Oprah with the Sprint Evo 4G

You, sir (or madam) are not Oprah Winfrey. And so, you'll have to wait until the Sprint Evo 4G actually launches before you can get your hands on it. (For that matter, we're not Oprah, either, but color us special for having our own hands-on with the Evo 4G.) Anyhoo, the first lady of daytime advertised featured the upcoming device recently as part of her "No Phone Zone" campaign to help stop people from texting while driving. Check out the video after the break. Thanks, dtblair24.


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Oprah gets the Evo 4G before you do


Oprah Oprah Oprah im not sure about you but i know only one person that has tv in their car and they sure as hell wouldnt be watching your show. So not to sure many people in the world who have tv in their cars would be watching your show let alone text that number

you get an EVO!
and you get an EVO!
you're aaaall getting EVOOOOOOs!

on topic: what does texting NPZ to that number actually do?

Too funny, I thought she would be talking about the phone. That was a bad marketing spot, all they got was a mention. But it might be enough for viewers!

I think it's great marketing, Oprah turns never before heard of Authors into multi-millionaires overnight. The fact she mentioned the name of the phone, that it's 4G and the carrier are good enough.

Couldn't get a better feed than someone shooting their TV with a Blackberry? At least edit the audio, and before some smartarse (Spelling arse so it doesn't get cut out) comments about it being an existing link from youtube all I have to say is L-A-Z-Y if I did my job that half arsed I wouldn't have one. Oh....come on EVO!!! :-)

Don't knock Steadman, man. That guy has it made. He's ridiculously rich and he doesn't have to have sex with Oprah.

It's so sad that Oprah has apparently turned fluorescent orange.
Although...it does go well with her hot pink top.

I like the irony of anti-texting using her state of the art texting machine. Kind of like Rosie telling you not to own a gun as she cleans her Remington R-700 full bore rifle.