HTC Evo 4G.

We stumbled across a minor update release for the Evo 4G, in RUU form.  In an attempt to find out which files have been modified in the update, the XDA faithful have already cracked it open, rooted it, and are in the process of further exploration.  Expect to see some new ROMs built on this update over the coming days.

According to XDA member joeykrim, this update brings changes to the kernel, Recovery.img, hboot, and many .jar files within the framework. 

If you're rooted, it might be a good idea to hold off for a few days in case there are any surprises waiting in this update.  But if you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and grab the rooted update and start flashing (your ROM).  [via XDA, rooted version]


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New Evo 4G update leaks out, is rooted


Been using an Evo every since day 1 they were released. I have never had a reboot, crash, or freeze.

I have no reason to lie on this forum. My Evo has never randomly rebooted, nor locked up, nor crashed. It has been rebooted (by me) perhaps 5 times ever, and each time was to either swap a battery (rare) or due to an OS update. I use it every day with lots of apps. If your experience is different than mine, I am sorry, but that doesn't change my experience.

Same here. No "random" reboots or crashes and I've had my Evo since the first day it landed.

Edit: I'm seeing a few comments w/ people having that issue. You may want to check into some of your apps that you've download. May be a culprit hiding in there somewhere...

I love the comment about the Nook which was one story behind this one.... and now the comment is erased ! hah

anyways, I hope this update fixed the Calendar Edit bug where when you edit an all day event it moves it one day further in time.

I hope this fixes the battery drain-age.... oh wait they cant!!!! UGH!

On another note this might be Gingerbread (2.3) we play the waiting game.

i doubt sprint has gingerbread in an update. it hasn't even been announced yet. took them several months to get froyo out after it had been announced.

my guess is that we're at least 3 months away from a gingerbread update for the evo. thank God for CyanogenMod :)

I heard the new evo 4 is coming in pink wth lte and will b on cingular! And it will b running the helado version of android w side facing cameras w with bogo! Im so pumped!

i already flashed this & everything is working fast..its still 2.2 froyo and battery performance is great so far..about to go do benchmarks :)

I'm sorry about your rebooting issues, but I have yet to experience any reboots. I'm on my EVO 4G all day everyday tweeting, checking facebook, surfing the web, texting, name it. It works like a champ. I don't use any task killers/managers but I am rooted and I have apps like Peep & a few other frozen using Titanium Backup. Also, I'm using stock Froyo so I don't know what to tell you in regard to your rebooting issues.

I pray this fixes the stupid rebooting problem!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sick of my EVO rebooting when im reading a website or watching a streaming video or youtube!!!!!!!!!!!! If this doesn't get fixed soon I'm trading or selling my EVO for something else, but I'd hate to have to do that. I'm going to give this update a try it's well worth the risk if it fixes the reboot problem.

Never had a reboot, ever. I suggest you unload all apps and options or see if you can restore to factory state.

dbs: I had the same problem. I called Sprint and had them send me a replacement. Haven't had any problems since.

The rebooting is supposedly caused by faulty gps chips in some phones. That's the best answer I ever got. It was so bad. It would reboot while just reading a webpage. Videos would only play for a minute or less before rebooting. We're talking 15+ times per day. Factory resets don't fix it, neither did the ##gps code. I finally had enough and called Sprint. I told them what it was doing and every troubleshooting step I took. They said they would ship my replacement. Got it 2 days later. I don't even care that the replacement was activated on launch day and reconditioned in Sept. It works great. No reboots, and doesn't have any screen lift issues.

Sprint: "Oops, I accidentally left this update lying around where people might find it. I sure hope it doesn't fall into the hands of a group of people who will thoroughly test every aspect of it for me. Wouldn't that just be a damn shame..."

1 week later

Sprint: Here's the latest, thoroughly tested update!

It's funny because it's true! That's pretty much what they've seemingly done with the last few updates, they're always leaked before anyone even knows there's an update coming, might be HTC more so than Sprint tho.

No reboots here for me either. And no task killers. Rooted, running CM6 and everything has worked like a champ!

Since I took the Task Killer (That was recommended by the Best Buy sales person) off the my Evo, I have had now crashes. Some force crashes but I have some beta and even alpha ware of the phone.