We're positive Gingerbread is on the horizon.  We're pretty confident it's close if you're rocking a Nexus One.  If you're like us, and have your Nexus One hacked nine ways to Sunday, you'll need to get ready if you don't feel like waiting for someone to rip it apart and whip up a version for the rooted and ROM'd crowd.

We're here to help.

Thanks to the awesomesauce that is the XDA-Developers wiki, we have worked up a set of easy instructions that will have your Nexus One back to stock and ready for the OTA or manual method once it's available.  Head into the forums and have a look.  We've tested the method on both the T-Mobile and AT&T versions, and we're ready to go.  If you hit any snags, sing out, and we'll help you get ready for the latest tasty version of Android. [XDA-Developers wiki, AndroidCentral forums]


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How to prepare your Nexus One for Gingerbread


This really irks me. I lost my nexus and decided to buy a VIbrant rather than another Nexus (because its better)..and now Nexus is getting Gb while Galaxy stands BEGGING to be updated to Froyo.

It will probably be the last time I buy Samsung if we dont get these updates soon.

The Nexus One is Googles baby. Of course it's going to get the updates first, that's why it's still remaining as their dev device for now. You can be mad at Samsung of course but, realistically if you had of bought something other than a Samsung you'd still be in the same position if what you bought was anything but a Nexus One.

HTC made the phone but the phone has 'vanilla' Android. The HTC phones otherwise have Sense UI and require recompiling, testing, distributing, etc.

There will be a delay between the Nexus One and then HTC phones. It might not be that big since I'm suspecting Gingerbread is a UI refresh only any no substantial new APIs or core OS changes.

Meh, I just run Cyanogenmod, they always use the most recent code. Currently running 2.2.1, screw waiting for manufacturers.

Cyanogenmod does use the latest code, but only once its been released. CM7 won't be out for a few months after Gingerbread has been released to Nexus Ones. The CM team refuses to use dirty hacks to get the latest operating system. And also don't forget that the Nexus One doesn't have to wait for manufacturers regardless.

You'll be waiting for Cyanogen, who is waiting for Google.

Gingerbread will be out for a while before the CM team starts tearing it apart. They'll wait until the source code is released.

Don't follow the instructions linked in this article. The Gingerbreak release will be rooted within an hour and re uploaded to the web. So don't waste you're time. If you do decide to waste you're time you'll be stuck with a non-rooted rom too.

Don't be silly. Why wait if you want to try Gingerbread immediately after it is released? I will revert back from CM just to get Gingerbread and happily enjoy it for weeks or months before CM releases CM7, then once he does, I'll go back to CM7. See what I did there? I ran the latest OS while you waited for some reason just so you wouldn't install an "un-rooted rom". Who cares? You can go back and forth silly.

Good thing I have a HTC Evo 4G, we were the 2nd phone to get froyo and I can count on both HTC and Sprint to roll out gingerbread. If the Nexus One can get this update with no drawbacks then so could the Evo with its awesome specs. Sorry for all of my fellow Epic 4G owners who are still waiting on froyo, I really hope it comes soon as froyo has improved so much for the Evo, I know the Epic will be running even more like a untamed beast.

What exactly is a "developer version" of the nexus one and how does it differ from the standard nexus one? Will the average nexus one owner not be recieving an ota? Thanks

Phil and I talked about that a bit -- we're not really sure how that's going to play out. The quote from AF Vasquez http://www.androidcentral.com/another-shocker-nexus-one-will-be-first-ge...
I think translates into US and European versions that were sold unlocked, and might not apply to Asian versions sold by carriers.

Or maybe he means the folks at Google HQ, and those people who got one of the original "holiday" Nexus Ones will get a test pushed to them, much like Froyo was done.

All I know for sure is I hope there's something I can download on the 11th :)

Developer version are N1 T-Mobile unlocked phones sold to people who pay the developer fee (i.e. Developers) to be part of the Android Developer program. So if you don't know what a developer version is, then that means you don't have it :) Don't worry it should be a long delay before a wide release to all N1 devices.

I am aware of the nexus one dev phones sold to subscribing developers but was more interested in whether there are hardware or software differences that would prevent gingerbread from being pushed out to the standard nexus one owner. What allows Google to differentiate the two? I have no doubt that they can but was just curious to understand how.

I just love the thought of a completely unlocked, latest release, stock android device with native VoIP.

Why people don't get it. You have a Nexus One (like me) you will have the Android OS Gingerbread first than any other crazy smartphone in the streets.

It's Google baby, so for the guy/gal who bought the Vibrant "becauseeeeee its better", I got news for you honey, you wont be getting Gingerbread any time sooner.... jajajaja (evil laugh)

Go back crying to your mommy and meanwhile keep playing with your so freaking amazingly shiny pokemon Galaxy Conqueror smartphone...

jajajaja (evil laugh....again)!

I'd rather have a G2, it'll probably be updated pretty fast plus it actually has a decent GPU unlike the N1.