Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery

Let's face it -- Android phones use a lot of juice.  They do a lot, and need a lot of power to do it, and the Evo 4G's big screen doesn't help matters.  This makes a spare battery almost a must if you're on the go a lot.  That's where the Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery comes in to the picture.  While some folks prefer a much larger capacity battery, others (like myself) prefer something that uses the stock battery door, and fits into other accessories without any issue.  An extra 250 milliampere-hours may not sound like a lot (the stock Evo battery is rated at 1500 mAh), but I've found it extends my usage by several hours.  And I actually use my unlimited minutes, making several hours worth of calls daily.

Construction-wise, the Seidio Innocell 1750 is identical to the stock battery -- minus the color.  My inner child would love to see it in red, but how often do we really see the battery?  As you can see in the pictures (after the break) the Innocell is the same dimensions as the stock battery, and fits perfectly with the OEM battery cover.  I know many of us carry a spare battery and swap mid-day, and the Innocell is perfect for this.  It fits as you would expect, and offers a bit of extra oompf to make sure you're still up and running when you get to a charger.

If you use your Evo as intended, syncing mail and social networks, taking pictures, or playing games, you need to consider this one.  You can grab the Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery from the Android Central store for $44.95.  More pictures after the break.

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Review: Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery for the Evo 4G


Hm...I'm considering a new battery but I don't know whether to get this or the 3500 mAh which juts out. I don't really want to make the gargantuan Evo any thicker, but I just seriously doubt that 1750 could really make that much a difference, especially if you add in gaming/4G/internet music streaming in addition to standard browsing (with Flash) and email/texting

Or two with a wall charger from Amazon for $40... I'll post how the knockoffs work once they come, but the knockoff 1500ma that I have works as well as the stock battery. About 4 hours with light usage in a fringe (1-2 bars) reception area.

or buy 2 knockoffs and a battery charging dock for $10.00 total (free shipping) on ebay. it works excellently. i would say the same as stock, possibly a tiny but worse, but for 10 dollars who cares.

Yep- I bought two no-name batteries AND a wall charger for them from Ebay for something like $35. As far as I can tell, each of the ~$13 batteries works just as well as the $40 OEM. Hmm...

This is the same battery replacement that works in the Incredible as well. I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and it has made a world of difference. I used to re-charge at around 2pm with maybe 60% battery left (give or take),Since I made this investment, I now cruise through the whole day with no problem. I usually have about 40-50% left when I plug the phone in at night. Again, this is on the Incredible. Well worth the upgrade IMO.

I purchased several batteries from eBay for the Evo's in our family and they all work just as well as the OEM. Cost? Under $10 each with shipping.

I also purchased a set of 2 3500mha batteries with new back covers and a plug in spare battery charger/USB charger for a TOTAL of $10.99 with shipping. They all work great.

"Several hours" additional juice over the stock battery? That's not my experience at all. Got my EVO on June 4th & I've had this battery since late June. It's a little better than stock, but maybe gives me an extra 60-90 minutes...roughly 10-12% additional running time. But that brings up a different question: why is this being reviewed *now* given that it's been out for 5+ months?

I purchased plenty of Seidio's extended batteries, the larger ones (that require a different battery cover) are ok. But these 1750 mAh are crap period! As far as battery life you cannot tell the difference between this battery and the stock battery that comes with your phone. I currently have the Droid X and I returned this battery to Seidio when it didn't perform any better than the stock battery. However, Motorola's 1930 mAh extended battery works great!It comes with an extra door cover but I have two Droid X's and I was able to use my stock battery cover with this battery on both Droids, awesome! So, get this battery and use your original battery cover and you'll be fine and have way more juice and talk time. Trust me.

Do you guys get props for giving these companies good reviews? Because no way should you be recommending this battery except as an extra to swap with, not as an improved replacement over the original battery the phone comes with. Because for $50.00 it isn't! This battery extended your phone time by several hours?! I HIGHLY doubt that!

So you've never used one...yet you doubt it based on.....that it you have on your scalp? Seriously. You are calling BS based on a feeling eh.

I know this is for the evo, so i dont want to be a jerk an take this convo elsewhere especially if there is a forum for this (which i have yet to see) but does any one know if there is anything like this or (preferably) the 3500 mAh battery for the epic 4g? Is it because its a newer phone there seems to be a lot less accessories for it?

This battery is an extreme (in EVO terms) improvement over the stock battery. I did a factory restore on the phone to get HTC's base Froyo 2.2 and with this battery, my phone now lasts MORE than a working day, and I have no task killer.

I ended up with three batteries for my palm pre because I went through a bunch of phones and each one had different lifespan. No two batteries are the same even when charged by the same phone. I wish I knew what battery to get for my EVO because it has let me down several times by going dead when I really needed it. I don't think I want to risk the eBay route, I fear exploding cheap batteries. I guess the 3500 battle would help but I don't think my phone would be very handy not fitting in any case.

I have this others have said, I notice no improvement over the stock battery. In fact, in the last few days, my phone continually reboots or shuts down - only with this battery in...with the stock battery, I can get uptime (*not battery life*) near 300 hours before I need to manually reboot because the Evo starts getting a tad flakey.

Sorry, but until they can build a phone that doesn't suck a battery down in a couple hours of moderate use..I am going to steer clear of HTC completely. Someone please explain why the EVO & Droid X which both have 4.3" screens, both currently run Froyo, & both have 1500mAH batteries...have COMPLETELY different battery lifes unless Motorola just has better battery management software.

I need to USE my phone & don't want to bring 3-4 batteries to make it through a day of heavy use. I have never had a problem making it from 7AM-10PM with moderate-heavy use with my Droid X and even then I still have 15-30% life left on the stock battery.

I was just exagerating when I said 3-4 batteries a day, but my point is that any more than 1 is too many. Why does the EVO need a battery swap or a midday charge to make it through the work day, but the Droid X does not? Same as the Droid Incredible vs. the Droid 2?

I think HTC needs to work on their battery management before they worry about much else. Don't get me wrong, HTC makes great phones, but as I said...they won't get any of my $ until they can last a full day of use.

i know many people that have evos(rooted) and have no problem getting through a full day with one one battery. Most would consider themselves as mid to heavy users.

I personally probably couldnt get through the full day(im usually always plugged in throughout the work day), i'd get pretty close though.

The same probably can be said about motorola droid phones. Some people will be fine with it the full day and some will not.

just depends on your personal use.

Google search "moto droid x battery sucks" and look at all the complaints. The bottom line is smart phones use a lot of power depending on your needs. I can make my evo last several hours or I can go at full power for 5-6 hrs talk time. Everyone is different on how they manage their devices.

I just got the Seidio 3500mamp extended battery last week and never worry about battery anymore. Granted it does make the phone a bit thicker but not as bad as I would have thought. I pulled it off the charger at 8:30 am yest and at 7:45pm after normal everday use call, web and some game playing, I still had 46% left after 11 hours. Such a relief not to worry about battery anymore.

it is an advertisement. That's why they are telling you to buy something on the ac store for a product that had already been out for months. Kinda lame android central.

I have this battery and regularly swap between the Seidio 1750 and the stock battery. In my experience the stock battery actually lasts longer than this Seidio 1750. I don't have any hard numbers to prove this, but I can without a doubt tell you that this battery lasts no longer than the stock battery.

I'm actually pretty disappointed Jerry Hildenbrand posted this on behalf of Android Central. Either he's getting something out of Seido for posting this or he doesn't know how to do his research ( but this battery is nowhere near 1750 mAH. more like 1300 mAH which of course is lower then oem battery.