Epic 4G Touch

Update only available over KIES

The Epic 4G Touch is getting its Jelly Bean today, courtesy of Sprint. Don't bother looking in system settings for a notification, as this one is only available through Kies due to its large size. Sprint is not listing any specific changes on its update page, but this update to build GB27 should bring with it the usual Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now and Project Butter

Hit the forums for more discussion about what's new and improved, or for help updating using the Kies method.

Source: Sprint; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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MCLAIN2013 says:

about freaking time samsung..!

AndrewRich says:

Sweet! Now to wait for a rooted package...

mmark27 says:

wait? GB27 has been around for weeks:

Apparently, I can't post links without them being marked as spam. Go to XDA Developers, then search

[LINK][ROM][ODIN][TAR]SPH-D710 GB27 (GB27 Modem/Kernel/ROM - Root/Stock)

AndrewRich says:


mmark27 says:

Loaded this up on my wife's phone, its best to wipe data if coming from FL24 and start fresh. I'm not sure how the update tool is going to work through kies, if it'll be making a backup, flashing and then restoring data. Eitherway, it works pretty flawlessly. She's seeing an occasional screen that won't wake up requiring a reboot, but that's been present for all the 4.1.2 leaks so far.

arhcangel says:

Been rocking Shadow God's Jellyverse 1.0 based on GB27 for the last week. Very nice. I'll put the stock GB27 on my wife's tonight.

{ROM}{JB}{4.1.2}{Shadow God}Jellyverse v1.0{GB27}{3/18/13}

mmark27 says:

After you put that stock on your wife's phone, Billard made a ODIN no root package that will silence that freaking camera shutter. Without root, without tripping the flash counter and without changing the system status. (it adds the toggle in the Camera settings)

Find it on the Android Development section of XDA titled: [MOD][ODIN]Add Camera Shutter Sound Toggle NO ROOT!

NerdyNugget says:

Does this mean the T-Mobile S2 is next in line?

arhcangel says:

That's entirely up to T-Mobile. Since the Galaxy SIV is launching soon most carriers aren't inclined to supply updates to their aging phones in favor of selling new ones. With T-Mobile's new "Uncarrier" structuring it's hard to say but given the resources needed to provide it and T-Mobile's available resources it's unlikely. I'm kinda surprised Sprint did it given their push to LTE. On the upside there is plenty of 3rd party development over at XDA. Just look for the SGH-T989 SII development.

return_0 says:

Wait, Sprint is actually trying to push LTE?

Yep. They just don't have the resources to get it done as fast as everyone would like them to, like Verizon does... But they are getting more LTE sites up, slowly but surely.

Erin Kincaid says:

yes there is one for T-Mobile. just make sure that u have the right kind of hard drive and space for it

nanosman#AC says:

Anyone able update there phone through kies?

Will this update work on the Boost mobile GS2?

I was just wondering that myself. My sister has a GS2 on Virgin, and I am wondering if I should hook up her phone and give it a try.

Most likely not, I have the VM Samsung GS2 also and freaked when I found out that Sprint was rolling out this update. Needless to say once I got everything hooked up to Kies Air there was NO Jellybean update available to Virgin Mobiles Galaxy S2 4g Touch even tho its a Sprint phone on the sprint network. If anyone knows anything different to what I just stated please let me know. Ps most likely the Boost Mobile version probably didn't get the update either.

bdragon says:

I've never used Kies since getting the phone, but I'm on Metro and I've been running the leaked stock build for weeks.

barnes114 says:

Samsung has three different versions of this rom. GB27 for Sprint. GB28 for Virgin and GC01 for Boost. I'm assuming you can get them through Kies too. Or you can go to Samsung site click on support, cell Phones, and just find your carrier and model number of your phone.

Ryan31124 says:

Can someone tell me how to do this upgrade? I'm on the sprint site and all i see is info about the update.

Download kies and update the phone through that.

Ryan31124 says:

It says all data will be erased, is that correct?

mmark27 says:

Use the Kies to back everything up. The reason this is not OTA is due to an issue where all your data needs to be wiped coming from FL24 or lower, otherwise you get provisioning errors and such. So you can backup your vitals with Kies, then install, the reload your vitals.

tingli says:

You have to download the Kies program to your PC connect you phone . The program will tell you if there's a firmware upgrade for your phone. At this time it appears the update isn't live yet.

Ryan31124 says:

ok it isn't live yet, thank you very much, everyone.

MacBook says:

Yeah im Trying to update my little bros Epic touch and kies is saying that FL24 is the latest firmware. Odd.

carraser891 says:

its like Christmas!

bdragon says:

Finally, but I'm glad they're still looking out for this phone. I've been running this since it leaked weeks ago. A few miner bugs, but definitely a solid build.

tonyv69 says:

yup i have kies up and its not showing ,
still says Fl24

How about Jelly Bean for TMO GS2?

demon09 says:

I asked TMO via Twitter if there was any plans for an update on their side, was told the standard "As of right now, we do not have any info on OS updates for the GS2..."

So it likely isn't ready any time soon, or isn't coming at all. I may just root and ROM soon.

jpsheridan says:

After I put Kies back on my laptop (updating my Fiancee's phone) and hooked the phone up; it found the update and it's in the process of downloading the firmware now. It's slow as Hell downloading but I'm thinking Samsung is getting slammed at the moment. So my advice is to be patient and keep trying periodically. I'll update again after it downloads and see what it does. I'm only at 9% download right now..

More to follow... Current software S:D710.10 S.FL24

asd216 says:

I love being rooted! Granted I don't use TouchWiz but it's nice to see this phone hasn't been forgotten.

BlackAce says:

I can confirm that this also applies to the Boost Mobile GS2 as well...just updated my girlfriends to 4.1.2 Build is GC01

fastracer says:

I have Boost also...it installed with no issues ?

fastracer says:

I have Boost also...it installed with no issues ?

Ryan31124 says:

i still can't get this through sprint, am i the only one?

jpsheridan says:

The update did finally complete sometime over night. When I went to bed about 2 hours later it was roughly 40% completed. So I let it do it's thing over night. When I woke up this morning the update completed.. I didn't get a chance to did deeper into the build and such but it has changed the look to the phone as well. She's going to keep an eye on it today since it was rebooting a lot recently. I'm thinking we might have to replace her battery (not a big issue). When I get home from the office today I'll give ya'll the current version now.

jpsheridan says:

As promised.. The update went smoothly and completed successfully. The update change the phone to Android Version 4.1.2 - Build Number JZ054K.SPH-D710.GB27. My Fiancee is going to keep me posted on how the phone is doing and whether the reboot issues she was having are now corrected. So we will see...

Ryan31124 says:

finally worked, thank you

imrgoodbari says:

Good for Samsung updating the Galaxy S1. This is the reason HTC, Moto, & LG can't compete. Atrix 4G nothing beyond GB, Optimus G just now getting JB, HTC probably wont update One X beyond JB. #NexusFTW

tingli says:

The Epic Touch is a variant of the galaxy S2.

imrgoodbari says:

lol read it wrong still impressed

tingli says:

It was an impressive update . I'm enjoying the upgrades.

Ikeman90 says:

Is there threaded group messaging now?

taino375 says:


Once i updated to Jelly bean sometimes I am able to go to the settings on my phone and sometimes does not. Anyone having this problem. Any ideas what is the issue. Thanks.

KitKat is available for Epic 4G Touch in a custom ROM. I made a video about it at the Fortress of Nerditude.