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It's a story we're hearing all too often these days. An update comes down for a phone, and the phone starts acting up. Such is the case, apparently, for a number of Sprint Motorola Photon 4G users, who are reporting such problems as overheating to failed updates. It's not everybody, of course, but it's enough to raise eyebrows.

So what's the word? Yay or nay on update issues?

Source: Sprint forums; Photon 4G forums


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Photon 4G update not going smoothly for all


My 4G refused to come on yesterday, but a reboot fixed it. Not sure it's update related or not, since I seldom use 4G data.

When I had my photon everything went real smooth. Not sure why people are having problems. I simply updated through the prompt and the phone restart and I was up and running. I am guessing this may be user error, but I may be wrong.

My OTA went really smooth. My photon is running faster and smoother than ever before. I'm willing to bet people aren't patient enough. It's a slow process. Powering back down and up after the update has helped some.

My OTA went really smooth. My photon is running faster and smoother than ever before. I'm willing to bet people aren't patient enough. It's a slow process. Powering back down and up after the update has helped some.

OTA is fine for me. People who are having failed updates prob were rooted and deleted something. That happened to me last update.

Just updated my rooted MoPho and everything went through smoothly. I know I'm going to have to re-root after the update but I didn't have any custom ROM installed so I'm OK with that.

Love my Photon, and my OTAs have proceeded without a hitch. However, seems like after my second OTA the Photon seems to sometimes simply lose touch with the antenna. I'm talking just plain 3g. Sometimes I simply power down and up again and it's fine. Or switching on or off the WiFi can seemingly "reset" the antenna/connection. It's odd behavior, and I really have no idea if it's the result of an update or not. Otherwise it generally is an awesome device.

Mine is doing the same thing. I have to go to Airplane mode switch Airplane mode on then off again, and the antenna comes back on. I was rebooting it but found the phone thought it was in "Airplane" mode but it really is not.

This was happening before the Update, so I do not think it was the update.

After the update I had to re-boot my phone like 3 times before I got any data connection (wifi,3g,4g)

My 4g connection will not turn on anymore, I don't use it much anyway but it is pretty annoying none the less.

OTA went smoothly but my phone heated up and drained @10% of battery life every 30-45 minutes. It turned out to be the WidgetLocker app. The developer was very helpful and is working on an update. For now, if you uninstall the app, your battery life will return.

There's no noticeable difference in anything on my MoPho after the update. It works fantastically as always. I love this phone!

Working fine for me after the update. Only recent issue was a couple CPU usage warnings, but I was in a marathon browser session with many, many tabs open in Dolphin HD so it wasn't the least bit surprising.

Update took forever to download. Had to wait at least 12 hours. Then the battery life was abysmal and it tool forever to charge. Fixed it by getting rid of Widget Locker, which was apparently causing the issue. Now battery seems to have gone back to what it was before. And for those who said maybe rooting caused the issues, I am not rooted and stock for everything. Lots of people have complained about this update.

My mopho is run smooth and fast. I love this phone and watching online Tv on HDTV 46" wawww thanx motorola

I have tried to update for the past 3 days and it always fails. It will download, restart, install up to about 30% and reboot with an Install failed dialog box.

have you rooted? mine did the same thing, i had changed my gmail apk in the system folder, so if you replaced any files in you system folders you need to replaced them first, it fixed my update problem.

The only issue I had was that it would sit at 0% for about half an hour, then freeze at 58%. I switched off wi-fi and the downloading ran pretty smoothly after that. I haven't noticed anything different since the update.

i got my update on friday and it was effortless....was hoping for better reception but its no better ...other than that love my photon and so happy i decided to go with it

Same problem updating as described above on both my phone and wifes.

(1) update motorola software gives a dialog box saying "Update available"...I have 45.2.7.MB855.Sprint.en.US The phone tries to download and install 45.3.6.en.US (59.2 mb)
(2) the updates download fine by either wifi or 4g
(3) dialog box saying "install now or install later", chose "now"
(4) phone immediately powers down and reboots
(5) android logo with progress meter goes to about 30%, then stops
(6) motorola logo appears and phone finishes boot
(7) a few seconds after unlocking the screen, dialog box says "update update failed"

Have tried several times now...definitely not a matter of being more patient. Any help appreciated.

I've noticed that my phone hasn't been able to establish a full connection to wifi and 3G (gray connection appears, but I cannot get connected with a browser or anything, can't get connection until the connection symbols turn blue)(I rarely use 4G) a few times...usually disabling wifi or putting it in airplane more fixes it after a few minutes. Has become somewhat annoying. Can't say if it started with the update, wasn't paying a lot of attention to be honest.

And I am rooted.

Well I've had issue a plenty. I'm on my 4th Photon. 3rd in 3 weeks. When I make calls the phone reboots every two calls. None of the phones would do the OTA update. Sprint just just keeps sending me NEW phones. Not refurbished but new in the box. The repair center couldn't fix the problems. It's great that everyone loves the phone. How is it that I've gotten so many bad phones. I'm not even putting apps on the phones untill I can make sure they work. The only thing I'm wondering is could it be something with my gmail account? That's the only common element.

I used the motorola RSD program & downloaded the update, I'm sure the ota would if work, but I have my phone rooted & had update 45.3.6 for about a month & a half so I was gtalking & has my on pocket detector working ... But now it's buggy again, as in it works when it feels like. But oh wells hopefully they'll have it fixed in the next update.

i love my issues here...and it's even more powerful since i got my siedio 3500 mAh extended battery on it...the original battery lasted all day..the extended battery literally makes me not even think about when my next charge will be...

I was wondering why my photon was just getting worse! I exchanged my photon 3 times in the first 30 days that I had it. I have all kinds of problems from overheating, blackouts, dropped calls, shutting off that required the battery to be pulled to restart. So when the 3rd photon didn't shut down suddenly I thought they had fixed all of the problems until a few weeks ago. My phone began to dangerously overheat, the 3g is spotty, the hotspot is a joke messages and e-mails are unsent and getting kicked back to me. I am trying to run a business from this phone. I took it to a sprint repair store, they said it looked like a major problem and suggested an exchange but for a refurbished Photon. I wanted a phone equal to or better than the one I have now but all they would offer me are the ones that had been out long before the Photon. I used to love Sprint, now I am beginning to hate them. Is there a fix for this botched update?

I loved my Photon before the update. Now it overheats, the touchscreen is screwy, it locks up, it overheats, it loses data connection (requiring time consuming restart), the camera has turned into a piece of garbage,I could go on. Oh, lets not forget the jumping through hoops to get it connected to a computer for data transfer. Not Rooted. No non market apps. Same phone as before the update, except now it sucks. The tech rep suggested I pull the battery :(. Some people aren't having problems, but, a significant number of us are. I shouldn't blame the hardware for software problems, but Motorola has left a bad taste in my mouth. I will never purchase another Motorola product. Not real thrilled with buggy Google and poor service "someday you will just possibly maybe get 4G we'll let you know" Sprint, either.