MyTouch 4G

A lot of cool stuff can show up in a ROM leak, and the leak from the upcoming MyTouch 4G is no exception.  Besides the apps, and low-level stuff only of interest to the hackers and development community, this time we get a really cool video showing the MyTouch 4G and some of its features.  Yes, it's sideways, it was designed to be viewed on the phone -- but it's still really cool to get a glimpse before we're supposed to.  Hit the break to see it!

Update: Converted the video so it's right-side up.

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MyTouch 4G shows itself off in video included in ROM leak


Am I seeing that correctly? Going into video chat right from the contact. NICE!! I wonder if that feature will show up on other HTC devices like my Evo.

this is fucking bullshit, instead of getting the desire hd tmo getting this phone instead. to make matter worse this stupid looking phone is the htc glacier, what a disappointment. cant wait to see what worthless bullshit project emerald is all about.

i did some quick research and the wires are saying this is Project Emerald...*sigh* all the HTC Glacier pics i saw were of a gorgeous, slivery, 4' qwerty slider, rumored to be dual core and stock gingerbread...this is not a huge fail but a fail to those who saw what i saw...guess i'll be getting the G2

I agree on some points, it is a disappointment. As a user of the Nexus One, I don't ever want to own a plastic phone again, it's metal or nothing. That's one of the big turn offs for me about this phone, plus the skin-job they've done to Android.

It's starting to look like I'll have to leave T-Mobile if I want to upgrade from my Nexus One. Hopefully someone out there will come out with a 4" screen --truly the sweet spot in screen size-- metal not plastic casing, a front facing camera, and a CPU/GPU combo that runs circles around the Nexus One. The G2 and My Touch are not that phone.

this phone does have a metal back, a next generation 1ghz snapdragon processor that's much faster than the 1st gen, a much better GPU than the nexus one, a 3.8 inch (hopefully Super LCD) screen and a FFC. Looks pretty good if you ask me, i'm likely selling my Vibrant for this.

My Epic 4g ran circles around my homeboy's nexus one the other day and he was overclocked and running a custom rom. I could switch between launchers faster and run games smoother while using live my live wallpaper. Oh and yes my 4g smoked his tmobile 3g 8.1mbs to 3.5mbs. My Epic does have a thin but very durable piece of plastic on the back but that's to keep the phone from feeling brick heavy like the g2. Got a 20$ case from Sprint that protected my galaxy S from a nose dive in the parking lot picked it up without a scratch.

No but he did he thought his speeds would be faster than mine on tmobile. "Running faster and smoother". Everything loaded quicker on my Epic and the Psx Emulator ran a lot smoother on the Epic. Every time we compared applications his phone would lag. He was blow away by how fast and smooth the Epic was and the features it has that he doesn't.

The Nexus isn't even a year old. Why do you feel you have to leave T-Mobile to upgrade? Is it really so bad that you have to have the next big thing right now?

thats the most stupid shit i ever heard... "runs circles around the Nexus One"
maybe the quad core you are waiting for is far from happening.

You got that right Krispykrink these other hating fools don't see or know that its running a 2nd gen snapdragon processor which is much better then the Nexus and G2's so well be seing some software improvements.