Gingerbread ROM leak for the Sprint EVO 4G

Here's the thing about this leaked Gingerbread build for the Sprint EVO 4G: If you're waiting for unicorns to come flying out of it, you might come away disappointed. That's not to say we're not totally excited for the EVO 4G to get Gingerbread. We certainly are.

So we've spent a few minutes now using the leaked Android 2.3.3 build that's been packaged up by TMarton03 at XDA Developers. And, lo and behold, it looks and feels just like an EVO 4G. No, you're not getting any of the newfangled versions of Sense. That's disappointing, but not surprising, if only because the newer versions of Sense are a bit portly. As in large.

But what you're going to get is the latest (smartphone) version of Android, including a host of bugfixes, with all of HTC's excellent customizations on top.

Hit the break for video of our quick walkthrough and a spin through Quadrant, and sing out if there's anything else you want to see.

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Hands-on with the leaked Gingerbread ROM for the Sprint EVO 4G


It's blazing for a stock rom.. also has fastboot enabled, so i can't quite figure out how to boot back into recovery. The devs will have a field day with this leak.

Is the calendar bug still there when editing All Day events? Whenever I edit an all day event on my phone, it moves the event to the previous day. It's been happening since Sept, I emailed HTC and they acknowledged it as a bug but said they didn't know when it would be fixed. I am using Myns Warm Z rom now with Sense 2.0 and the bug is still there!

I'm gonna have to wait for someone at XDA to merge Android 2.3 with Sense 2.0. I'm addicted to Sense 2.0, it's faster than 1.0 too, even if it is possibly bigger.

Wow... no difference besides the "loading menu's " look. I am so glad i am getting the Nexus S on 6/1/11!!!! I like Sense, but I am tired of it, and this is why, updates after updates..nothing changes.

Hey Phil can you go into Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and see how long it takes to populate the list (in order, with icons)? When I was playing with a Gingerbread ROM on my EVO I noticed it was super fast compared to any of the 2.2 builds. Thanks!

Phil, can you check to see if recording video in 720p has been fixed?

Its super laggy and choppy now, so I was just curious if that was an issue they had addressed.

Thank you!

This is a test build. I bet it doesnt officially be released until after EVO 3d is released. by then extras may and will hopefully be added.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Gingerbread is more behind the scenes fixes then visual. At least the EVO is getting 2.3 I doubt my Cappy will ever see an official 2.3

Huh?? In the Power Options, I see a "Restart" option. Is that new in Gingerbread?

In my Evo (which has Froyo), when I hold the Power button down, I get the following options:

- Power off
- Silent mode
- Vibration mode
- Airplane mode
- Mobile network

So I have more options than the one on the video, but I don't have a "Restart" option. Am I missing something?

Would really like to know the situation with apps to SD on this Gingerbread release. Aldiko for instance stated that Gingerbread would allow them to move pretty much all of the app to sd (they are restricted with concerns to the huge Adobe Digital Editions part of their app pre Gingerbread). Would love to know if this is the case as it would be indicative of the potential for the HTC Gingerbread release for the Desire.

cm7 you could move all apps to sd card with less then half a mb left on the internal with this rom though a lot of the gameloft games wouldn't move to sd so I used spare parts set it to external and I was able to move the games that I couldn't before I used spare parts. I have over 150 apps and games on my phone and I still have 236mb left on the internal. The new rom works perfect for me wifi 4g gps screen brightness works no problems at all neocore score 31.7 fps stock kernel used setcpu to 998max and 998min performance. hardware version 0002

Is the normal still camera any better? The video and still camera on the Evo is JUNK and always has been. It's embarrassing really if you're anywhere except a bright sunny outdoor scene. I'm assuming that there's been no work on that as its probably cheap hardware.