Evo 4G Update

For those of you who updated your Sprint Evo 4G and didn't face any of the bricking problems that brought the update to a halt, how's your phone treating you now? Seeing an improvement in Wifi signal? How about battery life? Find some unannounced gem? Inquiring minds want to know!

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How's your Evo 4G running post-update?


I have seen an improvement in my WiFi signal for sure. Especially at work. My signal at home just sucks all around. Even with my computer.

my phone works perfectly...battery is way better...but in my opinion (not goin by facts)...i feel like we have left behind the competition in features on the android os...android is the best feature wise...but they need to focus on the battery life of these devices...the evo has a 1500mah battery...iphone4 i think has 1420mah and my friends iphone4 can last a day and a half on a single charge with heavy use...our phone should last longer seeing as how we have a bigger more mah battery...the iphone4 has more graphics and works harder than our phone it shouldnt be able to last longer...i hope 2.2 can fix this cuz this battery thing is a big issue to me...and im not new to android...ive bin here since the g1 so i know the battery sux on almost all android phones...

The Evo's screen is 44% larger than the iPhones (8.17 sq in vs 5.65 sq in) so battery is going to be more of an issue.

I agree, battery life needs to be improved. I did notice that programs like the amazon mp3 store, and the voice dialer just load in the background for no apparent reason, i've seen that with other programs as well. Its a constant battle killing needless programs that just spring up all the time. I think if the operating system is more efficient we should be seeing improved battery life.

Um, just because programs are resident in memory doesn't mean they are using any power at all. Most programs, like the ones you listed, do NOTHING when they have no focus. Thus, they use zero power when non-focused.

The reason the battery life in the Evo is not super is the same with all smart phones like this- they have a huge screen, a fast processor, and lots of RAM. Couple that with a 1500mAh battery, and you have your answer.

I agree, I think Google should work on the battery life of these phones. Another thing I just wanted to point out is, the iPhone 4 has a 1200mAh battery.... So yeah its crazy how good of battery life it gets. However it does have limitations. No multi-tasking, crappy notifications. If you remember back when OS 3 came out, the iPhone notifications was a big deal. Steve jobs said that the way the iPhone did notifications also saved battery for the iPhone. Yeah I think Google should work really hard on batter life in any updates past 2.2.

Actually the iPhone does have a 1420mAh battery. That battery is huge! I agree though that Apple has done a great job on battery life with the new iPhone. It seems though that Google is improving battery life as well with FroYo. We'll have to see.

Things seem to be running much smoother. Battery life is much better, I usually wake up to a dead battery in the morning but today it was still in the green. I get a strong wifi signal while on my deck and in the bathroom (yes bathroom). All in all I'm satisfied. I just wish the browser loaded a little faster to take advantage of the better wifi signal.

Hopefully, with the new V8 engine, webm, the advancements in chrome, etc. they will be putting out a new browser, if not a little after Froyo, maybe in Gingerbread.

N random question.... what will the post-Gingerbread "H" treat-named update will be called??? Any guesses...

Huckleberry, hickory, honey, honeybun, Herb cake, Herman, and heavenly! lol I dunno H is a tough one. We will see what Google comes up with.

all is well for me. I have no issues, and seemingly no improvements (except for the touch sensor, which really was not an issue for me to begin with)

For me, the touchscreen is much more responsive. No placebo effect...I can actually tell that it's smoother. I haven't had time to really test out the WiFi changes (802.11n support, improved reporting) yet. Also, either I'm crazy..or my battery life may have actually improved as well.

And yes, can anyone confirm the official activation of Wireless-N on the EVO now?? I've read this in several places now. Even with the previous hacks, I couldnt tell if I was on g or n on my router....

I checked my router last night after I updated and yes, my Evo had an N connection. I had a 65MB connection with a mixed g/n broadcast.

Mannn, too bad I was running on the "EVOlutionX" Froyo ROM and didnt get back to stock til after they pulled the update (o_O) *blown* Wasted all that time for nothing... Oh well, will stay stock for this update and Froyo in a couple of weeks, hopefully...

I think the update is back again. I checked it about 10 minutes ago and the update is avaliable but I'm holding off til I hear word that it is completely stable.

Battery Life is Def Better...

3 hours off the Charger and im still at 95%...

Not bad at all... Wifi Signal is def better Im getting Full bars in my room which i used to get 1 - 2 bars at most...

The Notification bar is more responsive

Grounding issue for Screen seems to be remedied

I have seen no change at all, wireless and battery still suck, never had an issue with the touchscreen. Guess I am just lucky that it's not bricked...

Still no confirmation on the island-building, jet-transforming feature?

Seriously though, my EVO seems smoother now, and I don't know if it's just coincidence or not, but I'm actually getting decent 4G speeds in Honolulu now -- between 2-3 Mbps, which is triple what I've been getting since launch day!!!

So far so good. Definitely no Wireless N. But good G signal. Battery lasted through the update and through the night. I picked it up this morning and still had about 20% battery left. Screen responds now while sitting on my desk. I used to have to pick it up to check notifications. Yay!

When i updated mine, it restarted and was stuck at the 4G logo for a while, so i just held down the power button to see if it would turn off the phone about 5-10 seconds after it started up and loaded my home screens like normal, and has been fine ever since.

Seems better. No more notification bar pull-down issues (which really wasn't a prob to begin with), better wifi...haven't noticed much difference in battery life yet but its definitely not worse.

I really havent noticed a difference in battery life. The touch screen does seems improved and so does my wifi connection. I also noticed my wallpapers from "android" disappeared from the update.

I have definitely noticed improved battery life and a stronger WiFi signal. The UI does seem a little bit more responsive especially with scrolling. Weird thing for me is my linpack score has actually gone up as well. Pre patch I would hit 5.9 to 6.1 post patch I'm up around 6.9 to 7. Dunno if its coincidence but everything does seem a little faster now.

So are there no official release notes from HTC and/or Sprint as to what exactly was included or supposed to have been improved/resolved with this update?

No issues for me after the update. My EVO is running fine....WiFi signal is a little better....just missing the android wallpaper option which is really no big deal.

I haven't seen much change, WiFi seems to be doing a bit better, battery life and responsiveness seem unchanged so far. Still putting it through it's paces, but for the most part I'm not seeing anything worth getting excited about.

Working good. I didn't notice a change in battery life (maybe cuz Im using the Mario live wall paper but Sunday k was able to use my hotspot feature for free. Monday after the install it gives me an error code 67. Now I have to buy the feature.

You may want to check the HotSpot feature because it did that to me and I still was able to connect even at the highest speed and from about 15 feet away.

Smoother, WAY better reception in both 4G(3G) and wifi! more responsive!

I just dont get what you guys are doing to kill your battery so quick? I have my back light set up to 40%, I turn off wifi, and 4G ( at work ) I turn off GPS, Bluetooth, etc, and I get GREAT battery life, and I even use live wallapapers, are you guys just on the web all day with your Evos or something? I dont get how you guys get so poor battery life? And i also turn off vibrating feedback BTW.

While the update took awhile to load and reboot the phone, I am not having issues that I can tell so far.

I had not rooted my phone, and it appears many who had experienced problems (based upon the posts).

I have had the phone since launch. The battery life seems okay with moderate use. I turn off the 4G and have yet to use the wi-fi. But I have used it as a hotspot for my laptop and it lasted over 5 hours with moderate use as a hotspot and a few phone calls and emails.

I plan on getting the white Evo for my wife next month, so I need to make sure the devise is solid. I am happy so far coming from a BB curve.

"I had not rooted my phone, and it appears many who had experienced problems (based upon the posts)."


- Do you even know what that means?

Wrong. It was a second notification about a system update.

- I want the one with larger G B.

It is a bi zippier but have not noticed any improvement in battery life. I charge my phone overnight to 100% and unplugged it just to walk to my car and got in. It had gone down to 96%.

When your phone says 100% it is probably lying to you by design ... Palm Pre does the same thing. This is the logic for Pre ... probably the same for Andoird phones:

Once the battery completely charges, the phone stops charging it. Once it dips below a certain charge level (94-95%), it starts charging it again. While this is going on, the phone lies and says 100% so that people don't think that their phone is losing charge while plugged-in.

Yup. He's right. The only way you'll have 100% is if you take it off the charger once it turns green. Charging it over night it was done hours before you woke up so by time you actually unplugged the EVO it used a little bit of the battery but not enough for it to start charging again.

I dont seem to be having any problems, with mine after update, all workings great. I guess I am one of the few who did not brick phone.

Update installed fine for me. I re-enabled the always on data connection in the mobile data settings. I noticed great battery improvements by disabling this before the update. So we will see if that is improved.

Why is no one mentioning the HUGE things that need fixing though!!!

1) grounding the phone to your hand in order to use the touchscreen properly.

2) the 30 fps lock bug

No problems with the ugrade. Notice the phone works a little better all around. It's a little "snappier", battery has improved somewhat, and my wifi is better. Nothing huge, but the improvements are welcome

Working well, with no noticeable improvements. WiFi is still poor in my home. Haven't had enough time to determine any battery improvements.
When I did the update the 4G screen was on a long time (4-5 minutes) but it eventually cleared and all was well.

so far so good also. Battery life seems to be better. I'm at 91% and it's been unplugged for 3.5hours with wi-fi, gps all running.

I have not experienced any problems since the update nor did I experience any problems WITH the update. Also have not noticed a increase to battery life, but I also have to run GOOD mobile messaging which does not allow the phone to properly go to "sleep".

Update did just fine. No problems. Hasn't really had any issues with phone before update. Battery does seem better.

Have notice an improvement in my wi-fi signal but very little to no change in battery performance. I'm in a 4G city so I use 4G whenever surfing so maybe that has something to do with it. Other then that the install went well.

No problems for me. Battery life is a lot better. I really can't tell and difference in Wifi and it broke Unrevoked.

So far much better battery life and it seems to run smoother. One thing I noticed is not only do I get stronger WiFi signals but my cdma signal seems to be a little better. Maybe I'm seeing things but I swear my reception is better in some places where it was a little weaker.

I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the biggest improvement that I've noticed so far. Before, browsing the gallery was choppy and when selecting a picture, it was sort of blurry until you zoomed in and back out.

Now the gallery is smooth and quick and displays a sharp image right away. It was annoying the heck out of me before.

I've also noticed a slight WiFi strength increase... not sure about the battery yet, but I never really had battery probs to begin with.

The gallery is way faster now, notification bar is smoother and more responsive and no more grounding on couch which wasn't an issue before....haven't noticed battery life improvement.

I do notice that after unplugging my phone, it goes down to 98/96 fairly quick. I really can’t wait for the 3500 mah battery from Seidio.

Things I noticed were better battery—slightly.

I used to have my phone down on my couch and could barely pull the notification bar down – and it didn’t go down at all if I used my knuckle. Now it goes down with ease. I can even scroll and tap links on the browser while it’s propped up on the phone’s arm.

Also, it seems to scroll smother through the apps. I did a benchmark test and the FPS was 30 now, used to be like 28 or so. And more green bars seemed to show than before. It’s still 30, but hopefully that’s the next fix, or maybe Froyo takes care of that.

I do notice something else. I have an app called ScreeModeWidget, 3 selections 1: Screen lock 2: Screen unlock and 3: Screen stay on. Now, when I have it in unlock, and I have ringer turned up and not in vibrate, I hear the stone sound when the volume on ringer is turned up. This doesn’t happen in Vibrate, though. Strage, but whatever.

Can’t wait for Froyo.


Everything seems to be ok except for the SLINGPLAYER APP that was working fine until AFTER i did the update! If anyone is having the same problem did you find a solution? If not whom would i call about this: SLINGBOX,SPRINT,HTC or GOOGLE?

wifi does seem a bit stronger

battery life is a bitbetter im going on 11 hrs unplugged (unplugged at 230 am and till about 730 i was sleeping) and im over 50%

it seems a bit snappier but not by much

Had a relatively light usage day yesterday, wasn't near anywhere that I could check my WiFi signal, but the battery didn't drain so quickly yesterday. The phone was very choppy after the update, but a reset corrected that, and the phone has been very smooth since.

@JoshUng yep that sucks i liked that htc let you turn off sense...oh well ill just have to get used to sense.

I personally have had no problems. Got update and phone has worked with out a hitch. And I have noticed a slight improvement in speed in an already speedy device. As well as battery life. Not what I want but much improved. I can go half day with heavy usage and still have a little battery left.

Just imagine, though. If these batteries are 1500 mah, right? And the bigger extended battery from Seidio is 3500, imagine… 50% middle of the day for some with heavy usage will be 75% and 50% by night time.

I don’t mind the lump on the back. I imagine people will be jumping on these.


My WiFi signal seems the same, however it is now slower than 3G. Before in my house I was getting 13megs now .01meg

I, like some others who have posted, usually start off every morning to a dead battery, however I'm waking up post update to a good charge, WiFi is A LOT better, and maybe its just me but is anyone else noticing better signal strength? In areas that I get little to no service I'm at least getting 2 bars

Battery life much, much better. Never been able to have it on all day (while using it, not just on standby) and yesterday I plugged it in about 9pm with 40% battery left. Woohoo!

Wifi seems a little better, and I swear 4g signal is better too.

Update worked fine for me from start to finish. As others have mentioned, scrolling is smoother. I also had the problem of the screen not being responsive when the EVO is laying flat (as mentioned in previous posts). That's been fixed. There has been some improvement with the wi-fi signal. Can't really tell if the battery life has been extended, mainly because I just installed a new 1800 battery yesterday and still breaking it in. I had to refresh a couple of apps but other than that, I WORKS. ;)

Actually the battery seems worse to me because I was rooted and running apps to help improve battery life. Now they can't run and its sucking through my battery.

However the wifi signal has improved. Though the battery life issue trumps it. Going to see if I can flash mine down tonight.

Thanks to XDA there's no need to worry about sprint updates. Heck I never updated my G1 with TMO over the air.

I hope that this issue is resolved ASAP so people that don't know what they are doing don't have to deal with endless headaches.

Good luck to those that do the update.

Noticed a drastic increase in battery life. Don't really use the WiFi because my 3g/4g is a lot faster so can't comment on that. Phone does feel a little quicker overall. So glad I made the switch from the Pre. Don't miss it at all!

My install went swimmingly well.

I've noticed increased battery life to some degree. I'm making it through till 7 p.m or 8 p.m. now whereas before I was having to charge up desperately at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. I turn the phone on around 8 a.m.

Improved scrolling seems to be another benefit along with apps appearing to be more responsive, at least to me.

Never had any probs with wi-fi before the update, no problems after either.

I did have to remove and replace the clock widget, but that's about it.

Great job the way I see it!


Everything seems to be ok except for the SLINGPLAYER APP that was working fine until AFTER i did the update! If anyone is having the same problem did you find a solution? If not whom would i call about this: SLINGBOX,SPRINT,HTC or GOOGLE?

Just noticed my Slingplayer broke too. Bummer. Will try to reinstall, but wondering how that is done w/paid app. May need to email sling.

Just when i got it to work of course........oh well, thats the way it always goes!!!!!

I don't want to reinstall this again because i'm almost 100% sure that im gonna be charged again!!!

I want to e-mail GOOGLE and SPRINT but what e-mail address?!?!?!?!

I lost "Android Wallpapers" when I try to change the wallpaper. Besides that everything else is running smoothly and I've notice better WiFi signal.

I lost "Android Wallpapers" also but the phone does feel faster. I have noticed a better WiFi signal and the battery has improved a tad bit. I wouldn't compare the battery of the EVO to the iPhone 4 because that's like comparing apples and oranges in reference to GSM and CDMA.

Better battery life
Animations are snappier

Android wallpaper gone
Stock launcher gone

Qik icon color changed (possible upgrade?)
Quickoffice icon changed (possible upgrade?)

I don't know if I'm imagining this or not, but it seems like I'm getting better battery life. I know people have a sense of a self-fullfilled prophecy, but it does feel like I'm getting more bounce to the ounce with my battery.

i skeem through the comments..i didnt think anyone have seen the new "output setting for hdmi"
i think thats new...just go to..setting/sound&display scroll down and you'll see it..

WOW!!!!! Your right! I did not notice that. Let me check and see what it does! Hopefully it makes the screen bigger.

I'm a noobie, just got my evo yesterday and loving it! switched from the pre and was a precentral member and will miss it. This phone was just to badass to pass. Not sure if I got the phone already updated or not, but tryed to do it and it said its up to date, so I guess it is. everything is working great! Android ATW!

Hope I'm not the only one but dang my response times on wifi are super slow. Maybe they were before and now I'm noticing but shoot. It took sidewalk seconds just to start loading android central mobile.

My evo is doing pretty well. i used to only get 1 bar of wi-fi signal strength in my room now i get three. and the charge time on my bat. seem a little shorter. all in all i gotta say it was worth it

Sensitivity issue with the top of the screen seems to be perfect now when the phone is not in your hand.

WIFI is still poor signal strength on wireless G. My Pre had a great signal and was maxed out throughout my house, however the EVO's signal is fair or poor. It does work, but I am not sure why the signal is so weak.

The Google Talk Service keeps starting on its own. Prior to the update once you killed the Google Talk Service it would not start back up and now it starts back up on its own after killing it. I have everything unchecked in the properties including automatic sign in and it still randomly starts back up.

I haven't noticed much improvement on the battery but mine was lasting 8-10 hours under normal use and 20 or more hours under light use. The Google Talk is using my battery, which it wasn't before, please get rid of this useless program...

The grounding issue with the screen is fixed . The wifi signal appears to be stronger but still seems to act as if it's weak. Oh and before the update if I turned the power off on my phone it wouldn't turn back on unless I took the battery out and put it back in, that's no longer the case. Which is nice cause I was gonna exchange the phone because of that. Oh and am I the only one who's battery has actually gotten worse?

I think I read somewhere that one of the battery improvements was related to the Facebook contact sync. I hadn't thought of it earlier, but I had removed my facebook account a week or so ago because I couldn't stand all my "friends" in my phone list... about the same time my battery life seemed to get better!

I see a lot of people talking about shutting off GPS, auto sync, etc. This really doesn't seem to make much of a difference. GPS only turns on when I'm using something location-based and turns right back off... and if I can't auto-sync, what's the point? (Sense is good about letting you set sync frequencies!) Save yourself some button pushing and widget-space and just let it do its thing!

Actually, you did not have to remove your Facebook account to accomplish that... And I'm actually very glad they allow you to customize it this way as I find some of the other Facebook tie-ins within Sense very useful.

I can't remember where I changed this but none of my FB contacts show up under People... Unless I manually add a phone # or e-mail and link said contact after the phone realizes its' related to a FB contact and offers me the option to link it, at which point it just fills in extra info for that specific contact. The point is it doesn't bring over additional FB contacts I haven't manually added, which is what I like.

Actually, isn't that the way People behaves by default? I can't seem to find out any setting to alter that behavior right now...

I also disabled the FB calendar so all the events/birthdays don't show up on the calendar... I guess that means I have to manually add the birthdays I do want to see but it beats having them ALL show up. Friendstream widget still works btw, even tho I'm probably gonna remove it soon. I did set to sync once a day or something.

Whew, no that's not the default behavior of the People/Contacts app, and yes it took me a few minutes (aided by a Google search) to figure out where I had changed this! It's kinda hidden/mislabeled if you ask me.

Anyway, simply go to people, and under the All tab hit Menu, then View. There you can pick whether to show your Phone, Facebook, or Google contacts. I'm assuming if you had Twitter or w/e it'd show up there too.

There's also an entry that says "Only contactsw/phone numb" (yes it's actually cut off), that one's self explanatory imo. There's also a sub-entry under Google that says "Show auto Gmail contacts", I think that's all the address and whatnot that Gmail saves whenever you send an e-mail even if you didn't save it as a contact (I've got it unchecked).

Anyway, by simply going into that menu and disabling FB you can prevent ALL your FB contacts from showing up on the list, but you can still reap the benefits of FB integration within Sense by linking the contacts you do have (that are also present in your FB Friends list) and importing additional info for them off FB...

As well as being able to jump to their FB photos, messages, and whanot right from your phone's People app, which I think is kinda neat.

I *think* the entries on that list would eventually scroll off and get purged after changing the setting I mentioned before, not sure tho. I remember being puzzled by those as well, just like you, I just looked and I now have only like 8 FB contacts alllll the way at the bottom of the list, below all the calls I've made since I changed this. Some are on my People / contacts app, some aren't. I never see any of it tho since it's under my call log, so it doesn't bother me.

The good

- Does seem like there is battery improvement

- Wifi is noticably faster

- It used to be that when holding the Home key to switch tasks, next time you pressed the home key, it would ask whether you want to use Sense or Android launcher, It doesn't do that anymore

The bad

- All non-HTC widgets said 'Problem with gadget' and needed to be removed and added back

- Android wallpaper is gone

- Shootme screen capture app no longer works

Is it just me or does the boot process seem longer - seems to hang on 4g a bit more than it used to. Everything else seems to be working ok.

I feel like I'm getting better battery life but could be placebo effect? Haven't used enough WiFi to notice a difference. Everything else seems to be business as usual.

"...but on a positive note I believe the kickstand maybe more stable"

@jaskojad: that's awesome you just made my day. I wonder if anyone else caught that.

Since the update, I do have more wifi bars but more importantly 802.11n now works. I can confirm I am getting 65Mbps - for those who are not, make sure your router supports 802.11n and is configured to use it.

Battery life is improved, hard to quantify how much but I am on 1 1/2 days of medium usage and still have 35% left.

Hard to say if device is snappier, I was happy with the speed before the update.

There is a new settings option to control the HDMI output, where you can force it to output 720p, 480p or auto select. That's a great idea.

As reported, some wallpapers are missing, but that's the only negative in the entire update for me.

Can't tell if anything is improved. I lost a bunch of 3rd party widgets, just had to re-add them, but I don't remember 100% what they were... I never noticed about screen touch problems before. I don't use Facebook, so whatever battery problem is solved for that app does not affect me, I guess?

I can turn on the Sprint Hotspot and connect a PC over WiFi -- but I don't know if I had that before. I am not subscribing to it, so perhaps I could it for free.

I haven't noticed any change at all. WiFi still seems to be weak and I don't have N reception. I didn't think N was to be enabled until the Froyo release?

No touchscreen issues noticed before/after.

Updated without any problems, though it did take a while. Wifi seems improved, while battery life also seems better, though i can't say that I was having any battery problems before.

Like most here, the upgrade went smoothly, no problems at all. I am seeing better screen response but marginally, it was really good to begin with. Battery life is has got a lot better, I would go a day with moderate use, with bluetooth on. Now that 4G seems to be rolled out to my town, I have been leaving that radio on more battery life, I got a day and a half with the upgrade happening halfway during the day. it will be interesting to see what it looks like after an full charge on the update.

It's easy to say that battery is definitely improved. Nearly 10 hours off the charger and I'm at 58% with moderate usage. For those who still have battery life issues. Try increasing any app that updates in intervals to either 1 hour or more and also set apps that need a location (weather) to a specific one rather than "current location."

Wifi signal is much better at work and at home where I sometimes would lose wifi as I moved around. I have constant strong signal.

Battery is clearly better. Typically by this time of day I am looking at 50-60%, but right now I am sill over 80%. And that is with wifi, bluetooth and gps all on.

Overall a good update, for me.

Finally got it installed and, besides not loading the NYTimes and Audible widgets, no problemo. Whew!

Battery seems better. Thats about it. I dont really use wifi so I couldnt say anything about that. Did you know 4G is working in some LA areas?

So I'm off to get my EVO replacement, as my store emailed me that they had one. I'm hoping I'm not jacked with a bad screen (pixelated, or washed out, or lifting off the front panel as stated issues in other forums). And I wonder how long it will take them to re-release this update...I want better WiFi reception (better signal and Wireless 802.11n) and better battery life like the rest of you!

My WiFi speed at home now reaches the max cable co connection at 12 Mbs. Previously it was maxing out 4-6 Mbs.

The update went very well and my EVO is faster along with the WiFi. Good job Sprint. Problems may be due to users not letting the EVO reboot a number of times.

This morning, another widget was no longer working. Reinstalled it. Can't see any other problems and/or improvement. Am not seeing the battery life improvement people are reporting, but I'm not seeing any problem either so all is well.

Wifi signal indicator shows a HUGE increase in signal strengths. Battery might be a touch better, if at all. The notification bar seems to be easier to activate and smoother, as are transitions on the launcher pages. I notice no other changes, but I was also having no problems either.

For me, it was nothing but positive (well, except the loss of unrEVOked). Now bring on 2.2! :)

Wifi reception is better, battery is better, but HTC Sense can no longer be turned off. Pressing the home button just relaunches it and does not give the option to use Launcher instead.I'm hoping the FroYo update fixes this...coming from a N1 running Froyo, I like stock a bit better. :D

Wifi measurably better. I did have to delete and reload a couple of widgets. Can't tell with battery life, but mine seemed fine before - much better than my Pre in either case.

My wifi is a bit better...not so sure on battery life. It seems the same.

One strange thing that I notice is that every now and then since the update, when I exit a program by using the back button all the way to the home screen or by hitting the home button, my Evo does a quick little restart - not a full hardware restart, but the HTC splash screen shows up and the Home screen reloads. One my Pre, this was called a Luna restart - is there a term for it on the Evo, and has anyone else seen that happenning since the update?

On battery life:

My battery life was never that bad - still 70% full after a day's work.

Now, I'm at c. 90% after an 8 hour day...obviously better.

On General Performance:

Can't tell the difference


My DSL is slow anyways, so Im still getting c. 5MBPS(max).