Over the weekend I got my hands on a myTouch 4G ROM that has been ported over to the Evo 4G.  It's a rather functional port, but like Phil said in his video of the myTouch - Nexus One port, it's not something you'd want to use every day.  However, it was nice to get in some time with the new version of Sense UI -- something I really hope HTC releases for their current lineup of "next gen" devices.  So if you love getting your hands on new ROMs, or haven't given the new Sense UI a test drive yet, consider checking this one out.

The self-proclaimed mad scientist responsible for "Frankensteining" this ROM can be found over at XDA, so if you have any questions or comments regarding his work, you know where to find him.  [via XDA Developers]

YouTube Link for Mobile viewing

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Hands on with the myTouch ROM port to the Evo 4G [video]


Whereas this is a myTouch ROM port how reasonable is it that we can expect some of these features to make it to the EVO for the rest of us? Are these enhancements part of Sense UI 2.2 or specific to the T-Mobile myTouch?

Does this update to Sense contain the nifty fly-through weather animations like on the HTC Hub on windows phone 7? --As seen Here in the second video around 25 seconds in.

I love these new weather animations and really hope this is part of Sense as a whole across all platforms.

Yeah is this actual Sense or is it like what's on the 3G slide, Espresso? And are there weather animations? What is the difference between this sense and real sense?

Just checked out the new my touch rom... pretty cool but still needs some work. trying to boot back into recovery on my EVO but im just getting the My Touch boot screen. Anyone know how to boot into recovery from the MY Touch Rom?

Since the 'power off' isn't really a true power off, you'll have to pull the battery out to get it to shut off. Put the battery back in and then try to boot into recovery like normal (press and hold the volume down and power button until the hboot screen appears).