smoother without any lag like the evo.the only thing the evo has ov er the epic is larger screen and a kickstand.I could care less about the camera and video actually looks better on the epic with no fps cap.I even pick up a 4g signal faster than the evo.I must say I am happy with the purchase I made now bring on 2.2 and some custom roms

I had been checking the Sprint store pretty regularly for the Evo. Its been out of stock since I began checking in late July. However on the Epics' launch day the Evo was in stock and for about 3 days after. The last I checked the Evo was out of stock again and There are still Epics available. I think we're so used to phones coming out and not having sufficient units (palm pre, Evo, Droids etc..) that when a company actually has enough in stock that you can walk into a store and buy it we're shocked. This however is how it should be. These phones are not one of a kind items. They are mass market devices that are mass produced. All of this searching and waiting for a device that only has about a 12-14 month lifespan is ridiculous.

The keyboard is great, but I think the lack of a trackpad/ball is a little disheartening. I use the one on my N1 all the time when browsing (easier to select text links that way). I see the D-pad on the KB, but still....nothing on the front is kind of a downer.

i actually had one reserved but i just walked in and ask for phone and they had some still. i was talking to the sales guy and asked him how the phone was selling on launch day. he told me that it was doing alright but not like how they hoped it would. he was saying that with time epic sales would grow. hopefully it does but people like the evo more i think. i overheard several people asking about it and they are still out much like everywhere else.

The key part of that sentence is one of. The EVO is still the best first-day seller. And don't forget that the Instink (Instinct) is also 'one of' the best first-day sellers. (It was #3 before the Epic launch. At worst it's #4 now. Would be pretty sad if the Epic didn't even manage to out-sell the Instink)

I absolutely LOVE My Epic, its the best phone I have ever had! I had an EVO and returned it after 3 weeks, it was just too big and bulky and hard to type with for someone with small hands. Not a problem with the epic and the keyboard, now I am one happy happy Android camper! :-)