Qik video chat on the Evo 4G

We've already taken a walk through the basic functions of the updated Qik video chat app for the Evo 4G -- now let's take a look at video chat in action. Check it out after the break as Jerry and I give things a go, with both of us connected over WiFi, though even that couldn't make up for the server crush everybody's putting on Qik.


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Qik video chat demo on the Evo 4G


ive been trying to use my evo with a friend on her computers webcam,but i just can't figure it out.is it even possible?is there anywhere i can go to get set up instructions?

The reason you can't find the video chat option is because the version of Qik that the Evo comes with is different. You need to go on the marketplace and search for "Qik for Evo" or something like that and it will have the video chat option. It will replace the version that came stock on the Evo. The new program icon is blue compared to the original orange Qik icon.

So, this was actually a picture/video chat demo... not really impressed with the service at the moment.

From the Qik Help and Support Center:

"Qik for Sprint HTC EVO 4G

Video Chat

Video Chat allows you to share what's ever happening around you with almost anyone.

Simply click on Video Chat and select the person from your phone address book. If the person you are inviting has the Qik app on their phone, their phone rings and with a single click both of you are video chatting away.

To hear each other, the person who initiated the call just talks. The person who received the call, needs to press and hold the "Talk" button (microphone icon) in order to be heard.

You can switch back and forth between front camera and back camera to share different views.

If the other person does not have the Qik app on their phone, they’ll receive an SMS with a link and will be able see and hear what you are recording on their mobile browse. They'll be able to communicate back to you through text chats. "

So, you guys were using the same version, it just looks different to the recipient.

Sprint needs to "quickly" move away from Qik, Googles version should be much-much better. Why Qik added that push to talk button is beyond me.

I concur. Sprint is prob taking gas for partnering with Qik on this. Yes, the network was flooded with new customers at time-zero when the EVO launched, but piggy-backing on that excuse can only last a short while as the thousands continue to grow weary of Qik's lousy performance/app.

It's pretty funny when the mods on this site know less than the users. No offense Phil.

I too read the Qik website FAQ and it clearly explained the Push-Button microphone on the receiving end. It's probably there for a reason...maybe to minimize the amount it has to stream both ways.

In that vid, you are both using the same version of Qik. It just looks different being the Sender vs. Receiver.

I once jumped all over Phil for a post about Flash that he made a mistake on and to me at the time I did kind of feel like the guys who run the place should know better, but that's not really what Android Central is about. It's really a community thing and what they may lack they are quick to learn once we show them the way. Android Central isn't just "them", it's "us". I'm sure Phil doesn't mind being corrected, it is way worse to run around wrong than to be corrected.

So yeah they aren't perfect, but they still run a great site with great info and it's my number one stop on the web since I'm pretty much an Android Addict ( we really need AA meetings ;) )

I loved my Droid and I like my Incredible. I've never owned an iPhone and I doubt I'll ever leave Verizon. I hate to say it, but this is one of the reason's Apple sells iPhones and ipads. Apple builds stuff for the average consumer that doesn't always work well or as well as other OSs or apps but it works simply and easily. If Sprint was smart, they would have targeted this app at the same audience that the iphone does with their facetime, instead of having a overloaded server that looks like crap. If Moto or HTC would just give us a phone with a 4"+ screen with 300 ppi resolution, front and rear cameras, and tweak Android just enough so that I could hand the phone to my wife and have her figure out how to use it on her own, they would crush Apple. Just look how good Google and HTC is doing while still having a somewhat complicated (for the masses) OS.

PS. not a fan of OLED screens, as I can see the pixels and spacing due to the stupid pentacel spacing

It's not Sprint's fault. Qik got slammed. They pony'd up and admitted it. And now they're probably drastically increasing their server capacity.

We're only 4 days post-release. Give them a minute to breathe.....

I'll put money on it in their testing phase (when 100,000 people weren't attempting to hit the servers) Qik probably worked beautifully. It's a simple, clean, well-integrated app. Just be a little patient for them to compensate for the intense explosion they are currently absorbing.

Who woulda thought everyone that bought an Evo would want to video chat - I think it's awesome they got slammed....shows they were spot on with a feature that consumers would enjoy having.

They'll work the kinks out and it'll work as expected. Patience.

Oh.....and it'll work over 4G. Ask your iPhone 4 friends if they can do that :)

I have an Incredible. I don't see pixels. And why do we need 300dpi? Folks have yet to even see the new iPhone for themselves to see if it even makes a worthwhile difference and already we NEED 300dpi? It certainly doesn't look like it from those pics of the Evo next to it. Everything was smooth on both with the brightness just turned down on the Evo.

We don't really need anything other than a phone that can make calls, but this is all about having the most pleasurable multimedia experience on a phone which is about speed, functionality, and appearance. Just because you can't see pixels doesn't mean that I don't, and like I said before I preferred the Droid's screen to the incredible for that reason, but I never used the hard keyboard and I wanted a faster phone. Here's to hoping the Scorpion will have a large LCD screen and a higher resolution one.

Qik is absolutely terrible right now. My wife and I use Fring to Skype and it works great. Video was no where near as bad as the quality that you saw in that demo.

I'd give them sometime but this is most likely just a factor of Qik underestimating the demand on the EVO 4G sales but I agree with the above poster that Sprint/HTC should have taken this and made it a Sprint/HTC key partner app by prepping for the escalated demand.

I, for one, have no need nor a desire for video chat. The last thing I want is to have my clients looking at me on my phone while I'm doing something or being somewhere that they think I otherwise am supposed to be. If I want facetime, I'll schedule a meeting. If I need to speak to someone while on the golfcourse yet pretending to be in the office (see Scottrade commercials) then I'll stick with a phone call. What I really want is the development and improvement of the apps and exsisting OS. My Incredible is superfast and the Verizon network is king. See if Apple and AT$T's netword can handle everyone using their ipads and video chat once this stuff is rolled out..

Sprint operates a video relay service. (Deaf person signs, relay operator speaks to whomever the deaf person is trying to call, then signs back to the deaf person). Will be interesting to see if they can use this video service with the video relay. A lot of the deaf people I know are already talking about the iPhone 4G, but AT&T doesn't operate a relay service (that I'm aware of anyway).

I signed both my wife and I up. I use the HTC EVO 4G, she's using the iPhone. I tried calling her and....nothing. Just says it trying to establish contact. No ringing, nothing.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

i was able to call my wife on her hero using the qik app...BUT!!! it sends her a text message to accept the chat...takes a few seconds and it will reject the call then if i send again it pulled through...then i could not hear her but she could hear me??? but it was kinda cool just messing with it...we tried it on both 3g and wifi but there was a more than 5 second lag!!!...the fring app did not work as i thought...i thought you can use vid chat with someone on yahoo message for example but you cant...i could only use the vid chat on the skype option??!

i dont know if this helps anyone

hey Qik can go suck on a wing-wang !! im use Fring and i suggest you guys use it as well . on Fring i use skype , AIM , and yahoo IM . just log on to those accounts on Fring . the video call quality is better and faster . give it a try . i dont think you'll be disappointed :)