Seidio Spring-Clip holster for the Evo 4G

The Seidio Spring-Clip holster for the Evo 4G is a secure and protective way to carry your phone.  Your Evo fits snugly, face in for maximum screen protection, but the top spring clip allows for easy release.  The holster is designed so that all the ports and controls are still accessible even if the phone is locked in place.

On the rear of the holster is a second spring clip, perfect for wearing on your belt, or for hanging on the sun visor of your car.  This clip swivels 360 degrees, allowing for a comfortable fit and access to the volume rocker, headphone jack and USB/HDMI ports without removing the phone from the case.  Inserting your Evo into the holster is a piece of cake -- slip the bottom (face in!) into the molded shell, open the top spring clip, slide the phone in place and release the clip.  And once it's in place, the only way it's coming back out is if the clip is opened.  You can count on it staying put until you want to remove it.

To me, the only drawback to this sort of carry is that the screen isn't visible.  But that's also a big plus -- your Evo's screen isn't going to get scratched or damaged and bump dialing simply can't happen.  I'm stubborn and set in my ways like an old mule, but after receiving the review unit I'm impressed.  If I don't want or need to use Google Maps navigation, the Spring-Clip holster on my visor paired with our cars bluetooth beats the heck out of laying my precious on the dash or in the console.  The Seidio Spring-Clip holster is available at the Android Central Store for $29.95.  There's a video showing how easy it is to use, and some more images after the break.


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Review: Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for the Evo 4G


I bought this holster because I didn't want a greasy rubber cover or a bulky plastic protector. This holster owns. It mostly protects the phone when I drop it. The top corners are sort-of unprotected, but the case still absorbs most all of the impacts. The clip is strong and looks live it will hold the phone in place adequately for a while.

You should buy this holster.

Best case/holster for the EVO. You can use this product in 3 ways!

1. Use hard case with EVO.
2. Use hard case/EVO with holster
3. Use EVO on holster (w/o hard case)

Best holster for any smart phone!!!!!

Just an FYI, they typically have different holsters for if you have a hard case on your phone, and they usually are not interchangable. Just check before you buy.

had this holster since day one and use it daily. one big negative, it will leave little dents on EVO's shiny black plastic screen border halfway up the phone on the left and right sides.

I don't understand the need for any case, holster, etc. I've had smartphones of every kind - starting with a Treo-600 - and tried every kind of holster/protection device imaginable. If convenience and a quick-draw are important, just put the thing in your front pocket, screen toward your leg, top of the phone down. When you remove it from your pocket, it's automatically in your hand correctly, and ready to go. Short of taking a bullet in the back of your leg, the phone is pretty much protected to the max. I admit that dropping the thing naked is a hazard, but that's what insurance is for, right? A smartphone is a productivity tool - use it as such, and stop treating it like a collector's item.

OMG- you are so right! Thank you for that post! I will never buy another accessory for smartphone again! Seidio should just close thier doors down now that you have enlightened us.

youll understand the need for holsters when you eventually realize the radiation coming from the phone is screwing with your balls.

youll understand the need for holsters when you eventually realize the radiation coming from the phone is screwing with your balls.

In one word - LINT! When I would go out and not want to use a case, using the EVO's distant cousin, the HD2, along with the supplied HTC rubber skin (why no free one with the EVO???), it would be almost all white, covered with LINT! It appears to attract lint like a magnet when in your pants pocket. And if you have the heavy duty ZAGG screen protector on it, that too attracts lint. I sure don't like spending extra time cleaning the phone later on. So I prefer to use a case.

One thing I noticed, the Platinum case that BB sells appears to be the same, or very close to this Seido case. And I love mine!

Hey, easy guys. I'm just saying ....... if using you phone is more important than treating it like jewelry, then forget the holster. An extended battery - ok, screen protector - ok, but if an accessory makes the phone a pain to use, then forget it. Just my opinion, you don't have to agree, but don't act like a cat that got petted backwards. Jeez.