If you happen to be one of the, well, say, million people who already pre-ordered the Evo 4G, or are just anticipating the release to go grab one if you can, remember some stores have decided on some new opening times for the day. 

  • Radio Shack - 6:00 am
  • Best Buy - 8:00 am
  • Sprint - 8:00 am

Of course, keep in mind these can be different times then your local area, so what are you waiting for, pick up the phone and give them a call!


Reader comments

Reminder, store opening times for Evo 4G!


Sprint stoRe i goto opened at 6am...its one of those major stores where they fix the phones in the back and its quite large, anyway i was double checking trying to get out of doing a mail in, but radioshack said they had six in of which after 6am if any where left unclaimed hed sell them to first comers...if thats true boo. But i think the guy didnt know shyte, six? All by six i heard appts were given out at the shack...

Well i called sprint and asked if the store'd be open at eight am? Rep said yes, but then told me but we're opening the doors at six am...n when i left at 6:10(via reciept time) the store was bustling, not packed but busy

And i figure the rush probably didnt start till 8am when 90% of ppl believed sprint to open...

Btw i dont mind doing the mail in becuz sprint let me charge the phone to my account, i even charged a full priced hero to my account for a couple weeks till payday to get up money for my insurance deductible took it back n wasnt charged a thing

My Sprint store doesn't open till 10...like usual, and on top of that they don't even know if the phones will be in today or tomorrow. Great service Sprint!! (sarcasm). Why is it that the main distributor of the HTC Evo isn't opening before Best Buy and Radio Shack, also why would they get the phones AFTER BB and RS do?!?!?! I am furious

it's 7am and I'm actually #7 in line at the Sprint store in Oakridge Mall San Jose. As long as they got at least 10 phones...I think I should be good.

Houston BEST BUY by the Galleria opened at 7 ... I was the first one to get mine .... wooo hooooo ... this phone is nice

Did Jared mean, "Pick up the phone and give them a call", or did he mean, "Give them a call and pick up the phone"?

Sprint sucks this phone is def one of the best phones out and i would have got it if it was not for the shitty service it has attached to it. if this was on verizon then it would honestly be the PERFECT phone. sprint is just hands down TERRIBLE! their 4g service is not even as good as they are claiming it to be and thats PROVEN. there has been many tests about it and proved this correct Verizon FTW Sprint DIE!