The Samsung Galaxy Core (left) with the new Samsung Galaxy Ace Style

An entry level Samsung handset by the name of Galaxy Ace Style is being shown off in Germany, boasting KitKat 4.4 compatibility and not much else. The SM-G310HN packs a modest 4-inch 800x480 display, dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera without flash, and a dual-SIM version will be available. As you might expect, the pricetag is fairly low, hovering between €200 and €300. Above, you can see it next to the Samsung Galaxy Core for scale.

We’re obviously a bit spoiled by high-end hardware, but it’s good to see Samsung has something for every price bracket, and that KitKat can run with fewer resoruces.

Source: Netzwelt Via: PhoneArena


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Galaxy Ace Style offers entry level specs at an entry level price


Because they might not know any alternative (some people believe Android = Samsung) or because their carrier does not offer the Moto G as an option.

I was gonna say a slightly smaller version of my S2. What's the ram. Did I miss it.

Via my Note 3 on AC.

200€-300€. That's not 'entry level price'. That's mid-range price. Entry level is <150€.

For less than 200€ you can buy a quad-core with 1 GB RAM. I can accept that ignorants buy this sort of crappy phones because they have the Samsung and Galaxy brands, but a website like Android Central should now better than to say this phone is 'cheap' or 'affordable'.

Unless this sort of articles are paid by Samsung, of course.