Sprint Evo 4G

Remember that Sprint Evo 4G developers guide that we all kinda looked at and sniffed? Well, the lads at Neowin noticed a snippet of commented code that mentions a feature that "will be included in Froyo SDK," referring to the next major release ("Frozen Yogurt") of the Android Operating system. It should come as no surprise that the Evo 4G would receive the latest and greatest version of Android -- question is whether we'll be seeing FroYo at launch, or as a future update. [Neowin]

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yes that would be even better!

Anonymous says:

It will prolly be an ota update 1h2012.

Sense UI can eat it!

rufflez says:

um... my guess it will release with Froyo. It'd be faster for Google to impliment WiMax into Froyo than HTC patch it together like they did CDMA support in Cupcake. My guess, they already have Froyo to play with.