Evo 4G hands on

When we first saw the Sprint Evo 4G at CTIA a couple months ago, we didn't get a good look at the software because, well, it wasn't ready. But that was some 60 days ago, and it's time to take it for a spin. After the break, we take a walk through a few on the new features on the Evo 4G.

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mtbrown75 says:

ok I can't wait until june 4th!

jayty97 says:

That is a sweet device! Not much more you can ask for from a phone...
Was the wait staff wearing skirts?

atrpm says:

June 4 can't come soon enough!!! I want it now... $10 extra dollars on my bill for the best phone available in the world... sure no a problem!!!

cmacelis says:


briandap says:

I'm joining my brothers 'Simply Everything' family plan to get this phone. Does anyone know if I can pre-order the phone without actually being a Sprint customer yet?

yes you can...That sounds like something Obama would say...

Ecoteric says:

Preordering mine at Best Buy today!

ILoveBlythe says:

I like it but it's just too big and it's on sprint. Give it to me on verizon and I would give it a go.

bp3dots says:

sounds like you want the Incredible.

Nextelian says:

Umm, that won't make it smaller...

MarqBland says:

Why yes, yes it will make it smaller. The Incredible is a smaller phone than the EVO.

haha retard...the incredible is way smaller

itch808 says:

Go with the Incredible, smaller phone and better network

r-nice says:

Evo, Evo, Evo!

jstew10 says:

Not elligable to upgrade until August. I've never wanted to summer to pass so quickly.

Chondog says:

LOL. Love the hungry guy at 0.58 that about tackled the guy with the appetizers.

aznberry says:

You lucky, I have to wait til November 1st... Man!

packcubsnd says:

ahhhhh, can't get off my pre until 9/01. You gotta be kidding me.

madsere says:

I lost interest when I found out it is not a GSM phone....

jgrmsmith says:

Yet you are here... Your just a Sprint Hater!

madsere says:

Nope, the fact is outside the Americas only GSM is used. Not everybody on the Internet is from USA.

DaveS024 says:

That Twitter app is pretty cool

aznberry says:

I feel your pain. Mines not til November 1st...

JayCudi says:

My upgrade isn't until December and I have the Hero


Looks like i can either wait until December or buy it outright and sell my Hero to make some lost $$$ back

Decisions, Decisions...

jstew10 says:

I tried everything in the book to get the Sprint rep to let me upgrade before my 8/1 date. I told him I'd sign a 3 year contract, forefit my $100 rebate, anything. They said even their largest corporate customers can't upgrade before the year if officially over, so no go. At least that will give Sprint/HTC time to restock the shelves! I've said it before: I've never wanted summer to be over so fast!!

dcwiker05 says:

I got them to make me eligible for upgrade and I wasn't suppose to be able till 9/18/2011 :) I had a string of luck though my old phone (HTC Touch) legitimately broke and I was fighting tooth and nail with them because they wanted $100 for a refurb after I had been paying insurance for 2 years on a 4 year old phone. I was pissed they basically wanted $300 for a 4 year old refurb phone that I could buy on ebay for less. After 3 weeks of fighting arguing every point I could think off I finally just said look I want the EVO plan and simple but if you guys don't want to work with me I will just go get the HD2 and be done with it. The rep left the phone for about 5 minutes and then told me to check my account online... Sure enough I am eligible.

But there is a little thing, I wasn't suppose to be in a contract but they put me on one when I got a free Samsung Instinct things got messed up and no one know why or how they just said they couldn't fix it, then this guy comes along and all of a sudden "I don't see anything about an upgrade in 2009" lol.

It's possible even if you didn't have my situation, play the AT&T card (they allow early upgrades if they feel like being nice) play the I will go elsewhere card (if they say ETF you shout lawsuit) You will eventually find someone who will scratch your back. Your 3 year contract and rejection of the $100 dollar rebate won't flatter them into giving it to you.

They have no way to get you to sign a 3 year contract as it isn't an option in their system and they don't care about the rebate because enough of them get screwed up to begin with so its six of one half a dozen of the other to them. You need to go above their heads.

*3 years selling cell phones and even longer getting corporate companies to actually give a f*ck

MOE-GUNZ says:

I don't get a upgrade until July :(