Evo 4G tethering

If your Evo 4G's been rooted already (using either the Unrevoked or XDA method), there's now another Wifi tethering method available at your disposal, and all you have to do is load up a little application (just be sure to grab the latest version). This one is outside the confines of Sprint's official $29-a-month option on the Evo, so you're own if somebody shows up at your house asking about your kneecaps. (* - That's what we meant by "free.") [Google Code via Androidpolice]

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5-6-ACE says:

Nice! I'll just have to watch out for angry people with golf clubs is all.

manimsoblack says:

The one thing that was holding me back from getting the Evo this week. Now another thing has come up. At least it's a good thing.

jcmyers79 says:

Ok, but seriously... What will Sprint do if they catch you? I have browsed their 'terms and conditions' and data plan info and the only thing that I see is "Phone as modem or tethering: not included." So what's the worst that can happen?

trooper54 says:

violation of contract terms subject to termination of line(s)

LOL, i guess just be smart about it. Convince them you do a lot of video chats over 3g/4g

Predator-1 says:

Ok. So which one do we use? The download for the Nexus1? None in the list says Evo...

Calma10 says:

you could tell Sprint, the phone uses a lot of data and thats why I pay an extra $10 a month, on top of the everything data plan. otherwise whtas the point of paying the extra $10?

slopokdave says:

Sprint has stated they will not "block out", or charge, for tethering applications or methods outside of the built-in app/$29 fee.

Calma10 says:

you need to download "Wireless Tether for Root Users 2.0.2-pre14"

dharris007 says:

This was extremely easy to do... was rooted, via Unrevoked, and had my notebook connected all within 10 minutes... awesome... there will be donations coming from me!

Predator-1 says:

Rooted with Unrevoked. Connected to a Win7 laptop and the network shows up as Android Wifi tether or something like that but no internet connection. No info about my laptop shows up on the device. Any ideas?

judasmachine says:

I've been using it on my rooted Eris flawlessly for a week now. Good stuff.

clavodulce16 says:

"unabl to start tethering, please try again" error msg.

Rooted with XDA method, anything else i must do?

bk420 says:

Same issue here.. rooted "#" and also have evorecovery installed. NO unrevoked mod done yet. I am using the most current release.

Any ideas?

GMSchiller says:

Now all I need to find is a way to change my DNS server options to my OPENDNS servers and I'll be all good! Nice find. Thanks!

GMSchiller says:

Now all I need to find is a way to change my DNS server options to my OPENDNS servers and I'll be all good! Nice find. Thanks!

edisepic says:

i got my evo on day one. and the battery sucks doesnt last me more then 4 hrs until i get the recharge screen. this is with data and gps on. and thats with just texting. maybe 5 mins of calling. is anyone else like that

clavodulce16 says:

why is your gps on ? i only would use that if i'm lost some where

Predator-1 says:

Found my problem. Had the wrong version of the tethering app installed... Duh! Tethering working just fine now!

geojim says:

awesome, in less than 10mins, working ....Thanks,

ahana1488 says:

jeffreytz says:

OK tried it out and it is awesome. Tethered my WiFi iPad to my Evo with 1 bar of 4G in my Chicago office and got 2160 down and 853 up in Speedtest. Surfed around in Safari and Atomic browsers, downloaded a few apps, all worked really well. Donation is forthcoming.

jedisrus says:

I don't see myself using this very often but it sure was nice to have it as a free option now. Thanks to the app developer and AC for sharing the info.

GMSchiller says:

Working nicely. Can't get it to work with security settings (Wireless connects, but limited availability for internet) So, I'm using the authorized client option, but I'd really like to figure out why the security settings aren't allowing my laptop to connect.

gsxr says:

LOL.... wifi tethering works perfectly....couldn't ask for anything else...thanx santa lol


i want to ROOT my evo, but are u sure SPRINT wont track/trace it??????