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If you're the type of person who frequently swaps microSD cards and are looking at the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, then this video might be a little painful. First, the card's under the battery. That's not all that unusual, though it's still a tad unwelcome. But getting at the card on the Evo 4G's a little tricky. First there's a tab that needs to be pried up to unseat the card. And that's easy. But actually removing the card is a bit more difficult given its placement. Long fingernails may help (and forget about it if you're a nail-biter), but even then it's pretty tough, and we needed tweezers to actually remove the card.

Getting it back in is a little easier, but it still might take a couple of tries. It's just one of those trade-offs we have to come to live with in the smartphone world.


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How to swap the Sprint HTC Evo 4G microSD card


I was thinking the same thing... I feel like there must be a way to get it out without tweezers.

But then again, 90% of us will not take out the SD card more than once a couple months?

I think they made it like that for when it gets Froyo and you're running apps off of the SD card.

IDK, just trying to make soe sense out of this.

It does seem to be a little bit of a pain, but as you said it's not a deal breaker. Did I mention that you present yourself on camera very well, was watching another video before and the person couldn't carry a coherent sentence. Great vid!

That's good info. Better to find out now than when you needed to do it ASAP and ran into that. Keychain Swiss Army knife w/micro tweezers! Oh Yeah!!

Except for the fact that a 32gb microsdhc card is $200!!! Just ordered my 16gb microsdhc class 6 card for $45

I don't think it would be a deal breaker for me, considering I put my card in a leave it and don't think about it. However that is ridiculous after you see how easy it is to get at the Incredible's SD card. Really makes you wonder why they didn't keep the same scheme.

Hmmm.... Okay, first post and stupid question all at once. Why would someone want to swap cards all the time? Different music? Until we know more about storing apps on the card, can we have much confidence about the ability to swap cards with apps? What am I missing?

SD card is a "deal breaker"? Are we serious? They are really nitpicking this thing to death. Next thing they will complain that the processor is way to fast for your grandparents to keep up with. c'mon

By the way the iphone has no removal battery to look under and no removable memory, but hey, whos counting

I've seen posts on here where people complain about how "aggravating" it is to swap out the SD card on the N1, I can just imagine the complaining if the same person had an Evo

Thats pretty stupid and its something thats going to break over time , a lot of thought went it to that I can see ?? what were they thinking ??

not a huge deal for me unless you are gonna give away a 32gb micro sd card in anticipation of the release or i decide to buy it my self,just a thought, lol

Phil must have been tired of hanging with the fam today, so he decided to make another Evo video.

Hey, Phil, how about a FULL software demo of the Evo4G.... no matter, I will have it Friday anyway!

A bit off-topic, but... I'm so disappointed that there's no European GSM counterpart to the Evo :( No option whatsoever for a 4.3" screen here (except HD2 w/ WinMo). There isn't even anything announced or some leaked news. What's more there hasn't been any "hot" release here all year, except for the Desire. You guys had the N1, the Incredible, now the Evo, the Shadow and Droid 2 are in the works...


That looks like a pain compared to the HTC incredible which is spring loaded and doesnt require removing the battery, just the backplate.

But still for those that will only remove the card once in a while...not a huge deal.

I wonder if all the people that was having trouble with there sd cards. might have messed there card up removing it. By the look in the video looks like you can bend the card a little or something might get stuck.

Is there ever going to be a review of this phone on this site. Or just a bunch of tid bits of info. I am gonna get this phone. If I watched all these vids, there would not be any surprise at all when I do get it.

Easier way would be to put tape on the SD card and pull it out that way instead of finding some tweezers. I do it all the time at work and I can't get a simcard out, same thing would apply for SD cards.

I typically use my Micro SD cards to contain music albums, or in the Evo's case was planning on carrying Movies.. swapping them out in this case is a REAL Pain.. so for some of us having an externally accessible SD card would have been a HUGE bonus. (I miss my old Palm at times that had this feature).

I'm new 2 Android and Smart phones... Can someone inform me if the EVO can take a 32g or 16g micro-card? And if the Class of the card makes That much of a difference? Thank you!

Jesus christ... this is fucking absurd. What is even more absurd than the obvious 'ran out of meaty stories for the evo but need to post something in the week-of-release' story are the people who are taking major issue with something so ridiculous.

How hard can it really be to replace the memory card? I mean, c'mon guys, the simple fact that we found a place such as this for the reasons that we did would suggest that we are a little more technically aware than most...we'll figure this out in a matter of seconds.

....and....This is a deal breaker for anybody? Pffft. Absurd.

Either way I Can't wait for Friday.

Ahhhhh. Good. Now I know where to forward all of the "Hey, how do I remove the microSD card e-mails?!?!" I'm going to get, regardless of this video. Thanks! :p

Folks... it's quite easy. You know that black backing you just took off the phone? One of the corners should be thin enough to slip under it and allow you to get some leverage. It comes right out. Trust me, I have done it many times in the last 2 weeks.

Just sayin'...

Just a heads-up here, I am an Evo 4g owner and fanboi. You were warned:

1) I 'like' that the micro sd card slot is tough, stable, is hard to remove, makes you think twice, and even has an indented slot.

2) Ever swap cards on other phones like I did? My kick-down phone was a Sanyo Katana DLX. That phone had a stupid rubber plug to cover the card slot. That plug was gone in a few days, like a bad hangnail. Swapping the cards a lot, loosened the slot and spring-load mechanism. Plus you had to plug your card in upside-down. I'm satisfied with the 'security' of the card slot on the Evo 4G. Recognize that some folks are willing and want to pay for a 32gb card, worth more than it's weight in gold, and detracts the user from constant wiggling of stationary plastic parts.

3) Buy the darned 32gb card. I can't wait to get mine. I just want to have the security knowing I can download, save, work, and play to my heart's content. Sure, 32gb won't sate me forever. At least I'll know the one I get will be SAFE.

4) Be more concerned about the plasticky, pluckery, phone-back. Though that's a negative, it's also the same positive to me: it will detract me from swapping and chewing the back of the phone to death.

5) Iphone doesn't have lungs like these. So glad I waited for the Evo.

6) You could have had the filet mignon, instead you had to have the micro sd card.

7) Deal breaker my arse.

I've solved this problem a while ago. i have two SD cards. the one that came with the EVO and i had any extra 8g from another phone. what i did was i store the extra SD card under the battery. and when i need to place the card. i just slide it under the other one and use it to braes it. it comes open really easily. i can make a video showing you guys how i did this.

THANKS for this video! Very, very helpful. I just returned a phone because holding the case in a particular way caused the SD card to unseat itself. Clearly NOT a problem in the EVO phones (mine is an EVO shift).

My friend got her evo 4g wet and buying a new one is not an option (still 1 year left on Sprint contract). Does anyone know what other phones the sim card will fit in and is it as simple as moving it from the damaged phone to the other phone? I have a blackberry I used to use but the swap isn't working. any advice?