If you've never spent time in a forum for a Sprint device, well, things can get a little a little rowdy. Such is the case for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which never really got the respect it deserved. (Much of that probably should be placed on Sprint's shoulders, but we digress.)

Currently the hot topic is a rumored update. Is it Jelly Bean? Is it just some other maintenance release? And just when will said update ever see the light of day? These questions -- and more -- in our EVO 4G LTE forum.


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Hot in the forums: The impending EVO 4G LTE update


If you own this phone and you haven't rooted it and installed CM10 yet then I just don't know what you're doing with your life.

I have to admit, I have no regrets going the CM10 route. I definitely can't wait to see what HTC does with the Jelly Bean update when it eventually comes out. But for now, I am very satisfied with CM10.

CM10 is nice and all but Sense has it's pluses. You lose the nice camera software, beats audio (not a big deal) and LED notifications weren't working the last time I flashed it. I keep going back and forth but for now it's stock sense for me.

I think the only reason to stay with sense is the camera software. If you don't use it several times a day, there's no reason staying with it. And even if you want it, you can grab one of the awesome stock, senseless ROMs available.

As an EVO LTE owner, I've been waiting for a stable CM10 release with bated breath. I still don't see a stable release, are you using the nightlies?

Certainly not wasting it by spending time worrying about putting CM10 on it. I got better things to do with my time.

I can tell you EXACTLY what I've been doing.....reading the damn forum entries on the "impending" update! Really, if you haven't been reading this one, you've missed out on some fun. There is more speculation, more stories from friends who have a cousin that is married to and HTC tech that is having an affair with a Spring CS rep and they told me.....This one is really out there. Sprint and HTC are doing their best to keep everyone in the dark thereby keeping the thread alive and kicking....over 1200 posts already!

I rooted my OG Evo, but I am trying to not root this one for a while.
(It seemed that I would have some flakiness issues with my camera and phone resets etc. on my rooted device)

I really like the Evo 4GLTE "stock", but I want HTC to fix the issue with not being able to have custom ringtones for different folks in my address book on my phone. I am glad I missed the update that caused MORE problems with address book!

HTC started telling me the week of Thanksgiving via Twitter that the update was "coming" and I should keep checking for Firmware updates. I've been doing that only to disappointment EVERY time.

Now, I understand that Sprint and HTC want this to be RIGHT before they send it out, but I'm just so disappointed that it's not out yet. (I'll live...)

Glad to see you bring some light to this mess Phil. Maybe now more attention will be brought to a very nice device that hasn't gotten the marketing or the respect it deserves.

Jeff419 whats the best way to do it, im really wanting to root my phone but dont wanna mess it up, I tried going to and got hung up on the step where u go in command prompt it can never find the directory.. Anyone got any reccomendations ?

ha ha ha. I was thinking the same thing. It's like this phone. Is so awesome but no one knows because sprint sells out to apple and Samsung. Most of the dudes iI know that work at sprint got this instead of the gs3 though cuz they know the truth.

I really don't understand all the fuss. I have had this phone for several months. It has worked fast and perfectly from day one. No freezing, crashing, rebooting, nothing. Battery life has been the best I've even had on a smart phone.It just works and works well! Don't need an update to screw things up!

While I've had essentially the same experience as you, some people are having issues with included apps. This is where the angst is coming from (and of course, the people who think they should get updates the minute the source code is available to HTC.)

I'm a tinker by nature, so I've gone ahead and flashed CyanogenMod 10 on mine, and I love it. It's not the answer for everyone, but it's an option. You lose HTC's software in the process, but essentially gain a whole new playground that is super slick.

The phone came out a while back before the S3 and yet the S3 got updated first further there are a decent amount of people having issues that have yet to be fixed. I personally don't have any issues with the phone outside of a lack of ram which cannot be fixed, with that said I would have liked to have gotten JB by now as would alot of people because JB has some really nice updates.

Works *GREAT* for me too after the last update. But a few people are having contact problems... even so, we want the latest-and-greatest!

I know right?? I said that way back when they first showed it. I mean, I give them props for doing something different, but doing something different and making it hideous are two totally seperate issues.

Until you see it in person, just be quiet. It is actually quite strikingly nice looking. I have yet to have a SINGLE negative comment about it when people see it in person.

It is nice not being the same, boring, monotone back like pretty much every other device.

I love my Evo, rooted and running MeanRom. Tried CM10 and loved it except for the camera. Tried some Senseless rims and couldn't find any I liked. So I'm just going to wait until Mikey cooks up MeanJelly.

i like sense way too much i have cm10 with the latest nightly backed up as an emergency restore just in case anything happens with viper4g it sounds weird but yea.. i like sense wayy too much.. and ive tried looking for the sense clock apk or widget but it doesnt work the same.. plus sense widgets are better than all the ones that are out now..

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you hit "HTC software update" and its there. It's like having an orgasm over and over again. Oh sorry, can I say that?

i had this phone and it is a great phone. Big issue with LTE radio is the reason why i traded it in for the S3

If you check HTC's site the EVO 4g LTE is not mentioned anywhere now. All references to it in the support section are GONE. Sign of things to come? Last Sprint rep I spoke to said he could not confirm that the EVO would be getting any OS updates past ICS as that was what it is designed to run on. I hope we just didn't get the biggest shaft to come down the cell phone highway this century....Let's leave that to all the Palm Pre owners.

Funny, I went to HTC's website and it was really easy to find. It was both on their product selection list as well as their support drop down.

Google's android website,, is a different story. They seem to list every HTC android device except the EvoLte.