Sprint this morning announced a slew of new cities on its schedule for 4G expansion as it expects to cover 120 million people with WiMax by the end of the year.

The new cities are:

  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Pittsburgh
  • Salt Lake City
  • St. Louis

Those cities will join Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., which already were slated to receive 4G service this year.

Now all they'll need is a proper Android phone to take advantage of that speed. Supersonic, anyone? [Sprint]


Reader comments

Sprint announces more cities to receive WiMax 4G this year


ok that's it... 4G coming to Cincinnati. The supersonic it's a no brainer now... it be a little heavier memory wise because of the sence ui but remember it's 1GB of RAM!!!

how big of an area does this cover? I live about 20 miles from st. Louis and I think this may be a deciding factor between the nexus one and the supersonic if the coverage reaches where I live

I donno which I want...Sense, or Vanilla Android. I would love to see what vanilla 2.1 looks and feels like, but I really love the sense interface, and would love to play with the new 2.1

I think what it may end up coming down to for me is Facebook integration. I love having that in Sense, and if they have a way to do it in Vanilla 2.1, then I think I'll be Nexus all the way. :)

Sweet 4G in Miami!... Maybe it might be worth it moving there (I was on the fence after school to move there or Ft. Lauderdale). I'd have to brush up on my spanish, but for 4G, it could be worth it.

Dissapointing to see no Milwaukee/Madison 4G yet, especially as close as they are to Chi town. Oh well, if I have to cross state lines to get the SS I will. I know at least a few of you feel the same.

The SS is going to be 3G/4G... I'm sure they will offer the phone nationwide and if you are in a 4G city than you get the faster speed... just like the Overdrive 3G/4G modem... it would be really dumb for HTC and Sprint just to sell this in 4G markets.