Toggle between TouchWiz and vanilla Android on the international GS4

After the Indiegogo campaign to bring MoDaCo Switch to the Galaxy S4 raised more than double the intended £1000 ($1500) target amount, the first private beta build of the custom ROM is being distributed to backers via email.

Similar the HTC One version, MoDaCo Switch allows owners of the international LTE GS4 (GT-i9505) to seamlessly switch between TouchWiz and stock Android, effectively allowing users to run two ROMs on the same device. Even better, apps and app data are shared between the two ROMs. It's a pretty awesome way to try out the "pure Android" experience while keeping the ability to escape back to TouchWiz if needed.

Creator Paul O'Brien has emailed those who backed the project with download instructions for the first private beta build, and a public release should follow before too long. In the meantime, you can check out the video above for a quick demo of Switch in action on the GS4.

More: MoDaCo forums

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ne0ne says:

Currently running beta 10 on my htc one and loving it. 4.3 on the gpe side.

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spaided says:

I cannot wait, I love TW and GPE roms...I just can't keep my mind made up for more than a few weeks.... I just love change!

NoNexus says:

My question is

Will this guy support the app past the initial build and maybe some minor updates?

Yes, he will. He has been around for a long time, and has always been a good Dev IMO.

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apd says:

Absolutely. He's been around for years and is a very impressive dev.

NoNexus says:

Thanks for the input, I never heard of him.

jmbburg26 says:

This could change phones are made. EVERY phone should come with this ability. You get the best of both worlds and have no room to complain. Of course the manufacturers will never do it. What a shame.

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NoreenD says:

I agree! I'm getting ahead of myself on this, but I'd jump on this if it came to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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djmiked says:

Any ideas if he has plans to do this with some of the US carriers GS4's?

Yes, it will work on our phones. It just has to have a lokie'd kernel.

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Skrattande says:

Running it now seems to work ok.. a couple of glitches but Paul is sorting things as we speak.. already had a small update......

Skrattande says:

Paul has already stated that he will make this app available to devs soon so the world is your oyster

lucas710 says:

When will the US GS4 get this?

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justein says:

What about the i337? Does anyone think the dev will support the US variants of the S4?

killachandra says:

Will thIS WORK on the I9500 variant?

Will this work on the US galaxy note 2??