Nexus 4 charger

Google has finally put the Nexus 4's official wireless charger on sale for $59.99, with a five-charger limit. The charger uses the Qi wireless technology, which juices up your phone without having to actually plug in the device. So you put it down to charge, pick it up and go.

The tech specs list a 4-hour charging time (for a full charge, we reckon) and a 5Vdc/1.0A output. The picture here looks a little wonky, but it's got a micro USB connection to the included power adapter, which Google says is for the U.S. and Canada only. It's not currently available in the UK.

Source: Google Play
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Nexus 4 wireless charger finally available for $59.99


Battery Widget Reborn FTW

I can't imagine why it wouldn't, but this should work with a modified SGSIII with the Palm Touchstone mod, right? Haven't done the mod yet but I'd love to if this would be the official solution for it and for phones in the future....

It would be great if they did that, Google is improving slightly though, previously with other accessories for nexus phones you'd hear talk of accessories that never materialize. From that perspective 3 1/2 months after release is pretty good lol.

Maybe by the time we get the Nexus 5, they will release the product with accessories. Perhaps even sell some sort of bundle package along with the new phone.

*eyes light up* Nexus 4 (16GB) + charging orb + bumper for $399! That would be awesome! But it would be too late for me :(

Heh I feel your pain. The POGO desktop dock for the Galaxy Nexus LTE version showed up for $90 and was sold out in 2 minutes and that was the end of ever seeing that dock outside of ebay, where it still sells for hundreds of dollars. That's right a dock sells for the same price as some used iphones on ebay heh.

I wondered the same thing...but when looking at the GNex with the battery cover off, not sure how it'd work?

the galaxy nexus didn't come with wireless charging so no. Not to mention the fact that this charger obviously holds the phone on magnetically or something, that wouldn't work with the nexus curvy plastic back.

No it states 1.8A in, 1.0A out. would be better if it were higher but I dont think it is possible at this time with wireless charging.

Wow what a long charge time. I don't remember the Pre taking that long to charge with it's touchstone. Or is that like normal for QI chargers?

No thanks. I'll just plug mine in. Same amount of effort involved with the same or better results. Definitely not worth $60 when there's $30 equal QI chargers out there.

I had a Pre and a Touchstone, and I can honestly say the Touchstone is a cool "toy" but not something I want bedside at night. Just imagine having almost no battery left when you get into bed and decide to do a little web browsing or game playing to help you get tired. Sorry, can't do that if you're NOT plugged in! Many, many times I'd unplug the micro-USB from the back of the Touchstone to do what I wanted. Not worth it in the long run.

For $30 I'd buy this instantly, $40 or more I'd have to consider longer. $60 and shipping? No way! Maybe if I could have bought it with the phone right away...

Great design, just personally don't need one.

60 is kinda a lot for a plain charger like this but its definately a cool accessory. Kinda which they did a cool led thing like they did with the nexus q to at least justify some of the price.

Wireless charging is damn cool though. Considering that I just charge my phone once a day while I am asleep I don't mind that it takes 4hours to fully charge.

Although at the very least it should be as fast as regular cord charging.

Agreed, wireless chargers just cost too much to be practical. I really think most people who buy these at this point buy to show off, Look I don't have to plug the usb cable in lol.

If priced $20 - $30 a little more than your standard usb charger I'd get one, but not $60

Way to make assumptions, some have a real use for it, like many have said it reduces wear on the usb port and yea it does look cool so if $60 is not gonna make you go broke why not?

Yeah, I would definitely agree with you. I was about to get one yesterday and then after shipping + tax shot it over 70 dollars. That's a lot of money to blow on an unneeded accessory. The justification people are using for it (the USB port wears out) almost never happens. I could see it on the Droid DNA as you have to pop out a seal every time you have to charge it. It would be a pain for that to break which I see as a much more likely scenario.

My thoughts exactly. It looks very nice, but $70 dollars nice? It's a nice to have, for sure.

Also, anyone know if wireless charging works with a case? I use one of the slim ones (Ringke), so there's probably more of a chance, but maybe I'd need a bumper (or no case at all) in order for the contact to happen.

This wireless charging and the cool looking glass back is about the only thing this phone has going for it besides the fact that its a nexus phone. Other than that I'm happy I got the note 2.

What keeps the phone from sliding off?

Would a phone with Ghost Armor on the back, or a silicon skin or TPU case stay on this charger?

Magnets built into the phone and the charger suck the phone onto it.

Don't know how well that works with a case.

Geesh - what the hell is wrong with me! I saw that it was available and BOOM - I bought one for my 1 week old N4. Now I'm having buyer's remorse.... I mean -- $60 for a frigging charger? But I can't bring myself to cancel the looks cool.

I feel like I'm 18 again...buying the new techie stuff.

This kinda sucks if it takes 4 hours to charge. Some apps can be a battery drain and if it takes 4 hours to charge to full, how is it going to be able to keep the battery from being drained when the apps are on?

Wow, almost $70 after tax and shipping!! I've waited months for this and it's that expensive for a charger?!? I have chargers all over the house but thought this would be cool. I've been plugging in chargers for years and will keep doing so if they charge this much!

sigh I'll have to pass on the price. Anyone know when those energizer qi pads will go back up on sale??

Why would I pay $60 to not have to spend 2 seconds plugging my phone in directly each night? Now, if they had true wireless charging where the phone could charge within say 10 - 15 feet of the device that would be cool.

I'm glad someone pointed this out. I kept thinking I was missing something but, if you have to run a wire to the back of the orb (usb) and then place the phone on the orb, you really haven't gained much for $60.

You plug the cable in once and leave it. It's not like you're unplugging the charger all the time.

After that, you set the phone down at night to charge and pick it up when you leave in the morning without fussing with wires. Granted, a pad or mat would be more useful as you could just set the phone down at night without thinking about the position and then grab it in the morning on your way out the door. If nothing else, it saves wear and tear on the little usb plug.

I see wireless as being useful but it'll be awhile for the prices to come down. Even Energizer's pad was pricey.

can't do it.

and to the guy who is happy with his note2, GTFOH! "glass back, and this charger is all the N4 has going for it". you obviously know NOTHING about android. the note2 is great but in my eyes has nothing going for it. too big, sammy touchwiz. NO THANKS

in for 3 myself! love tax and shipping, really drives up the cost lol hopefully it works like some have said through TPU cases. thanks verge for the sale tip!

Not for sale in Canada..

Can see the link, but it says "This device is not for sale at this time." =(

this worked for more devices I would be like more interested in buying. $60 to charge one device is pretty steep.

Now can we get the dock for the n10 up?

It can charge any Qi-compatible device or any device in a Qi-compatible cradle/case of the sort. In the future I think we'll se many more Qi phones and tablets, hopefully Nexus ones (no pun intended).

I know that this will charge my Droid DNA, but will the DNA actually stick to the charging face in the intended manner? Or are the magnets inside the Nexus 4 specifically implanted for this particular accessory?

I was hoping to use it with my Droid DNA as well. It does not have the required magnets that the nexus 4 has but it also doesn't have a glass back so it might be grippy enough to stay put. Hopefully someone tries it.

This is smart pricing and marketing. A premium for Nexus branding and capabilities, and making money off the accessories once the main hardware is acquired by most people. This sounds a lot like the pricing strategy Nintendo took with their Wii.

You know google is acting like Apple .. Charging $60 bucks for a freaking charger?
Isn't it kinda like Apple charging $30 bucks for a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter?

I would love to buy it if it was at a "reasonable" price. But I refused to pay for something thats way over priced (Just like I refused to buy overpriced iProducts)!

Well, google probably made about 100 of these. They will sell out but because they are for the Nexus they will get front page news on every tech site there is.

Ordered mine immediately.

The + side is most new phones and maybe tablets will be coming with wireless charging so for me this is not a 1 time use to have with my N4, I expect to use this on my N5 + N6 and maybe a tablet down the road.

Would get one for $30 just because I think it would look cool on my desk while I work but for $60 I might throw out some helpful hints in hopes of being gifted one but won't buy it for myself.

How does the phone stay on the charger at that angle? Is it held on magnetically? That would make sense…

Went to go purchase a charging orb and apparently Canada is getting no love. "Not available in your country"

Yes please AC! A neoprene Lloyd case/pouch just like the one that came with Nexus One... This will go nicely with my Lloyd shirt and pin that I ordered and received from here :-)

I almost pulled the trigger and snagged one. But there was a sale on an Olympus lens I wanted for my camera (on sale for $99 and is usually $299) so I grabbed the lens and decided not to get the charger. Plus, 4 hours is much longer than my wall charger or any of my travel chargers take, so no dice on that front as well.

I would be more impressed if it had an audio-out jack. I believe the NFC capability would allow that. (Apologies if someone has already pointed this out.)

I must be stupid and doing something wrong... My Nexus 4 will slowly slide down and in the matter of 20min be resting on the desk not charging.... Am I doing something wrong?

I bought it for work so I could see my phone LED an charge it at the same time right now I'm am not pleased it is annoying to keep checking to see if it slide down enough to not charge.