Check-in favorite Gowalla today confirmed reports that it'd been purchased by Facebook. It'll continue to operate through January, and the service will offer you an option to export your Gowalla data. It also stresses that Facebook is acquiring the service, not the user data Gowalla's collected over the past two years.

Source: Gowalla


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Gowalla confirms it's been purchased by Facebook, will allow you to export data


Check-in type system. Something FB sorta already has. Yelp and 4 square do the same thing as well. I happen to like Yelp for check-ins.

So, it's just dead? Crazy. Should have known something was up when the ability to have Gowalla check you into Foursquare simultaneously suddenly "broke" and was going to be fixed in a future update.

Oh well I guess that means I can stop checking in on both Gowalla and Foursquare, even though I liked Gowalla's badges for posting on Facebook a lot more than those little map icons Foursquare uses. Needed to consolidate on a single app anyway.