Our week with the Blackberry Bold is nearing the end and we're working on our final review of the Bold but before we pass it on to TiPb's Rene, we'd like to ask you G1 users if you have any questions regarding this device? Ever wonder how a non-touch smartphone device works? Curious as to how much I really like the screen?  Want to know more about the Blackberry way? Ask away in the comments!

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Round Robin: Questions About the Blackberry Bold?



How much do you like the screen? Do you think this is a phone you could actually switch to and be happy? Does the ability to use one handed have that much of an impact on you?

Which would you pick. Storm or Bold?

Both have weaknesses. Bold doesn't have a touchscreen, Storm doesn't have a keyboard while using an OS seemingly built upon that notion.

How do you like the app offerings from blackberry vs. android vs. iphone?


My review @ CrackBerry might interest you..



The Bolds OS started out just like the Storms..buggy as hell. It has gotten MUCH better. However, I refuse to make excuses for RIM on this things, they never should have launched the device with the OS' they did...but I will say this...Storm was the first touchscreen from RIM..adapting to an older OS...the Bold was the first 3G (aside from CDMA devices and the European only 8707v) device, their was bound to be issues with them both as RIM is known for their EDGE only devices, is it excusable...no..were they quick to address the issues..definitely.

I wanted a Storm, but just couldn't get over how bad the OS was. Hopefully it gets better soon. Thinking about getting the G1 or iPhone now.

1) is this device as big as it looks? 2) what software did you miss from the g1? What software did you wish the g1 had?

Hm... it may not have a touchscreen, but it does have a super-awesome keypad and trackball. How does the trackball compare to the G1's?

I have heard you can see some sort of mesh looking design on the screen. Have you noticed this and if so what do you think it is.

Thanks Bla1ze! I've never seen the Bold in action, but I've seen the storm at the verizon store and I was shocked that they would even put out a demo-phone with such a buggy os.


Sure, their is a "mesh" look on the screen but it's not the screen it's self it's the icons on the theme, change the theme to one with better icons the issue..becomes a non issue.


The device is larger, but not as BIG as it looks in the pics, best I can say is go grab the demo somewhere and hold it.


No, you cannot run apps off the memory card. But, the Bold does have 1GB of internal storage to hold applications.


Ordinary BB?...not sure what you mean, aside from feature sets of individual devices, a BB is a BB.

example: 8310 has GPS, 8320 has WiFi, but no GPS..at the end of the day they both still BB's..

And...to all those who had G1 comparison questions, sorry can't help ya out there I don't have a G1 to give details on...hehe, hence why I'm posting here, aside from helping Casey answer the questions of course?

I can haz G1? For my efforts...:P