OK, maybe I was wrong. Me, the guy who from Day 1 stuck up for the EVO 4G LTE, saying that the plastic section above the kickstand -- the glossy, fingerprint-loving, mirror-finish plastic section that nearly caused wars on both coasts before the phone was ever released -- the section that nearly led apple to cancel its complaint with the International Trade Commission ("Let them have it!" Tim Cook reportedly never said) -- the section that ...

You get the point. Some folks hated it. Some didn't. 

Me? I never thought it was that bad. But check out what Android Forums member yocubed did to his EVO with $23, a few minutes of time and some Ghost Armor. Be gone, Glossy finish, and hello, marvelous matte! And it looks pretty damn good, even if it's not a perfect match. Hit the link below for more info on the mod.

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Hilarious post Phil! While I agree the phone does not look as bad in person as the pictures led me to believe, I still think that matte looks even better.

StuartV says:

I have done full matte finish Ghost Armor on my current phone and at least 3 other devices. Good stuff! I have quit using any kind of case since starting to use it. Now I finally get to enjoy the thinness that my phone offers!


I have too, best looking skin I've found. Hate the look of a glossy finish. Even if you don't have a glossy phone, a regular clear kit makes it glossy. Matte is the way to go, look how sweet the One X in Matte White looks?!

Archon810 says:

Honestly, to me it looks even worse than the gloss. I am looking forward to replacements, however. Just not this one. The difference in grain really stands out like a sore thumb.

And the gloss didn't? You could signal rescue choppers from the air when lost with that shine.

glazedfaith says:

stark contrast is better than slight contrast. thats why my wife insisted all my groomsmen wear the same brand of ivory shirt at our wedding. i like the contrast of the shine. the slight grain here makes the whole setup look tacky and cheaply done, which is contrary to the mod price of $23, which is quite high, in my opinion.

:Insert whip sound here:

vinny jr says:

Major improvement. Would not be surprised if after market covers that are the same color and texture of the lower half become available very soon.

joshua.worth says:

Ahh, much better.

S_C_B says:

Much better!

hmmm says:

For probably a buck you can lightly sand the cover with a very fine grit sandpaper for the same look.



markbo2000 says:

You are probably right!!

dubdrop says:

Love the phone as is but to each his own. Plus I really don't think it looks that good.....and for 23 bucks. if and when they do have third party replacements how will they do the antennas that are inside the gloss one?

Nate Rules says:

Why didn't he Ghost Armor the whole thing.

mck says:

I know I am bias (as I have the One XL) but this phone is one of the ugliest phones ever... (no offense to those who own, beauty is subjective)

hmmm says:

I agree the One X looks better other than the camera hump. It is enormous.

nklenchik says:

I'm the only one who likes the glossy back huh?

I love the phone and I love the kickstand, but for some reason it is the most aesthetically unappealing phones that I have seen in a while. The Ghost Armor did wonders for it in my opinion. I really like the looks of it now.


Esta I have been using the Ghost Armor Matte finish since my DX, my Tbolt looked sick too with it. Only reason why my GNex doesn't is because the clear and matte kits don't include the battery piece, so I have done the carbons. Currently in white, my son's LG2X looks sweet in Matte finish too.

dtreo says:

Looks great.

Also, have you guys noticed that the bottom matte section gets pretty scuffed up easily? Mine has a lot of small scruff marks after a good 10 days of use. My old EVO 4G seemed more resistant, but we will see how EVO LTE holds up over the long haul. Loving it for the most part (multitasking).

kevster1321 says:

his LED flash looks closer to the camera lens then mine.i have a bigger gap between them.

JoshUng says:

I got to say, while that does look kind of nice, I don't think it looks better than the (clean) glossy finish.

Of course, the Evo's glossy finish only looks better (to me) when it's clean, which isn't going to be the case all the time. The glossy finish has a higher ceiling, but this matte finish would look better on average.

bkosh84 says:

You could also spray the backing with Plasti-Dip to get rid of the glossy backing.. It's also cheaper as it's about 6 bucks for one spray can at Lowe's/Home Depot.

svinyard says:

Phil you have seen the carbon fibre EVO 4G LTE right?

This is by FAR the sickest


slinkeril says:

I'm much more concerned over the rampant lock out from Google wallet for what appears to be mostly all HTC EVO 4G LTEs. Maybe one of you AC guru's can get some answers from google .. as of right now no one is giving us any info (Google, HTC, or sprint)