At the recent Facebook mobile event, the single sign-on feature was announced with great pride. One of the launch partners mentioned in that announcement was Flixster but until now, no new update had been pushed for the app. Today though, you can now grab v3.0 from the Android Market, which includes the update to add single sign on using Facebook. Download link is after the break, or update in the Market.


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Movies by Flixster updated to include Facebook single sign-on


Currently use Fandango, but this one looks awesome - especially with Netflix intergration.

As far as I know, no widget or app can add a percentage to your battery icon on the top right (the stock icon), they can add one on the notification area to the left, but not replace the existing one. To do that you need to be rooted, but it's fairly easy to add if you've already rooted your phone. Search XDA for Smooth Mods or Super Circle Battery.

I got it when I switched over to the custom ROM from cyanogenmod. Just go into the cyanogenmod settings and there is an option to display buttery percentage.

Every update I think "maybe this will be the one that will turn off GPS when I close it instead of making me force-quit every single time." And every update, I am disappointed.