We have discussed the battery life of the HTC Thunderbolt a time or two, and we have seen some ways to turn off the 4G connection, but none of them were as simple as a toggle on your home screen. The folks at TeamAndIRC were nice enough to go ahead and create a 4G LTE toggle for the HTC Thunderbolt, that allows for a quick and easy way to turn the connection on or off. Nothing overly fancy, a simple toggle that allows you to select whether you want the connection on or off, so head to the market, and grab it for yourself. Download information after the break.

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droid83 says:

This is the best. Work like a charm. Good work. No more ##..$$..**... whatever that thing was to switch it off

N.Napoleon says:

Life saver!!! I actually can go a full day now without having to charge my phone... Its great to have an easy way to turn my 4G on when needed... Thanks!

SPD says:

Awesome. Works great.

hellboy2232 says:

If u live in a 4G area,can u still use it to switch to 3G
? For when not in use.

droid83 says:

I'm in Boston. Now running 3G for the last 20 minutes. it works. But just a speed test on 3G = 1.67 download. 0.90 uploads. I don't miss those numbers. Thank God I can now switch back with ease

paulmike3 says:

Seriously? How does this warrant front page? There have been apps to do this since ThunderBolt day 0.

Like this one, that was released in Sept 2010: https://market.android.com/details?id=myc.phone.PhoneInfo&feature=search...

Brooks P says:

I agree, same identical screen as “Phone info”. 4G LTE Set is 16KB to Phone info’s 4KB and has fewer options.

Thunderbolt is Thunderdud in my world especially on verzion the leader in false advertising and overcharging oh lets not forget DATA CAPPED NETWORK.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXpHtqqtd6A&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Fillyo says:

Sprint is for poor people that drive Hyundais

en28so says:

I drive a 2004 elantra. What do you have against hyundai? Does that make me dumb or something? They are good cars btw. What do you drive?

dchawk81 says:

Nobody cares what you drive. You can put your e-penis away now.

en28so says:

You care enough since you answered.

wyldemf says:

Although I don't drive a Hyundia, even if I drove a Jaguar, I'd still have Sprint. So put your POS Lexus (shiny Toyota) away, no-one cares what you drive.

Drewlinska says:

Haha you are so right. People with sprint are the dregs of society. The fact that they can even post on this forum is a joke. There should be a website for their broke asses. Www.badcreditloserlivingathomebecaseisuck.com would be a good start. All you people with sprint go apply yourself and stop denying yourself the simple pleasures in life like an adult network.

dacp283 says:

Lol what data cap? I'm on verizon and my data is not capped.

VCL says:

No data cap on my plan with Thunderbolt. Sorry to burst your negative bubble.

RetiredJedi says:

In one location, in one market. In other words, hardly a definitive test.

jelly roll says:

Yeah, no data cap here either. Maybe he's Canadian.

Marc04 says:


dacp283 says:

Ha ha haters.

paul_704 says:

I thought I read somewhere that if your not in a 4G area that the 4G radio wasn't in use or effected battey life. Not sure if thst is true but I downloaded it anyway too give it a shot and see if it makes a difference. I guess this might work better for people that are on the edge of a 4G/3G area and the phone keeps switching between the two.

paul_704 says:

If you go to settings, about phone, battery, then battery use you will most likely see that the display is what is using most of the battery life at 80 to 90%.

angel35 says:

It looks like battery life gets a lot better with use. Its a lot better now.I changed my battery a few times now,and its now woking great.

dodgebusta says:

My EVO was the same way too.

1russellh says:

Downloaded this app last night. Been off charge since 7 this morning and I'm still at 75% with the 1400 mah battery. Lite usage with a few phone calls and texting. Internet surfing on wifi. Without turning off 4g I'd be at 30% by now.

robstahl says:

I have the app as well and its great...I wonder if the developer can make it so we can specify which functions to use 3g or 4g for. How about use 3g for emails and facebook updates, while it switches to 4g for youtube, internet and streaming apps. Is this possible? Can I recommend this to the developer on marketplace?
What ya think?

heraldo says:

This saved a friend of mine from returning hers. That LTE us so very fast

Shaggy80 says:

This app saved my TB from being returned. My battery was averaging about 9 hours of life with little to moderate use. This past Saturday, I downloaded and installed this app, and then switched over to using 3g only. I am in total disbelief... I charged the phone completely on Saturday, and unplugged it at 3PM. Today (being Monday) at 2PM, the battery finally went into the red and the phone prompted me to charge it. Yes, I got 47 hours on a single charge. Now I will say that my use wasn't restricted, but I will make note that I did not play any games on the phone during the 47 hours. I did however use the internet quite often and even used Pandora for about 45 minutes.
I'll be honest, the 4g speeds on this phone were ridiculous, but I don't miss them with how long the battery lasts now. Plus, most people don't know this, but this phone is actually the only phone on Verizon's network right now that can utilize simultaneous voice and data using 3g, and it's pretty awesome.

frankg says:

I'm not completely sold on this app yet. I got this phone because it was 4G, knowing that the battery has it's limitations. I wanted the speed, and I got the speed. Why would I want to keep my 4G phone on 3G? I might as well should of stuck with my old 3G phone. I appreciate developers coming up with a solution for the battery life, but I would rather switch to an extended battery and keep the speed. You might argue that I can always switch over to 4G when I really need the speed. But then that's another step I have to take....and I don't really NEED the speed, I WANT the speed. Get it?