Sprint's 4G data service just went live in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis-St. Paul, meaning you Steelers fans with the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC Evo 4G can get the latest as old man Charlie Batch leads the Steelers over the Ravens on Sunday, and you Vikes fans can fret about whether old OLD man Brett Favre will actually come back from the bye week or go back to Mississippi where it's safe and warm. Yeah, it's like that. [Sprint]

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Sprint 4G goes live in Pittsburgh, Minneapolis-St. Paul


Nice to see Minneapolis officially getting 4G. I got a chance to use 4G in Bloomington in August. It was hard going back to 3G!

Whoa, let's take a step back for a moment...
"as old man Charlie Batch gets in over his head as the Steelers fall to the Ravens on Sunday,"
First of all, fixed that statement right there.
Second, Ravens...

Meh...I live in a Minneapolis suburb, I can guarantee you I won't be getting 4G anytime soon. :( But will still get charged for it.

Actually, much of the Twin Cities area is already covered, including many suburbs. Seems to really have increased in the last month or so. I drive for work and I'm seeing more and more of that 4G icon every day.

I'm wondering why I don't get any 4G in downtown Mpls. That seems bonkers, anyone else getting it there?

The local Sprint store here in Sacramento says that we (Sacramentans) are getting 4G on October 3rd.

This sounds correct. For the last week I've been picking up 4g throughout the city. Everyday the signal's better and more frequent. Somethings gotta be up. I've been on 4g with at least 2-3 bars in doors and 4-5 outdoors in/around my office in midtown. :)