HTC Evo Shift 4G

Radio Shack will sell the new Sprint Evo Shift 4G on Jan. 6 -- three days before it will be available at Sprint stores nationwide. It'll go for the same $149, just three days earlier. A little odd, and not surprising that Sprint made no mention of it during its announcement. But that means no waiting for you guys who can't wait for the newest 4G slider. [via Twitter]

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I mean I don't really think Sprint Cares just as long as they are getting new customers.

darrylmendo says:

So it's $149.00 flat? No mail in rebate bs? That's a welcomed shocker!

I know BBUY doesn't do the MIR thing ... I think Radio Shack is the same... I'll just assume that if you go to a Sprint store there probably will be.

babybear293 says:

why did my comment get marked for spam? is this a new policy?
Because i thought that's what being a member was for, to avoid spam from unknown users.

Wondering if I should scrap my Hero for this or wait...I wonder if this will be available in another color eventually.

Anybody looking for the Evo Shift can preorder through my website today - $149.99 instant. no tax, no shipping and handling. Email me for details -