White Evo Unboxing

Looking to pull the trigger on a white Evo 4G from Best Buy? Our pal Jeravicious in the Android Central Forums got his, and it's unboxed it for all to see. It's quite the looker, indeed. Check out his video after the break. [Android Central Forums]

[YouTube link]
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newoikkin says:

Why would anyone want white? Absurd.

Maybe because black is not something that they don't too much particularly care for?

VDub2174 says:

I like it.

b0xii says:

That looks god-awful.

zambalis says:

My evo cropped out after the Sprint update issue recently. I got it at best buy, so they are swapping it with the white one. As long as it works I'm ok with white

zambalis says:


Egghhh, the half color sucks. If it was Pure white, I'd be all over that. Why oh why the two tone? :(

Thanks for the unboxing though :) Great job!

BBurg_16827 says:

I agree. All white would look a LOT better than that 2 tone. I also don't like the back cover, looked like ceramic. Are we copying the iPhone 3G/3GS now?

Ecoteric says:

Looks awesome!

Simer03 says:

white, black, and red.........yuck!

Plocke1205 says:

a penguin falling down a hill?

MOE-GUNZ says:

White, Black, and Red is my fav color combination. I think it looks pretty cool. The white version may be my only option since the Evo is sold out every where.

EeZeEpEe says:

From a video watching point of view I can see why they kept the front black. It makes the picture appear brighter and more colorful. You don't really see white boarders around HDTVs do you? Personally I would love for some generic battery covers to come out for $5-$10 and include this white glossy one. I do prefer my black soft rubber over glossy though. Less finger prints and more grip.

maddmatt02 says:

I like white alot, and I can understand I wouldnt want white around the capacative buttons at the bottom, but I would want white on the sides completely, and previously having an EVO, I dont see why they couldnt do that...

fatboypup says:

why not have made the whole phone white?

flipdippy says:

Seriously? An unboxing of a phone which is the same except for a white rear? Who cares!

BoNg420 says:

What the hell? Why would you make the front black and back white? Stupid. Come on most people put on phone protectors on the back and front of the phone anyways and you cant tell what the back color is, so who the hell cares anyways, but the fact of the matter is, the front should be white too.

Writermind says:

White is just not the color I think of when I think cell phone or device.

That is not an attractive phone. lol

ajac says:

yuck the white makes it look like a crappy iphone should be against the law for it to be looking that shitty

McPlot says:

Girls. All I really want is Girls. On my Evo, through Bestby, and to do the dishes and in the bathroom. Girl. Do do to do do

ro1224 says:

OK, so it is starting to sound as if the all-black EVO is being delayed so that this special 'white' version could be produced. I hope this is not the case, but just seems very coincidental.

Does a shinier, slicker white back cover not spell MORE SLIPPING and DROPPING to anyone else? Geez, I'd rather have a rubberized back anyday of the week. And HELL YES to rubberized replacement battery covers in other colors (I'm sure that will happen over time).

Personally, I don't see the importance of the white model since anyone serious about protecting their EVO will slap a protective case on it and that pretty much negates the device color.

Dammit HTC and SPRINT, I just want a standard all-black EVO now that I'm eligible to upgrade. Seriously?! WTF? Let's ramp up this production please!!!

86bigred#AC says:

I dont care for the white, but it might look pretty cool if you put a black battery back on it. Black on black with white trim

weehooherod says:


8balls1970 says:

It's all about marketing. Just like in sports, most teams have that alternative uniform. All red or forest green would've been a better choice than white. Just my honest opinion. Any suggestions Android family?

sum_n00b says:

So they changed the location of the indicator light? Wonder what else they changed.

Says it at 3:08.

smotrs says:

Anyone know what screen they are using on the white one?


Hey it's my video!! Thanks Phil!!!

Impulses says:

I disagree with a few of you, I'm actually digging the two tone look, BUT I do dislike the glossy feel/look. I'm not sure anyone's manufactured soft touch white plastic yet tho, heh. I think it'd look more stylish if they had fully committed to the two tone effect and had anodized the kickstand and camera edge trim in black... Plus gone with the original red ear grill, so it's full on white/black with touches of red (not red and chrome). Make the HTC lettering on the back black as well!

crxssi says:

What is the big whoop? It is not a "White Evo". It is just a standard black Evo with a white back cover. I bet they could offer any color back iffen they wanted.

smotrs says:

It's not just the cover that's white, it's the back half of the case as well.

WOOOHOOOO finally find one of these damn things sold out of the black so I was tired of waiting and got the white. The way the red accents in the white is kinda hot. wish the front was white too but oh well I GOTTA EVO!