Epic 4G

Last weekend when the Froyo leak for the Epic 4G rolled out, there was a bit of consternation about the folks that had the leak not wanting to share it with the public-at-large.  Somebody, somewhere decided that this needed changing, and the leak is now available for download and flashing.  You'll need to be rooted of course, and bug reports vary wildly, from no issues to plenty of force closes and reboots. 

If you're that kind of guy (or gal), grab the file at the source and give it a go! [XDA-Developers] Thanks Casey!


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Sprint Epic 4G Froyo leak made available to all


hmmm, very interesting. I'm picking up an epic on the 1st and cant wait. Does this mean the official update wont be far behind? I'm new to android, so people who have had them longer maybe you can help, do leaks usually happen close behind the official release?

I want to install this but I don't know how... is there a go-to page that gives step by steps on updating it manually...

Well now I feel like an ass because after reading that story I realize that is where I linked to it but did not want to flash a leak. Of course 24 hours later I was all about flashing it :)

yes, it has touchwiz 3.0. Add/delete home pages, move icons around, dedicated video app, tw 3.0 music app... lots of improvements (and yet, still some way to go).

With no official restore tools I am not bothering with this. Actually know a few that bricked their phones and those hack job restore barely works.

Per the article..." bug reports vary wildly, from no issues to plenty of force closes and reboots."
This is exactly why I'll wait for the OTA update.

As CR6 said I will wait it out. I was reading many posters with all kinds of issues. My phones works pretty good right now, I could really use the install to SD feature though. I think the tiny amount of onboard memory was just not thought out very clearly.