Layar 5.0

If you're a fan of augmented reality apps then you no doubt have checked Layar out. If not, then now is a great time to give it a go as they've recently released version 5.0 which brings a bunch of new changes over previous versions.

Layar 5.0 now features the ability to share content with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The next time you find a really cool layer, gain achievements or even spot a cool 3D model you want to take a screenshot of, you can quickly and easily share it with the world.

Layar 5.0 also comes the ability for more interactivity within layers thanks to our animation capabilities. Layers are no longer limited to static content; now icons and 3D models can come alive with animation, adding a new layer of engagement to augmented reality.

In the above image, Layar was showing me all the Android apps that were being installed around me using the App Aware layar. Pretty cool -- but it can used for many other things as well. Looking for restaurants, hotels, ATM's and more. Layar 5.0 is available now in the Android Market, download links can be found after the break. [Layar]


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Layar Browser 5.0 adds sharing to your augmented reality experience


Works well enough on my Droid, and some of the layers are pretty interesting... but it fails miserably on my Xoom. Shame, 'cause it'd be sweet on that big screen.

Unrelated: I'm immediately logged out of AC when I log in with Chrome. The rest of the browsers work fine.

It is a shame that Layar doesn't work on the Xoom. The Xoom almost seems built to use it. Hopefully the developer will realize this quickly. It works nicely on my T Mobile G2.