Gears of War theme for the Epic 4G

Want a badass theme for a badass phone?  Then you'll want to have a look at the Gears of War theme for the Samsung Epic 4G.  It's based on the EC05 Froyo build, and turns your Epic into something the Delta Squad would approve.  It's all done up -- icons, notifications, dialer, and you even have your choice to drop in a nifty GoW boot animation.

And as with any modification, the most important part is the support.  Android Central adviser Paul627g will have that covered, because that's how he rolls -- helping users and spreading the Epic 4G love from coast to coast.  If you've rooted and Rom'd your Epic 4G, you'll want to take a look at this one.

Source: Android Central forumsThanks, Paul!


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Gears of War theme for the Epic 4G [from the forums]


If your referring to a Gingerbread port for this theme, we already are working on it... We might wait until an official release to do it properly so we have a custom kernel with boot animation support so we can port it 100%.

Isn't the point of comments to comment on the actual article?

Wheres gingerbread?
If your asking about the port we are working on it
If your asking about the os then post in the epic forums in the many threads about gb

Resorting to this type of news?
What news is ac required to report on? This is a new theme therefore is news. I'm sure there's a section where you can rant about what the editors think is news worthy.
Or I'm sure there is someone you can contact about getting a job writing articles and then you can decide in your "opinion"-since blogs are opinions-what is news worthy.

Otherwise can we keep commnts on topic :)

I'm pretty sure the edify stuff changed since cwm 2.x.x
Why are you on that old version anyway :p. Go to the epic root forum and get upgraded to cwm3.1 or the bonsai recovery :p

If cm7 was official I'm sure it would be ported

Im on it because im not all that great with tech and i havent changed it since i first rooted my epic 2-3 months ago using one click root with that version of cwm installer in it. And yea paul helped me out. I love the theme but im not willing to try after i had to pay to replace a bricked epic after 1 week with it

Talk to your devs in your section for your devices. We are welcoming devs to port this to any device as long as they throw us some credit for the original idea/theme. I think anyone whos a Gears fan should have this theme on their device !

I remember asking for suggestions on making a theme I said this as well. All I got back was negative. Kinda mad that I never made this for the DX.

I have a stock samsung galexy s captivate and i really want this theme and not so great with this tech, can someone help me go step by step to get from my stock samsung to having that theme on my phone :D it would be awesome if you could :)

I have a stock Htc evo 4g, this theme looks awesome and I was wondering if anyone could give step by step directions on how to install it (if its possible)