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One of our favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it's essentially the same size as its predecessor, and so a number of accessories released for the Galaxy S3 work with the newer version as well. 

That brings us to what you see here -- the Samsung Multimedia Desktop Dock. It's a pretty basic deal -- plop your Galaxy S4 into it and it'll automatically switch to Desktop mode. Plug in with a microUSB cable and you'll charge the phone at the same time. And use the optional 3.5mm line out to play music while the phone's docked. 

This thing's pretty portable as well, with the dock section flipping down into itself for easy travel. And perhaps most important, you can get it fairly cheap since technically it's "last year's" dock.

We've got a handful of pics after the break. Give 'em a gander.

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blp72 says:

Thanks for the insight Phil!!!

ChromeJob says:


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To be honest, I prefer Note II's Smart Dock (with which the S3 is compatible AFAIK, thus the S4 has to be as well). I don't see the point of this if all it does is charge and play music - changing the interface isn't really a huge plus, I guess.

speculatrix says:

Yes, I think the full smart dock is more interesting. . But it is a lot more expensive.. about $80 equivalent here in UK.
I bought a basic charge/data dock off Amazon for about $13. First one didn't work, replacement did

I bought this from Samsung a few weeks back and I am enjoying it. It's nothing crazy fancy, so obviously if you need HDMI capabilities and such, look elsewhere. But for a basic charging, desktop interface it's pretty cool. I got a 50% off coupon so I got mine for 24.99 and that was a killer deal. But definitely buy it through ShopAndroid as they are 6 dollars cheaper than Samsung.

webbie2 says:

Have to tested the dock out with cases? I use a incepio feather case.

Phil, please complete the promotions of these accessories by advising that likely this will only work without a case?

cjb44 says:

I have a Speck* case on my S3 and it fits fine. You need a skinny case, no OtterBox or anything else that's rugged. And it doesn't work if you have an extended battery. Which I'm going to be buying when I upgade to the S5 next year regadless. (Yeah, I'm skipping the S4 for the S5 because my S3 isn't a year old yet.)

I use an S3 on this dock with the Incipio Faxion case and it works perfectly.

milliman says:

So it will probably work with an Incipio NGP case too. Has anyone tried it?

HubyD says:

Does a Nexus 4 fit in it? I've been looking for a good dock for some time now :)

skbgiants says:

Ebay. OEM new in box. 15.99

speculatrix says:

Check the reviews as there are a lot of fakes on ebay

icvos says:

Still no car dock since S2! The S3/Infuse workaround doesn't fit S4.

buffdaddy72 says:

I have one of these as well for my S3. Got it last Fall at my local Fry's after they priced matched it with Amazon (around $30.00). It's a pretty decent dock for the money but unfortunetly if you're using an Otterbox or any kind of thick case you have to remove it to use the dock.

I'm using a UAG case and it doesn't fit the dock.

TheMimic12 says:

will it work with Ubuntu for Android? If so, GS4 is just too plain awesome

justreboot says:

meh, I usually 'dock' my phone landscape and use an 'always on' deskclock (in the case of the s3/s4 I use dock clock - free from the app store) / as far as a 'dock,' I found a $3 business card holder (black mesh) from staples does fine. Sure, it's not as elegant, but then again, my total cost was $3 and some change :)

fausto408 says:

I wonder if it will work with the Spigen Neo Hybrid case, anyone know?

wkupike2000 says:

I wonder the same thing. Bought two different Samsung docks before my S4 came in and I have to take my Spigen case off with both. Sucks!

whodunit says:

It does not work with the Spigen neo, unfortunately. I'm going to get a Seidio SURFACE case because if it doesn't fit with that, I just have to pull the bottom half of the case off. No big deal.

JobiWan144 says:

"We've got a handful of pics after the break. Give 'em a gander."

I'd love to, but the pics don't show up in your lovely app.

What pictures? What break?

Massius001 says:

Still not the EDD-D1D9BE from the Galaxy SII.
I really like going horizontal and not having to worry about the phone falling out.

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ChromeJob says:


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vzw8830 says:

Will the galaxy tab 3 work in this?

crohns says:

I think i may have to check one of these out.