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Two months after the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code dropped, we're starting to see more exotic custom ROMs appearing for popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II. One such ROM comes from XDA's adyscorpius, and brings MIUI 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy S II. MIUI 4.0 Fresh includes most of the features that you'll need to use this thing as your daily driver, if you're into the look and feel of MIUI.

The current version 2.1 features full 8MP camera support, as well as external SD support, so you shouldn't need to sacrifice any of your device's basic functionality in order to enjoy the unique ICS/MIUI combo. For download links and a full feature list, check the source link.

Source: XDA

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victor3451 says:

Is this final or alpha?

SenenCito says:

Stuff like this makes me want to switch my evo 3d. There are a lot more people developing for the Galaxy

mclifford82 says:

But how would you live without 3D?

huskers15 says:

Why? There is plenty of production for the evo 3d. 3d even has ics and ep4gt doesn't even have ics yet.

asd216 says:

Galaxy s 2 has ICS ROMs

h0ruza#AC says:

Tempting... very tempting :)

:-\ Couldn't help but notice the "SD card: 1.12GB available". The 22.66GB available on my Galaxy Nexus is looking pretty good right now.

Nosferatu524 says:

couldn't help but notice factoring in my 32GB microSD card I have just a shy under 50GB in my phone...sorry Nexus :)

mclifford82 says:

Congratulations on having a less full SD card than this guy. Your cookie is waiting for you at the door.

Unless you were comparing your phones memory to his SD card, which makes even less sense.

Ozman44 says:

Is Miui's development ahead of Cyanogenmod?

This is a MIUI ROM based on the alpha version of CM9 :) Adyscorpius made it. You can read a REVIEW of it on my blog,

I also posted an INSTALLATION GUIDE there :)

So far, it proves to be a great daily ROM.

BoNg420 says:

I bought an Android phone to enjoy the feel of ICS 4.0, not to make my phone look like a boring Apple

Oh, but you can still use widgets :) So it's an advantage that MIUI has over boring Apple. Lol.