Sprint this morning announced a handful of new 4G LTE locales. They are:

  • Lawrence, Kan.
  • Topeka, Kan.
  • Wichita, Kan.
  • Waukegan-Lake County, Ill.
  • Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, Mass.

Sprint also said New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are seeing improved 3G coverage.

Source: Sprint

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mike340t says:

Man he looks tired in that image.

You think Hesse looks tired? You should see how tired I am of not having any kind of 4G in the Milwaukee area.

sjamie says:

Me too! Even 3G would be great... Argh! (Crestview, FL)

DWR_31 says:

The only reason I'm still with Sprint is the unlimited data. At about $100 a month and halfway through my contract, I'm stuck.

But one thing is for sure. I try to make sure I burn through 30 Gigs of data every month so at least I can get my money's worth.

vinny jr says:

What unlimited data, you don't get even 3G speeds??? They can call it whatever they want but when you have to wait about 5 minutes for a simple web page to light up then that is just ridiculous. Unlimited data, Sprint customers say that all the time, the problem is I don't think they realize what good service is. I hit go on my browser and my web page is there. I guess I have become spoiled, you should get what you pay for and for 100 bucks a month you are not. Good Luck.

Brian_d says:

I was thinking the exact same thing

moises1204 says:

damn where is Boston mass?

zhecht says:

Boston is currently in a pre-launch mode ( http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/13/sprint-flipping-the-lte-switch-in-bos... ).

I had a great 4G signal yesterday (15Mbps) at Government Center in downtown Boston, despite the area being packed for the bike race.

churro#WN says:

Still NP Fresno

Snipperdo17 says:

LOL who is sprint trying to appeal to? No one here has ever even heard of 90% of the cities they announced. so glad I left sprint

My guess is that Sprint knows they are way behind in most of the major markets. So why not go after the smaller markets? Better to rule in small town America than put all of your resources competing in the larger markets.

John-Smith says:

Really? How many people live in bumfk kansas vs new york, or miami etc..

camiller says:

I've lived in one of those cities! And one of the others is the home of a large university. And one is a Chicago suburb.

They are trying to boost coverage in their hometown markets where there are tons of sprint users. Lawrence and Topeka are within an hour of KC so this is more of an expansion of their existing coverage in KC and Wichita is the largest city in Kansas with over a million people in the greater metro area.

WTF Where is STL???

jarobusa says:

Missouri? Or are you using Apple Maps?


zhecht says:

STL is supposed to begin work in Round 3, which starts in early 2013.

ameadows252 says:

Yeah. I'm in STL also. I'm mostly disappointed because we were one of the first cities to get WiMax so I got my hopes up that we'd be one of the first to get LTE too. Guess that's not the case :(

droidhead_1 says:

I got some love from sprint in this expansion.. Lake county, IL.. 3G has been better for the last month, we now have great3G, WIMAX and LTE. Sweet!

BruhMan says:

North Dallas, Plano, McKinney, TX 4G LTE signal is NULL!! May as well be using dixie cups and string.

Exactly! I thought I was the only one! The existing 4G LTE is practically useless and nobody really seems to be acknowledging it. Sprint's LTE isn't even in the same league as the others.

wes6440 says:

I went back to my EVO3D from a GS3 because of LTE coverage outside of downtown Dallas. Plano, Frisco, Allen and McKinney have little to no LTE coverage despite what Sprints map shows. Sprint is really trying my patients and if it weren't for their price structure, I'd be gone and if they increase like the rumors suggest I will be gone.

chiweed says:

"Sprint also said New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are seeing improved 3G coverage."

I'm glad Sprint thinks Chicago is seeing improved 3G coverage cause I'm not seeing it.
Same old slow-ass 3G is all I see.

crxssi says:

Improved coverage does not mean improved speed/capacity...

acidsurfr says:

Getting fed up with Sprint. Paid extra for 4G on EVO4G for years and never had coverage. Switched up to better/newer device EVO4GLTE as 4G is basically abandoned for LTE. Still no coverage, and the 3G sucks. About to bite the bullet and pay the ETF and go back to ATT or VZW. Stuck it out and tolerated the slower speed for the customer service (which has went down the crapper) and the unlimited data (pointless anymore with all of the wi-fi connection). Sprint needs to up their game or they will be losing a lot of subs. I live in a highly populated Metro area and BFE locations never heard of are getting the upgrades before the major cities. Man someone dropped the ball here...are the Detroit Lions running Sprint with all the fumbles and ball drops or what?????
Just my .02 cents

zhecht says:

I know! How dare Sprint deploy service in [unimportant city] before [very important city that I happen to live in]. No one cares about [unimportant city], while [very important city that I happen to live in] is host to [major event] every year and is the home of the [very popular sports team] and the famous [local tourist attraction]. Those people at Sprint must be morons!

But seriously, Sprint is upgrading entire markets at once, upgrading a handful of markets simultaneously before moving on to the next. Unlike Verizon or AT&T, they are upgrading almost every single tower to LTE, which means a lot of towers in "BFE" are showing up in the list. Given how many more small towns exist compared to big towns, of course you are going to see more of them than "highly populated Metro areas".

Assuming you are from Detroit, the first LTE towers in the East Michigan market should come on line next month.

Deegan says:


Rock Chalk!

DirkBelig says:

Nice to hear from the Sprint PR department or just an apologist. [roll eyes]

I'm with the OP here - I'm in the Detroit area and have suffered with paying the EVO tax for 2-1/4 years and having no 4G service and such lousy 3G coverage that my phone is always warm as it strains to get data. I just ran Speedtest here at work and the average was ping 570 ms, 320 kbps down, 90 kbps up, and this is better than some of the speeds I've seen. The NY Times home page took 37 seconds to load; Drudge Report (which is mostly text links) 1:11; DVD Talk forum 30 seconds; my GS2's forum here at AC in 1:35!

It doesn't matter if Sprint gives you all the data water in the ocean when you can only sip it through a coffee stirrer. Every announcement from them is that they'll have 3G "improved" sometime by the end of 2013 and 4G, well, who knows? You're the first person to say that LTE towers are coming into the area. But it doesn't matter. AT&T flipped the switch on LTE here and their HSPA speeds pound what I'm getting; I just tried co-workers' T-Mo "4G" and AT&T H+ phones and they both spank Sprint's speed.

With my work discount, I discovered that if I ditched the ripoff $20 texting package with AT&T, I can actually pay LESS for AT&T than Sprint, so WTF would I stick with proven failure with only faint glimmers of possible improvement? I'm just waiting for Amazon to have another penny sale to get a GS3 and flee the sludge of Sprint for some decent performance. Yeah, it's capped, but I'd rather deal with managing a fire hose than collapsing my lungs to get anything from Sprint's dinky straw.

"...so WTF would I stick with proven failure with only faint glimmers of possible improvement?"

Yes, why DO you stay in Detroit?

While I don't entirely disagree with you, I work in Lake County, IL and they most certainly have NOT upgraded every tower to LTE. I'm happy to be getting the occasional 4G connection now, but I'm still on 3G most of the time I'm in Lake County.

Sorry Sprint. I was a fan for many years but I just had to jump ship and signed up with AT&T over the weekend. Yep I am paying more but nothing beats having 4g LTE where I live (Pittsburgh - the 22nd largest population in the country - not scheduled to have Sprint 4g LTE until ???? (we never made any list))

Deegan says:


gilligan793 says:

I thought you would never leave. Thank you for the notice.

bumpandrun says:

If Verizon had a competitive plan price they would put Sprint out of business. I'm a Sprint customer because I just refuse to pay Verizon prices if I don't have to. I have 4G wimax here in NC in a lot of places so it's not too bad but if I could get LTE from Verizon for even a close price I would do it.

Where in North Carolina are you because I'm not seeing it (the 4G coverage)?

jarobusa says:

I wish Sprint wouldnt announce new cities getting LTE. Tired of all of these rants. Do you people believe LTE can be in every city over night? If you cant wait then leave for some other company.

Superguy25 says:

Translation: Sprint is increasing its LTE coverage by lighting up cities no one cares about.

I guess it's all about the number of markets covered ...


zhecht says:

Sprint doesn't count small towns are "Markets". Lawrence, Topeka, and Wichita are part of the already launched Kansas City market. Waukegan-Lake County is part of the Chicago market which is currently pre-launched and should be officially launched any day now, and Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, Mass is part of the Boston market, which is also in pre-launch mode.

How DARE you introduce logic into a conversation where people are already frothing at the mouth about how much the world owes them something? HOW DARE YOU, SIR?

8er says:

The people in those cities care. People driving on i70 from Topeka to Kansas City metro area care.

I live in an LTE area, but have not had LTE service on either LTE device in days.

Masheen says:


EeZeEpEe says:

I've noticed improved 3G in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I've gotten 2 Mb/s down and 1 Mb/s up.

John-Smith says:

Holy crap, I did my first ever speed test on my phone a couple days ago just for fun, and all I got was 0.65Mb/s down and 0.60Mb/s up! Your results are amazing.

I live in Miami btw.

EeZeEpEe says:

Those were just peaks of course. Typically I get 0.75 to 1 down. I'm happy with 0.5 or higher upload. Makes sharing pics not too bad.

gnmitchell says:

I too am starting to get fed up with lack of LTE coverage anywhere in Florida the 4th most populous state in the country!!! You would think you would want to provide coverage ASAP to where your customers are instead of less populated areas.

jarobusa says:

Big cities take longer than smaller towns. This must be common sense? I bet these smaller cites only need 5 to 10 towers while major cities require 100's.

nickel3956 says:

I live in Atlanta, one of the first cities to get LTE, and I don't get any 4G. But when I go 20 miles outside the city to visit my parents, I have almost perfect 4G service. What's up with that?

camiller says:

Because they work inward from the outer edges of the area. Also per s4gru.com

...Sites Complete = 30%; LTE Launched = July 15, 2012
...Original Scheduled Completion = December 2012; Current Production Rate Completion = August 2013

John-Smith says:

Lets be honest.. Who really lives in Kansas? Other than Clark Kent that is.

camiller says:

Students going to KU?

dorelse says:

Um...Sprint HQ. And yeah, a lot of the local universities, which I'm guessing Sprint looks at as part of their new employee talent pool. Makes sense they'd take care of cities close to home.

dtreo says:

I visited Overland Park two weeks ago and got LTE to light up for a grand total of six minutes over two days. It was...epic. Or something.

Deegan says:

I go to KU and live in Lawrence. Soooo I live here.

ekincaid says:

And.... Who are you? LOL

jarobusa says:

I'll ask you the same: Who are you?

8er says:

Daniel Hesse

Sh3ngLong says:

Still waiting for some Bay Area love.

zhecht says:

From what I've been reading, the hold up in the Bay Area is mostly in getting the appropriate permits from the local government.

vansmack says:

Good in theory, and there is no doubt that the regulatory scheme is more difficult here, but when two other providers already have LTE service in the Bay Area, it's obviously Sprint's 4G strategy over the past 3 years that is at fault.

Even more troubling for them is that contracts only run 2 years.

JobiWan144 says:

Given that it's the left coast, that doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Mike77 says:

Philly please, kinda surprising they didn't target the big cities, more bang for the buck.

zhecht says:

Not really. Each tower can only support so many subscribers. A small city might have a dozen towers located in easily accessible locations, while a large city could have hundreds of towers located in densely populated area where it is tough to get construction equipment (not to mention all the necessary permits).

hmmm says:

Come on Minnesota. I am sick of the 3G speeds that are basically like Edge speed. I would love some real 3G speeds. I wouldn't even care about LTE if I could get like 3Mbps.

Cobravision says:

Sprint recently sold their 1 millionth LTE device, which translates into 1 million very disappointed customers. Their LTE implementation is a joke, and they should be sued for false advertising by claiming that it's $69 and $99 for unlimited data plans when it's really $79 and $109 due to the $10 surcharge they leave out of the ads. That's $10 LTE owners are paying for no actual data and 3G so slow it's almost impossible to hit even 2GB a month. To say Sprint is the worst cell provider out there is like saying the Big Bang was "kinda loud".

dtreo says:

This is not far from the truth.

Deegan says:

Lawrence Ks is where Kansas University is located. It's also 30min West of Kansas City. IF you cant see why they added 4G here then I'm sorry. Also pumping up cities in their home state seems too make perfect sense. Large companies like Google Fiber obviously see some promise in Kansas City. I can't wait 'til Lawrence gets that before you guys as well. We got 4G first for one simple fact alone; we have the greatest College Basketball program in America. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

vansmack says:

When you put it that way, it makes perfect sense. 30,000 students + 12,000 employees equals 42,000 people that Sprint has to keep happy.

If only there were places in America where there were, hundreds of thousands, let alone millions, of people to keep happy...

Sprint is well on it's way to being the largest Regional Carrier in America serving all of the greater Kansas-Missouri Area. Cricket and Metro PCS had better look out!

snowglyder says:

That pic mixed with such a short list makes this underwhelming.

In nyc 3g rocks cant wait for LTE

wpavlik2 says:

I'm just biding my time. (and using WiFi as much as possible!)

Cubfan says:

The statement that Chicago is improved is a total lie. It's still awful. I'm giving Sprint until the end of the year to improve or I am leaving.

Deegan says:


yankeesusa says:

I know these cities may seem like its nothing but at least they are moving it a long little by little. All I know is that as of now I'm sticking with sprint as long as its saving me money compared to att and verizon. Right now i'm saving between $30 and $45 depending on which plan i get with either att or verizon. If by december it still looks bad for sprint lte then I'll think of switching but for now i'm sticking to it.

johnnyg66 says:

Here in Wichita there is a lot of business traffic between KC and those areas so probably why those got done early. My S3 got some type of update this morning too. Don't know if its because of this are something else.

johnnyg66 says:

Also after update my phone was no longer rooted.

frankyblike says:

OMG does anyone even live in those towns?

jarobusa says:

You are right they are ghost towns. Lol. Lots of big city arrogance going around.

Deegan says:

Omg rofl, like who even lives outside a big city. Pfft, lawl!

Deegan says:

frankyblike loves to start his comments off with "Omg."

cntchds says:

Has Sprint heard of Silicon Valley? That might be a smart market to hit.

Broheemster says:

It's all because they only have 1 work van and crew to go around the whole country. Kidding. That's how it feels

Lmao. Good one

eblackman says:

That facial expression says it all "how can we keep customers with this slow network then have them to upgrade phone to access LTE"

So...No LTE in DC still??? Ultimate fail on Sprint. Guess I'll bite the bullet and jump ship to AT&T

jarobusa says:

Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering what you were going to do /s

gilligan793 says:


imrewind says:

This may fire up a few "Sprint UnHappies"
The first of 2013 Clearwire is supposed to light up several LTE markets. Sprint will get those markets also.
I've been with Sprint for 15 years and will jump ship after the first quarter of 2013 if there is No , improved 3G or LTE in Bradenton, Fl. I know........ Get ready to jump!

Disturbd1 says:

It's getting ridiculous that the "expansion" is just to neighboring cities of existing service. That's not an announcement, it's an assumption shared by us ALL (Sprint customers). A real announcement is when they're bring it to an area that is nowhere near current LTE - like the pacific northwest.

owensdad00 says:

Here in Paramus NJ where I work - I saw 1595 down/671 up/70 ms ping on 7/16. Today I have 605 down/732 up/99ms ping. In Westchester where I live, the 3G is ponderous, effin ponderous. And if I go to a Yankee or Met game or anywhere there is a crowd in NYC, the phone is useless. So I'm not seeing the improvements they're talking about - yet.

With 2 new EVO 4G LTEs and an iPhone5, I may be the biggest Sprint tool alive but like it or not, I'm all in.

hevenz1 says:

I've been all over Wichita today...haven't seen 4g once...:-(

johnnyg66 says:

I have seen it today in area west and north

va2azerik says:

What about Phoenix AZ 6th largest American city! No plans that I have seen, what are the techs afraid to work in 100 degree weather and brave a few scorpions, rattlesnakes, gila monsters and black widows? Damn that is a lot of poisionous stuff to deal with, hell I don't blame you I wouldn't want to put up with that stuff either.

jimmiekain says:

Awesome!! Kansas and Massachusetts have LTE and here in Los Angeles, we are dealing with 20kbps down and 192kbps up. Great idea Sprint!

VJICE says:

Can i second that comment!!!