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You're going to be able to buy the Sprint Evo 4G from everybody and his mother, which is good. That will mean lower prices and higher incentives. Radio Shack's sweetener? A free $20 accessory credit. That should get you most (if not all of a case) or a car charger, which isn't too shabby. And if you're looking around for the best Evo 4G deals, try your hand in our forums. [Radio Shack] Thanks, Chiitown!


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Radio Shack's Evo 4G preorder info


Terms are too small to read... do they give you the $100 instant rebate like BB ir is it mail in with radio shack?

Radioshack actually doesn't do mail-in rebates, they are instant. At Best Buy, you will have to pay $299 and THEN the price becomes $199 after you get the rebate back. At RS, you just pay the $199.

Is that right? I thought rebates were instant at Best Buy, too. I've repeatedly heard that your "out the door" price at Best Buy is at the reduced rebate price.

God damnit. I went and preordered it from Best Buy last night because they said they were almost out. And I didn't get any sweet deals either! Why couldn't they tell us all the preorder locations :(?

Most people are well aware of this already, but be careful buying accessories at Radio Shack. I selected some accessories at random and compared them against other stores online:

OtterBox Commuter Cases for iPhone (3-Pack):
RadioShack: $49.99 $32.27

Xentris® Holster/Cover for BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 (Maroon):
RadioShack: $34.99 $11.99

Xentris Micro-USB Vehicle Power Adapter:
RadioShack: $19.99 $7.99

For one of the products, the RadioShack price is more than $20 of the other price found online. At best this is more like a $10 coupon, and at worst a rip-off (depending on the item).

Yes.they have some high priced accessories.
But I will be using my $20 towards a FAZE earbud/headset from v-moda. RS is priced same as BB on this item. HUGE improvement in sound for video/music and it has a mic for voice calls and music control buttons. MAJOR improvement in sound.

Now...I saw the teaser on possibility of the nifty car mount/speakerphone (similar to Nexus version per the slide) in one of the pics from the launch event.......will THAT be available from BB or RS at launch?

Apples to oranges. Brick and Mortar stores will always be higher priced than online. There is a lot more cost to operate a walk in store than an online one. You'd have more accurate comparisons with The Shack vs Best buy or corporate retail stores.

Besides, $20 free is $20 free.

I preorder the htc evo at the radioshack by my job so Im pretty excited I cant wait to get my hands on that phone . Yes its $50 to preorder and recieve a giftcard . I cant wait (dancing in office)

does anyone know if your upgrade doesn't kick in til june and you preorder it in may do you have to pay full retail price or can you still get it for the 199$

That is my exact situation and Best Buy did the preorder and told me that since the purchase is after June 1 that it will come in at the upgrade price. Yay!!!

I Pre-ordered @Best Buy, you put $50 down which they give you in the form of a gift card which can go towards the purchas of the phone, I am gonna use my for a case, chargerm and zagg screen protector.i am waiting on june 4th now.

does anyone know if your upgrade doesn't kick in til june and you preorder it in may do you have to pay full retail price or can you still get it for the 199$

you need to wait to date of ur upgrade(rxample- if upgrade date is not till June 12, you need to wait till then). Trust me sprint did not make an exception for me and this Pre last year unless you add a new line. Hope this helps


How or where did you see the moving of your date? I'm Premier with a Pre bought 6/9/09 and that (june 9) is the anniversary date of the contract when I gop online and look at my details at and I'm holding off pre-ordering to avoid any issues with Sprint.

Yes I can wait the few extra days but would prefer not to......

So just wondering how you saw the change.

Check online in your Sprint account.

I am premier with Sprint, with a launch day PRE...and they DID move my date up to June 1.
No notice of it other than finding it online. Good news!

Now...I sure wish Sprint would let us know yes/no if they are going to have a "PRE" style Evo-Pre-Launch-Day availability for premier customers......

I am also eligible for the upgrade on June 1, and just pre-ordered at Radio Shack. According to the staffers there, since the actual purchase/activation will occur after June 1, it should not be a problem.

I went in today to pre order at the Shack and they weren't able to finish the process since I'm not eligible to upgrade until the 1st. They said that you have to be eligible at the time of the pre-order. They also said the system wouldn't let them do it. Pissed.

Yes I encountered the same thing. Is Best Buy doing this as well? The RS clerk seemed to think this was a Sprint imposed thing.

jjsevier, I work for The Shack ... thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. We've revised instructions to the stores to clarify after seeing your post. So don't be pissed. You can pre-order now if you are eligible for the purchase as of 6.4. Let me know your local store and I'll work with the team to make sure you don't have any problems when you return for the pre-order. Hope this helps.

Wow!, I didn't actually expect to get anywhere with my comment, thanks. It's the Frontier Mall location in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Sprint doesn't have a store her anymore and the closest Best Buy is in Ft. Collins so Radio Shack was the best choice. I'll swing back in tomorrow or more likely Monday and get this bad boy pre-ordered. Thanks So Much!

jjsevier, let me check this location with the team and make sure we've sorted out the details properly before you return on Monday. Thanks for giving us another shot.

Thanks again, I will certainly be buying from Radio Shack and will recommend that others do as well. Your attention to my problem is very much appreciated. I will check back here on Monday to see if I should go into the store for the prerder. You could also send me a message through the forum too.

Thanks so much, I am very excited for this phone to replace my Pre which is getting worse all the time.

SO I AM JUST WONDERING AND I WANT SOME OPINIONS ON WHERE I SHOULD PRE ORDER THIS PHONE FROM; RADIOSHACK OR BESTBUY? From what I understand they both do out the door at $199.99 but now RadioShack gives you a $20.00 voucher toward an accessory but BestBuy doesn't. So i'm wondering from other peoples previous experience which would you go with? BESTBUY or RADIOSHACK?

I went to radioshack and I had no problems with preordering and they give you a good incentive as well. What worked for me is that there is a small radioshack by my job and the guy told me people came in yesterday but preordering didnt start until today so I was the first one to preorder the phone which made me happy :-D try a radioshack close by or even bestbuy but Radioshack by me was a plus.

Damn. I just went to RS and they said that because my upgrade date is June 1st I can't pre-order. Sounds like BS to me, but the clerk had the docs and it clearly stated it in bold no less. Might try again tomorrow in the hopes of finding a clueless clerk that just processes it. It seems like a strange requirement when I'll be eligible when the phone is released.

jfelectron, pls see my previous post to jjsevier above. I think we've resolved the misunderstanding about pre-orders for customers who aren't eligible until June. The Shack will accept the pre-order since the phone isn't activated until after your eligibility date. Let me know your local store and I'll make sure we can take care of you when you return. E.

Best Buy doesn't check your sprint account at all when you preorder the EVO. At least the one by my house doesn't. All they do is take your name, address, email address, phone number, and fill out the preorder form. Then you get a $50 gift card for your deposit.

lets get this allll stright people ... best buy is 199$ instantly and radioshack for new customers it is 200 but upgrade is 300 ???? with this flyer guys and you preordered at best buy you can still get that 20$ accessory : ) I tried it and it worked

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Im getting ready to pre order tomorrow at radio shack im sooooo excited :) i will probaly be the first to pre order where im from cause not alot people got sprint its all t-mobile,verizon,us cellular,att.Had us cellular had verizon had t-mobile, sprint is by far the best one