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Not sure which one of these we wan to see released more -- the Evo 4G, or Sling Player. Regardless, here they are together. That's right, Sling Player on the Evo 4G. It's still in private beta and said to be "coming soon," so you'll have to make do with this teaser for now. Go ahead and watch it again. It'll last longer. Thanks, George!


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Sling Player, Android, Evo 4G - 'nuff said


Holy guacamole!
Let me wipe my drool off.
Okay, where was I?
Oh yeah,

PS - I'm not a SB user but will be after this. How much does the home version cost? How much is the Android version? Zoinks!

So I work at RadioShack and we just got our Demo in! Only 1000 stores(radioshack) in the country get the demo! I'm not going to lie it felt amazing to hold and play with!

Oh, wait, looks like the Slingbox and the SB mobile can total up to around $250. Hmmmm, kind of a lot to watch the Colbert Report. But still, very cool tech. Dang, guess I'll have to make do with other mobile options for watching TV on my (pre-ordered) Evo until the price points come down.

Do you still need a slingbox if you have a Dish Network DVR? I thought that they worked together already.....at least that's the interface you get online when you program your DVR from your computer. If so, Dish is killing it right now. This and google TV? point, Dish.

That is sick. I think I may finally have another use for my optical joystick too. Those "DPad" controls just looked painful.

Can't wait for this even though now I have to go spend $250 on a slingbox

I checked out bitbop, but the site says its only compatible with some blackberry devices. No Incredible.

BIPBOP will support Android soon. I'm sure that will include the Incredible, but probably not older phones like the Hero. PCMAG has a feature on it(http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2361789,00.asp.

"Bitbop will support the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, but it's uncertain which exact devices will be supported. The Bitbop Web site appears to show a Motorola Droid, BlackBerry Storm2, and a BlackBerry Bold 9000 in its art. A press release from Fox Mobile Group says the app is "soon-to-be-available.""

Are you kidding me! I have had the Slingbox for 3 years. It ran great on my Treo. I then got the Storm seeing that it was in beta for Blackberry to just wait a year and nothing! Now I have the Incredible (brand new device) and they show this thing on the Evo! I am getting the feeling more and more I made the wrong choice again! Froyo came out on the Nexus One and then rumored to go on the Droid. I hope this isn't the case for the Slingbox. It looks pretty sick.

Not necessarily, if the sling player app was only optimized for 4G, it will not work on the Incredible. If it is 3G as well it should work. I say should because you know how Verizon are. The apps on the EVO that use data had to be optimized for 4G as well.

I would assume that there will be a player for the Inc since android slingplayer has been in private beta for about a month with android phones other than the Evo

An app for being aroused? Yes, lots of them. For the Slingplayer? It's coming soon, but you need a Slingbox as well.

Still have no idea why anyone wants to watch tv or 2 hour plus movies on there phone ??? I prefer my 61 inch plasma :-)

I prefer to watch stuff on my hdtv as well, but that's not always possible if you're on the go a lot. Besides, the more mobile devices improve, the more sling will improve (hopefully). Doesn't seem that long ago that I thought this was cool on my Palm Treo. Needless to say, it'll look a tad better on the Incredible.

I am going to buy a few of these when released, have a few in my company that I am sure would love them