'Introductory' offer gives customers up to 8GB of data until Oct. 31

O2 UK, which will be going head-to-head with Vodafone when it launches its 4G LTE network on Aug. 29, has announced the pricing and data caps for its 4G plans. As part of an "introductory extra data offer" customers signing up get an increased data allowance until Oct. 31.

Prices start at £22 per month on O2's "Refresh" plans, which are billed in addition to a monthly fee for a 4G phone. The cheapest plan comes with 1GB of data, or you can step up to 3GB (5GB until Oct. 31) for £27, or 5GB (8GB until Oct. 31) for £32.

There will also be 12-month SIM-only "Simplicity" plans available, with 1GB for £26, 3GB (5GB until Oct. 31) for £31, or 5GB (8GB until Oct. 31) for £36. All of O2's 4G plans come with unlimited calls and texts.

On the whole, O2's pricing isn't drastically different to what's on offer from 4G rivals Vodafone and EE -- you're still dealing with data caps, and there's still a hefty premium over the standard 3G service. Like the other networks, O2 is also offering bundled music and sports deals with its 4G packages, and there's also a gaming bundle available that'll allow gamers to play online without eating into their data allowances.

O2's 4G network will go live on Aug. 29 in London, Leeds and Bradford, and the operator says it'll have a total of 10 4G markets by the end of the year.

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O2 UK reveals 4G plan pricing and data limits


The Refresh tariffs are on top of the monthly phone payment, so if you were paying £20/month for your handset (as an example, it's what I'm paying for my GS4), it'd be £42/month including the cheapest tariff.

3 mobile really need to enter the market now. They have their rollout planned for 31st Dec, but I hope they bring it forward. They have the best pricing but don't seem to be in any rush to let us access that data. Last to market, regardless of pricing is not a good policy.

It's not just about the download speed mate, the "ping" is much lower on LTE making the whole experience more responsive.

I'm with 3 and I love their plans, but last to market is never a good thing.

I see ping times of around 60ms on 3. FYI I have just had to cancel my 4G EE contract due to poor overall signal and a mast failure in my area.

This hopefully means that GiffGaff (who use O2's network) can start to think about 4G as well. I'd be very keen to see how there prices stack up against the rest.

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The cost/benefit analysis at the launch 4G prices simply does not add up for me. I'm in a city so Wi-Fi is rarely far away and 3G is good enough to cover the gaps.

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Exactly, they still concentrate on areas that are already well covered, and ignore those that are in desperate need of upgrades.

4G needs to be cheaper to be worth it, if everyone copes fine now... why would they pay a premium.

When i'm at work/home i'm connected to wifi ranging from 30-140mb... when I'm out I'm sure I can put up with 5-8mb speeds.

LTE peak download speed is 300Mbps = 37.5MBps. 1GB data takes 27 seconds to download at this speed (1000/37.5 = 26.7). You can use your entire data allowance for a month in less than half a minute. What's the point of this?

And on 3G I get about 2MBps pretty often, which means I could download 1GB in 8 minutes. But I don't choose to download 1GB at a time, just like with 4G I wouldn't either. Even at 100kbps I could get through a months download allowance in less than 3 hours, but again, I don't.

Seriously, the complaints about limits are stupid. So because its quicker you're suddenly going to start downloading full size HD movies over it when you're out and about? No, you'll visit the same websites but be please that they load quicker.

You'd have to have more money than sense to sign up to these kind of rip-off deals, maybe in a few years when prices have settled down, but to pay so much for so little now seems crazy. Also as Teso Dos Bichos points out above, the areas getting these upgrades aren't those that actually need them as they are already well served by 3G and Wi-Fi.

I'll stick to my virgin 30 day sim unlimited data 12 quid a month. Vodafone and o2 don't even have 3g where I live let alone 4g. And I'm only 35 minutes from Glasgow.

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Well it is good to see someone besides us Americans complaining about caps and pricing for once.

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So similar to Vodafone, but less data for each price (not including the temporarily higher amounts as those will end)? And without Sky Sports/Spotify but O2's own music thing for a year and some highlight videos for sports.