froyo leaks

Android 2.2 (Froyo) leaked out for the Sprint Epic 4G and Samsung Vibrant on Saturday, amid much drama and the usual in-fighting.  If you're like me and try to avoid that sort of thing, you're in luck as we're gonna break it down right here.

Froyo for the Sprint Epic 4G was leaked to a very select group of people. These folks are all in agreement about one thing -- it's far from ready for release, even to other hackers.  The build has problems with the phone radio, isn't stable, and releasing it would be a big mistake.  Nothing has been released for the Epic 4G to my knowledge.

Froyo for the Samsung Vibrant also leaked out to a few developers.  This one seems pretty stable, and two custom ROMs are already available (here, and here).  We also have word that support for the Vibrant in CyanogenMod 6.x will be much easier just by having this leak.  The leak itself has not been made available.

We're going to bypass the feuding about open source, the GPL, and donation wars.  If you feel the need to get into the mix and speak your mind, the usual channels is where you'll find the bickering.  [XDA Developers Vibrant and Epic 4G forums, Android Central Forums, and Twitter]

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iPwn says:

Ahh, it shouldn't be much longer before Froyo leaks for the Fascinate. :D

All I want is froyo for my fascinate :(

ScubaNitrox says:

What about my Captivate?

SlimJ87D says:

LMAO, we've had a leak for more than a month! We have even had a second build leak

Look here, there are already four 2.2 custom ROMS.

myalover says:

Not trying to start anything with the Galaxy S crowd but how can Samsung be this far behind?

i don't understand either, this is ridiculous if you ask me, i want my update for my epic, and i want it NOW! by the time Samsung releases it, everyone else will be on gingerbread, maybe even honeycomb, then what?

iPwn says:

Yep, that's the biggest flaw with the Galaxy S series. Unless Samsung gets their act together, we'll always be about one OS update behind. :/

Jonneh says:

That and their GPS. :(

They are one release behind current android. lets be foreal that not bad especial when the Epic is already rockin the top spot on 2.1. Id much rather Sprint and Samsung take there time then rush a half baked release of 2.2 like the droid X. Other variants only have one version the Galaxy S has 5 different versions that all have to be tailored to fit the hardware and carrier bloat that takes time! I just hope it doesn't brick my phone like the Evo when the updates rolled out.


I have an Epic and I'm thinking about getting the Evo again when I get my upgrade in January. This sucks! The phone has been released for 4 months and no Froyo yet! I also had the first Instinct when it was released and that sucked too. Samsung just sucks! I told myself I wouldn't by anymore Samsung products. I guess it's all about HTC! I wish they would use some of the parts and extras that Samsung uses though.

It hasn't been 4 months the phone was released on aug 31. Its already had 2 updates and Sprint is working on 2.2 right now. Some people have no patient and the Evo is a downgrade from the Epic I have had nothing but HTC phones this is my first Samsung and Im glad I bought it over the Evo.


Who cares about the minor updates? No one! Yeah out has the top 2.1 spot. I'm impatience I'm just upset. My Epic froze constantly after the first update. What makes Samsung so great? I admit some of their hardware is great, but they have a lot of problems.

Go Android! says:

I made up my mind. I'm getting the Evo. Samsung just SUCKS with updates.

crxssi says:

You wouldn't be the first to express that opinion. And probably won't be the last.

thedunn805 says:

i'm thinking about ditching my captivate and just ordering a desire z from bell

uranidiot says:

How can the galaxy s tab have froyo and the epic doesn't. Wtf man get it done already.

sedracer says:

i couldn't figure out why they released the epic with 2.1 after the evo had froyo for almost a month before, now months later and it looks like its not much closer. HTC>Samsung.

cjbrigol says:

Does anyone know if this fixes the GPS?? Anyone have it on their vibrant?! Please let me know.

Daedalus says:

Tmo just replaced my vibrant I have no lag or gps issues now

moises1204 says:

i installed the bionix 2.2 last night and gps works pretty good the only thing i noticed is that the calendar is not saving new events, other than that is good the WiFi calling is great.

bdroc says:

the codec support, the screen, the processor, and the sound quality still make this phone more awesome any phone with froyo IMO right now. i would like to have it, but im also pretty happy with what i have and until another phone has a super-amoled screen, i am incapable of being jealous.

Viper says:

The sad fact is the fascinate is the most superior phone hardware-wise on verizon but the bugs and lack of froyo are really holding it back. I hope we don't have to wait too much longer. Until then I will continue to miss my dinc. My wife isn't using it to its full potential :(

jddunkley says:

I can't wait for Froyo but hey, my Vibrant is about 1.7 billion steps above my old blackberry, so I'll be patient and just be that much more happy when I get it!!

I say jump to Gingerbread, Sprint, since Froyo is gona be a while.

broketownazn says:

I hope Froyo comes out soon for my Vibrant because it is a little long enough for them to say, it is ready to go! Come on Froyo....come to my Vibrant!

bahall says:

I think samsung and sprint should just forget about 2.2 on the Epic all together. Just go straight to gingerbread. If it taking this long for froyo, just skip the froyo and go gingerbread, or its gonna be another long wait after the 2.2 update.