Samsung rumored to debut new fingerprint commands for Galaxy Note 4

Next week, when the Galaxy Note 4 gets announced in Germany, the device is rumored to sport the same Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint technology that debuted on the Galaxy S5. With the Galaxy Note 4, we're beginning to hear that the smartphone will have additional functionality for the fingerprint sensor, features that could trickle down to the Galaxy S5 in the future through software updates.

According to a report on SamMobile, there are at least two new features that will take advantage of the added biometric sensor on the Note 4.

For one, you can control which application gets launched when you swipe your finger. Program the email app to open when you swipe your right thumb and not only can you unlock your phone, but you'll be taken straight into your emails to save you time.

Another feature is to be able to save passwords and log into websites. The Web Sign-in feature will allow you to visit sites like Amazon, Gmail, and communities like Android Central and have your username and password remembered. When you need to log in again, you'll just swipe your finger and the browser will enter in your credentials.

These new functionality will serve in addition to what's already available for use on the Galaxy S5. Currently, Galaxy S5 owners can lock their phones and authenticate with PayPal using their fingerprints.

Android Central will be in Berlin to take a look at the Galaxy Note 4 so we'll have confirmation next week about these rumored features.

Are you excited to see the expanded use of the fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note 4?

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung rumored to debut new fingerprint commands for Galaxy Note 4


Truthfully there's apps that allow you to swipe your finger to enter credentials within your apps or to lock people out of specific apps.

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+1 BTW, should I give up my unlimited data with Verizon (soon to be throttled big time apparently) for this device?

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That depends upon you, but if T-Mobile has a good coverage, you could go with them as they have unlimited data and I believe it's way cheaper than Verizon, too. I'm definitely upgrading my Note 3 to get the 4.

After all these years and Galaxy Note purchases it's always a great time waiting for Unpacked 2 yearly.

For me it's always been pretty plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Am I the only one that thinks the FP scanner on the gs5 is garbage?! It doesn't even work. Ever! Maaaaaybe 1 out of 20 times. Slower.... Faster! .... Junk

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Are you sure you know how to use it? Do you know that you are supposed to start your swipe at the bottom of the screen and then move on to the button?

For me it's always been pretty plain and simple since I got on android central a couple of months ago.....Richard Yarrell is a whiny little douche !! Now go talk to S-voice on your note 3, maybe she can help you with a comeback. ....

Oh wait.....S-voice is worthless, like so many of samsungs

He has a very limited number of posts.. He cuts and pastes the same thing over for every Samsung article. Do you have any idea how long it would take to type out something original every time with those big, fat useless sausage fingers he has??

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You may not agree with someone's comments but personal attacks like yours are worse than anything he might have said.

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I enjoy you whiny little haters and typical trolls it's great to see you're kind here daily.

You must also be trolling well on Google Plus too you guys are so classy.

Get use to it my friend you will be dealing with me for a long time either here or Google Plus.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Shiiiiiiit !! I've seen you on here many times hating on my beloved had to bring the pain son!!!

Tell you what, why don't you install Tizen on your note 3 when it becomes available, and see how you like that ey??

Android is your freakin daddy son!!!

I find him harmless and funny he doesn't get nasty like others on here I dont think I ever heard him call someone a douche

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I've seen him call people alot of names on here.....but that doesn't make it right to do the same... ..and he is pretty much harmless, I agree

Maybe it was my bad

What is your phone of choice sir? I'm interested as to why your posting nothing useful about the upcoming note 4. But yet you still come to respond to Richard. Do you actually think because you have "brought the pain, son" that makes you the guy that will be crowned "King", because you single handedly caused Richard to stop posting? Which you will not. Period. Take note....son.

What the hell does my phone of choice have to do with anything "Sir"? My phone of choice is all things midrange and high end android, because i'm an android enthusiast.

And no, I don't think ANYONE could be single handedly capable of stopping Richard from posting other than the moderators. Stupid question. That dude is a lunatic. And hasn't he been saying things like "Get used to it my friend you will be dealing with me for a long time either here or Google Plus" for some time now? afterall, is an "Android Institution" as he puts it.

My question is why do you care? do you like Richard? maybe jackwagon is a fan? Maybe you're the first one!!! or maybe you just love samsung as much as he does?

And "nothing useful about the upcoming note 4"? i've said plenty of positive things. Its gonna be a straight up beast. So you can take note on that.....son!

@richard "I enjoy you whiny little haters" says the little whiny hater.. hypocrisy! lmao.

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First off its your, not you're (which means you are). Second, it's "used to" not "use to". Finally, it's Google+. Why don't you take some of the money you get from my paycheck every other week and use it for an education instead of sitting on your ass all day trolling every post related to Samsung you f**king waste of a human being.

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What no "sucks monkey balls"? Your slippin dude....

Posted via Android Central App from a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10

Obviously Samsung products are garbage since the spot on your screen of the virtual keyboard where the punctuation is does not work.... Moron.

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Love my Note 3, IMO it's still the best hand held device made to date, that will change when the Note 4 takes over. The S-Pen is such a powerful tool, it needs to be used to be apreciated.
Bring on the Note 4 and please give this beast of a phone at least 64gb of int storage along with the sd-card of course.

I honestly wish they would do away with the physical home button.
What's the point of being able to use the s pen on 2 of the capacitive buying but having to use your finger for the home button?

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You do realize you can push the physical home button with the S-Pen as well, right. It's not going to break your S-Pen.

Decent concept although sliding over the home button seems awkward. Hopefully it works this time, even though Samsung is using the same sensor technology.

New display technology that reads your biometrics is probably what's needed to make this concept widely viable.

No , like really though.....the gs5 finger print sensor works well....the ones that hate on it are pretty much just idiots that dont know how to use it.....use your thumb!!! Not your freakin index finger!!! It works almost flawlessly

the only thing that sounds interesting about the note 4 that I've heard so far is its 3 sided display.. fingerprint scanners are old news.

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The S5 and the fingerprint scanner was an exciting option for those of us with encrypted devices...that is until we learned it still requires a password to unlock the device. How pointless...the fingerprint scanner will unlock a device, but if you have full device encryption enabled...a typed password is still the only method Samsung sanctions to unlock. Security is always good, but this needs to be loosened up a bit so the business community can decide how to secure their devices.

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Meh. My S5 has the worst fingerprint sensor ever. Unlike the iPhone 5s that works every time, the S5 works maybe 1 time out of 5. Does anybody even use it?

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I use it, and it works perfectly for me every time. I've never had an issue with it. It's such a handy feature!

Brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S5

How old are these guy on here who post these name calling juvenile posts? I hope they start moderating the comments so you see some worthwhile content when you read them.

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From what I've seen recently, Richard Yarrell is the master of silly, juvenile comments for the soul purpose of annoying android enthusiasts

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Ahhhhh, that means this will be a feature of Touchwiz. So naturally it will suck and nobody will want to use it. Too bad stock Android does not come with that b/c then it would be awesome. I guess we can dream.


"nobody will want to use it"

Do I even need to address this comment, or are you that wrapped up in your m7 and need a wake up call?

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So I am hoping for some 700Mhz band 12 - I have had many phone, HTC, Moto and Samsung. The Note 3 is the first phone that I have kept for a full year, but my fingers are wanting a new device. If the Note 4 has 700Mhz that will be my next phone. If not, I don't know. The LG G3 looks interesting, but lacks the new bands I want. However, I don't what to wait much longer!

You can use LastPass which can tie into the fingerprint sensor on the GS5 and soon GN4 and with the app unlocked you can enable auto-fill and fingerprint detection.

That Web Sign-in is the only thing I'm looking positive for a fingerprint scanner feature. Saves time for logging in those emails/username and passwords.

Samsung products are junk. No one buys them. There low end specs, slow, terrible battery life, and bad camera! Oh wait that is false. The only thing bad about a galaxy is how much space touch wiz takes up, and maybe s voice.

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S-Voice is useful as fuck to someone that has a bluetooth headset. It reads all of your incoming texts, missed calls, and allows you to call back, text people, and do plenty of other shit. Google Now doesn't do that shit broe.

ERM ...think I'll pass on this one thanks ...the note 3 was such a disappointment.. It put me right of Samsung phones ..just can't be doing with the buggy software and crappy battery life ..and that region lock that sealed it for me ..

My HTC one m8 is a far superior phone in every respect glad I made the move ..

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