Epic 4G update

Taking under consideration the customer support page showing how exactly to install the update has had some changes made to it today, it seems as though the roll-out of the Froyo EB13 update for the Sprint Epic 4G is imminent. Although we've not heard anything even remotely official from Samsung or Sprint as of yet, we'll be keeping an eye out to see if they start pushing it out to users. If you happen to see the update pop-up on your device, be sure to let us know as well won't you? [Sprint] Thanks, Daryel!


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Froyo EB13 release imminent for the Sprint Epic 4G?!


I love how customers are kept in the dark, lol. I guess a silent update is better than a vocalized update that doesnt manifest. Either they say it will be out tomorrow...and it doesnt. Or they roll it out without saying anything.

Yeah, I've had the evo since launch, but got an epic maybe 3 weeks ago since it's the one I intended on getting in the first place (evo came out first so I got it). I love the epic so I rooted it the first night. Sammy sucks with updates. Gonna hold on to this Epic 4g until august and get a dual core. No update for me. Just gonna wait on the devs and update my rom...

With all of the MWC coverage lately, I'd nearly forgotten that we were supposed to get Froyo. That will be cool if it does come, though.

I'm tired of waiting , I don't know how to root. But If you can point me in direction of a site with step by step instructions , I'm ready to five in to it.

XDA Developers is the go to place for all things root. I used an app, yes an app called Z4root that did all the work. It used to be in the market but you can still get it from XDA. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=833953
It may take a while,seem like it is not working and require more than one try but it was worth it for me. I have an Epic with 2.1. Remember rooting may void your warranty and/or brick your phone so proceed with caution.

I am rooted, but I haven't installed Froyo because all of the custom ROMs all seem to have one thing or another that doesn't work quite right.

So I decided to hold out for the official release.

Where do you guys think DK28 came from? Hello? All the custom ROMs & hacks will be 100% better and have less bugs when they are based on updated, less buggy, official software. We should all be praying this turns out to be true even if the majority of us will be using custom roms, because then all those roms get much better, more stable, less bugs, etc, because they will all update their code base to the latest.

Not only that, but when Samsung releases froyo "for realz", they will also have to follow up with their source code. Then all your custom roms start doing even cooler stuff like overclocking, undervolting, etc etc.

Please have a little understanding of what you are posting about before you shoot your mouth off saying we don't need updates. That is simply incorrect.

I've rooted, and since gone back to stock. I personally have no problem with Eclair, though I won't turn down Froyo when it comes. My root just felt a little flaky to me.

At this point, we are so close to the official update (i hope) that I'll wait and root after the update hits.

Their delay strategy worked. Now they have me wanting to buy the new Galaxy S Super Duper whatever it is that was demoed at MWC.

Still talkin Froyo, everyone else is concerned with Gingerbread and Honeycomb. I had an Epic but traded it in with in a month for the Evo because the Froyo they promised by October wasn't coming.

I like Samsung products but at this point I don't think I will buy anything Android that is Samsung....

Site is down now, looked pretty primitive. Instructions did not make logical sense, telling how to download the update.zip to the SD card, but showing pictures of a windows installer application.

I think we are still a few days out from the official update.

Like others I have already updated to DK28, and rooted. I am ready for something official, the data hangs and random resets are starting to piss me off.

Wack..all y'all waitin for froyo... it blows.....I been having froyo since like june 2010..and den december coame and sold da nexus 1 and got me a nexus s with gingerbread...that'd what sucks about updates for non-flagship phones...but at least now y'all gonna be updated! :)

Wack..all y'all waitin for froyo... it blows.....I been having froyo since like june 2010..and den december coame and sold da nexus 1 and got me a nexus s with gingerbread...that'd what sucks about updates for non-flagship phones...but at least now y'all gonna be updated! :)

Did you actually type this garbage or did you accidentaly butt dial a comment to AC. Stop playing ghetto, embrace the Android geek you know you are.

Who are you trying to defend here? Him, or people who live in ghettos? Besides I said quit PLAYING ghetto, not BEING ghetto. Don't be a tool and make a profession out of being "offended".

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LMAO . That made me laugh . But I hope your being sarcastic . Sarcasm is hard to convey through text .
Or maybe i'm just slow . :)

I agree with you 100% .. I'm Mexican and I didn't take it personally at all . People need to realize that not everything is meant in a hurtful way .

It's suprising how an Article about a software update for a phone could lead to comments about racism . -_-

I'm tired of waiting , I don't know how to root. But If anyone can point me in direction of a site with step by step instructions , I'm ready to dive in to it.

I already am rooted.. The update doesn't mean much to me since custom ROMs are the way to go. I'm only looking forward to seeing the source codes released so we can finally get some custom kernels made!

I have a dock that could benefit from the 2.2 audio out port that currently no ROM enables (not included with DK28).

I rooted a while ago.

I tried installing Froyo and it failed.

I don't know what went wrong, but I refuse to become a slave to my phone to find out.

I just want the car dock that I bought for the epic to OUTPUT SOUND!!!!! Its so frustrating to not have that work.

Im still calling B.S. on this. I really do not think it will happen. Samsung is brining out bigger and better phones, they do not care in the least about the ones already sold.

Ill see you all in the funny papers, im going to go root my phone now.

before when i had 2.1, my gps was flawless. but now after going to dk28, it broke my gps and now, it doesn't even see a single sattelite! do you think the gps will return to its normal state IF EB13 gets onto my phone?

this is fake......just like every deadline Samsung tells us.......just like every leaked rumor......we aint gettin Froyo.

EB13 would be have been compiled two days ago. I find it very unlikely that anyone would think it went from compiled to public "release imminent" in two days.

I was wondering about that. Last week when the rumor about a Feb. 21 release came out, they were saying that EA17 was the build that would be released. Now they're rumoring that it's EB13. I figured this was a newer build, but wasn't sure exactly how new. If it's days old, the only way I could imagine this being true is *if* the Feb. 21 release date is true *and* EA17 had only very minor changes that needed to be made, so minor that it didn't require another full testing cycle. And what are the chances of that given all the previous delays? It'd be nice if this were true, but I have to be doubtful.

Heard this one before. Starting to feel like Charlie Brown and Sprint/Samsung are Luci and Froyo is the football. They said Froyo would be there in October. Then they said it would be there early December. Then December 26th. Then early January. This is just another stall. I'll never buy another Samsung because of this.I had read how they did something similar with the Moment but that didn't stop me from getting an Epic. I've already rooted to 2.2.1 and added a custom rom (Viper, frozen) but I don't like being mislead. This will be my last Samsung phone. HTC, Moto, HP, LG. I'm ready for a change...

I don't understand why people complain so much about this phone, let alone troll, and hilariously fail hard while they do it. You know who you are. ;) On a good day, with root, ext4, and Bonsai4All DK28 ROM, I benchmark 2100 in Quadrant.


Here is a succinct page that details everything you need to know about rooting and ROM application for the Epic. Don't wait for sprint to get their act together. EB13's release will just yield even better community ROMs. I've had the best luck with Mammon88's Bonsai4All ROM. It has both ext4 and RFS support. I've tried Quantum, Nebula, Supernova, and ViperTeam's ROMs, and like Bonsai for all the best.